Sunday, April 29

Back To Work!

No is almost over ..
Have to be sober and clear-headed for tomorrow.. yikes!!
Have to complete my overdue report by TODAY!!
Have to take a good rest to rejuvenate before tomorrow come.. (had way too much fun for the past consecutive days and my system seriusly need to rest!)
Have to continue my unfinished house chores..

Has been a good, productive and crazy week this time around. Actually more of rekindling the cousinly-bond. Spending my whole week with them kiddos since it was one of their birthday and on their college-semester break. The least thing that I can do for them while I am free ;).

Outing with my girlfriends and all other holiday/beach plans will be rescheduled…
(my bad darlings!)

The suprised b'day plan didnt turn-up as planned but simple & decent fun is still good :)
and thanks for being a very descriptive ghost story teller mr. H :P

I can feel the serious mode is starting to kick in now….Darnnn bored!!And am pretty sure my next post will be something more serious and worth reading article!

Enough of all those vain pictures ;)

Thursday, April 26


Nothing that can make me happier now than a long break.
I am just so excited …all those impending tasks can now be settled..phewwww !!

Oh not forgetting to wish Happy Birthday to misyal inadvance...Be back ;)

B'day Lunch for Misyal!

earlier..B'day Dinner for Misyal!

Saturday, April 21

3 things a man should know about a woman.

I think this is really interesting….3 facts a man should know about a woman:

1. Men are free to think they're the boss, as long as they know we're the chairman of the board.
(Good one..i like this most! A bit tough to handle init?? Well as long as u know how to approach the chairman, u will get all the approval easily boss!

2. We really do like to cook. It's just that we cooked so much for our boyfriends before we got married that we're sick of being in the kitchen. Sorry you missed it
(hmmmmm I don’t fancy cooking for the bf no comment on this YET..)

3. We like younger men for the same reasons you like younger women: stamina and skin..LOL!!! ( I am okie with younger or olderman as long as the chemistry is there…not so much on stamina and skin as stated…..watever!! janji happy ;) )

1. To a friend of mine…yes I gotta admit I am good at blabbering sometime (in other words it is creative la...hehe)
2. Oh i had a jejak kasih nite at Laundry Curve yesterday...finally i got to hang out with EMA (my long lost buddy) after months of silent mode..:) u still rock babe!!

Friday, April 20


I am sleepy..i am stone..i am lazy and my brain is dysfunctional..the side effects of heavy lunch and tiramisu that making me lethargic now..the next logical thing to do now is taking a break and blogginng :)

LEO likes and dislikes…

Speculative ventures
Lavish Living (yes that’s y always pokai)
Pageantry and Socializing (yes that’s y cant say NO to nite-out especially)
Children (yes that’s y so many kids pictures here)
Drama (definitely a drama queen also..)

Doing things safely (yes in other words very degil)
Ordinary,Day to day living (yes in other words love challenge that eventually get so messed-up)
Small minded people (yes!)
Penny pinching (yes!)
Mean spiritedness (yes!)

On the dark side....
Pompous and patronizing
Bossy and interfering
Dogmatic and intolerant

drama queen n vain (SUMTIME only)

Thursday, April 19

The day when I lost in my own time space…

Time is the great equalizer for all of us..’24 hours a day, 7 days a week yielding 168 hours a week BUT still feeling insufficient .….

Today is the day when i feel 24 hours is just not enough to juggle with work and my socializing activities….erghhhhhh may be I am being too slow and lazy or I am not doing the right thing with a proper planning..

Whatever reason it may be..i know I need to buck up and start to refocus my attention…
Good thing is my May calendar is packed with all sort of exciting activities; bad thing is my WORK calendar is also moving in tandem with it..erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Hmmm...time to find more excitement in life!! Kite enjoy dulu :P

Monday, April 16

Office Rambling!

Well Done… because you appear to be totally focused, scanning the screen with your straight and sharp eyes then typing furiously…BUT bosses don’t be fooled. The supposedly diligent workers are more likely surfing away or wandering aimlessly in the cyberspace…hahahhahahah gotcha!! This is such a typical scenarios happening almost everywhere and anywhere nowadays, including my office.

Interesting findings that I came across yesterday:
1.Millions of people in China are addicted to the internet. Thus, the government has banned under 18S form Internet café and no new ones may open in 2007
2.Internet addicts in China face drug therapy and acupuncture and mild electric shocks
3.Most Britons on the other hand are suffering addictions to eBay.

Here in my office, Friendster and Fotopages probably rank the highest. So now friendster has been banned in the office :P

After reading all this, I think me myself are experiencing the soft-addiction as well.

Let me tell u this:

First thing that I do once I reach home is to switch my laptop and wifi on then check my office pathetic that can be isn’t it…hahahahha but I just cant stop doing it or I feel life is incomplete….tsk tsk…So it is confirmed that I am having a soft addiction of the Internet..And that is a self-explanatory answer of why my blog or friendster page is actively updated recently….:) I am the geek now….hahahhahahaha sad!

Anyway weekend was packed and fun..kuatan trip was alrite and lil Batrisya is getting cheekier and cuter each day!!! muah

on the way to Kuantan..

lil Batrisya..

Saturday, April 14


We went and watched The Reaping as planned but unfortunately it was very disappointing..slow, boring and Zzzzzz ..enough said!
Importantly, photos must be taken ..heheh since this is my first outing with Zatil and Azrol after for so longg... :)

Friday, April 13

Gentle reminder to myself & Eliza !

If you realized that u have been putting off important/promised tasks over and over again…i.e. updating your latest CVs (not necessary mean you are looking for a job tho ;) or emailing an important friend or completing a work assignment, you are not alone!! But some (read RENY and ELIZA) are quite chronically affected by procrastination.

In a nutshell, you tend to postpone certain things that you should be focusing right now, usually in favor of doing something that is more enjoyable and comfortable doing (my case probably tumblebugs games and reading tons of article in the net).

At work, another common cause is the feeling of overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Other experiences that I always have:

1.Don’t know where to begin (cos its too many and the information is everywhere within the organization… ‘Resourceful’ that’s what most bosses expect from us here)
2.Doubt of not having the skills and enough knowledge
3.Waiting for the right ‘mood’ (Very true especially on MONDAY..erghh)
4.Undeveloped decision making skills (Am still learning and improving)
5.Perfectionism (especially when your boss is freakin fussy BUT it will benefit us in the long run…so its alrite)

Whatever the reason behind procrastination, it must be recognized, dealt with and controlled before you miss the opportunities or before your friend is so pissed off and unhappy with your long overdue promises (I think this is for eliza..hahah)

Dont look back !!!

After much anticipation of the new malay-horror flick, I finally went and watched Jangan Pandang Belakang. and FYI Pn.Maya, I am not dating any of the hero in the movie. It will never be the intention to date celebs because too much limelight can be very suffocated u know (suka jugak la sumtime) heheh. I watched it merely because the review for this movie has been REALLY good and menakutkan. And because of the movie, all 5 girls slept in the freakin small room yesterday nite! Erghhhhhhh

But all in all…it was good and worth watching!

Note: so all dont ever look back at nite...and like i mentioned to my guy frens unless she is HOT...then u turn back BUT only once....hahahhahahah :)) gila!

Thursday, April 12

Thanks God it's almost F.R.I.D.A.Y :)

Been a good girl, caring daughter and satisfied employees this week. I just feel happy and proud of myself :) oh well not perasan but a good self-booster for my own self..teee heeee ;) So I have few plans to pamper myself this week:

-Friday- To catch a movie @ curve and of cos the after party…bestnye!
(laundy? Sanctuary? Blonde??)
-Saturday a.m – Go-Kart..May be I will just drop by and be the pom-pom girl…Mr. Azm, next time u should just keep the terrifying news to urself ok...(FYI, i ni penakut)
-Saturday noon – Kerana terpaksa…I have to follow my mom n dad to Kuantan!!!
-Saturday nite - Promise my cousinssss to go-out with them.
-Sunday – To look for new brown peep-toe-pumps..!!

Sunday project: Nine-West Pumps

Phew….Just hope..and hope everything will go as planned or all will be pissed with me for over-promising…(which I do best….points taken and will change that ;) )

And to-do next:
1. To go to the Wine &… café @ Damansara height with Ms. Stephy & Lin….when babe?? Am still waiting for u n lin for our long-overdue girlie nights.tsk tsk tsk
2. To go makan @ Boom Brazil near Frangipani (yes I enjoy eating and can really eat!!)

Just too hyper today..May be I just cant wait for F.R.I.D.A.Y!! wooohoooo

Saturday, April 7

Looking past the package

Interesting article in The Star today entitled ‘Looking past the package’. After reading it once, I read it again because interestingly it does deliberately describe me.

“He is obviously interested in you. But what if he isn’t your type, has an overdraft and doesn’t look anything like David Backham? Will you take the risk and put the effort to try? or u will have to gently let them down?

“The ordinary, everyday variety men that aren’t devastatingly handsome (this is too general for ones to define) or who’s a bit shy and does not stand out in a crowd. Why give them a chance when obviously he is not your normal type”

A friend once told me “Why do u have to repeat history by falling for the high profile and high risk partner when you undoubtedly sure it will bring more heartache than contentment just because he is your typical type, your predefined mental-image that u, yourself crafted in your mind”…someone dangerous and too challenging?? !!!
Why reny?? Can’t u act and think like a normal people and have an ordinary/simple life?? Isk..

Well…..i have to agree to u dude…You got a point there!!!!! Probably its time to relook into this and revise my priorities ?? It is extremely difficult when you are just too happy with your self, with what you have in your little wonderful world that you don’t even think to budge your ass off…..?For me, I am okie and quite enjoyed the occasional, harmless, forgettable flirt as long as the principal on monogamy remain unblemished..(Unfortunately some or many might not agree to this..)

It would always be easier to stay than split, far easier to act fine than confess, to hide then confide but my priority in relationship now has gone down a little bit….Again, definition of happiness span widely across the spectrum and it definitely varies in each individual. For some it is their career, money & material well being while others it is their friendship, relationship and marriage that matter most. There is nothing right or wrong in defining your own happiness, its all about personal preferences as long as you are happy and comfortable with who u are :)

i am just too happy + contented with myself now, may be i need something that can keep me grounded!!
ohh latest photo taken (finally)....but all too shy-shy to amik gambar.!!! :P

Thursday, April 5

Unwanted thought is an ANNOYANCE !

Its only 515 and cant wait to go back. Today mood is not so good, feeling cranky, sucky and a lil edgy …STRESSED in short.!! *^@^@*@^*^*^* trying to figure out why?? its not because of my overloaded work or super demanding bos…but I think I am missing some..sighhhhhhhhhhhh
ok 10 mins to go and i am off.....phew!

Tuesday, April 3

The Reaping!

I was accused of being ‘reny the bailer’ by someone, so-called a fren :( isk isk but it was proven that you are wrong ok!!! Eventhough I was dead tired that day BUT I drag myself to watch it just to prove that I can stick to my promises!!!! So as a token of that, he blanja me ..nasib baik kalau tak memang la…! Following to that, I was tasked to organize another movie session…sigh 'the unpaid-organizer' !!! anyway, we are planning to watch THE REAPING.

Release date: 5 april 07

The Tag-Line: ‘Thousands of years ago there was a series of bizarre occurrences that many believed to have been the Ten Biblical Plagues. No one thought they could happen again. Until now. The rivers ran red with blood. Darkness fell upon the earth. No one thought this could happen again. Until now.’
Wohooooooooo sounds interesting isn’t it?? hope its not too violent and brutal tho!!

Cast: Hillary Swank & David Morissey (not a big fan of both but ok-ok la)
p/s: Bos is sick today so squeezing sometime in between to write this entry because I am darn sleepy now..ZZZZzzzz…even the coffee didn’t work!!! :)

Sunday, April 1

Neo-soul singer !!

Oh just letting my mind out, I love JOHN LEGEND a lot… of the R&B brightest new star..somehow it reminds me of good coffee session at alexis bangsar or hartamas everytime I hear his songs..don’t why but somehow it connected that way…weird!!

And talking about music..Went for a late drink yesterday at Damansara Height….I loike the place especially the cozy ambience….very relaxing and of cos the GREAT company that really counts :) thanks dear! and secara tiba-tiba they played an old song by lionell richee..hahahhahahahha for me it was a perfect one but somehow someone really hated it…too gediks and mellow as he claimed!!!!!!!! Don’t get all emo and over-excited kutuking the song k!!

But we both have to agree that Barry White is still the all-time favourite!!!!! He has the smooth and strong character at the same time..BEST!!!!!And that reminds us of Ally McBeal kan….so cute in her skimpy skirt at work :)

Am Back !!!!

Alo alo alo finally am back after weeks of MIA..heheh am still here, life as always been good n kicking..;) just busy and exhausted as the days go by..

1. Am now assigned to a new task with the MD’s office, another challenging job especially with a demanding boss..nasib baik i have a cute bos and another handosome guy sitting next to me ;) phew else it will be a living hell!!(s0ry me being a bit ceeky
Nway, I have better concrete reasons of accepting the job than any other options available:
- I like the fast-moving pace at work
- I like the way my boss work, think and move ahead
- It would be an excellent exposure and relevant path for my career progression in the future…I always wanted to join a big MNC so my current work environment would be a good training ground!
- I hate job that require lots of traveling, call me boring, call me a nerd hehehhe I just don’t like to travel on business trip…huhuhuuhu ;)
- I hate mundane job and prefer project-based work….A show-sign of not being able to focus at the same thing for long!!!!!

2. I am trying as much as I can not to switch on my lap top at home…so that’s another reason of not updating my blog recently..At work? Hell I cant do that now :(

3. My lousy camera is out of order..hahhah so cant take any recent pictures also…boring!!!

4. All in all I am happy, contented and blessed with what I have….am smitten perhaps !!
* wink wink + Grin *

Bumpy Roads

All of us have an equal share of ups n downs, there are times when everything doesn’t seem right – works sucks, marriage/relationship failed and everything just went chaos…the long lasting happiness that we dreamt off just shattered ..exploded kapushhhhh!!

I know it is easier said then done but to my 2 darlings, u know I love u guys and feel free anytime to share with me, I might not be able to help much but my sincere support and listening ears will always be there for u guys!!!

Love u both much!

As for me, I have my fair share of melancholy and sadness as well BUT at the moment I am contented and blessed with what I have :)

Our unconscious mind will constantly seeking for new excitement and seeking for more and more each the point of becoming greedy sometime. ..It is not easy to have a discipline and strong will to control our mind

So to all and myself, keep on trying and never give up..’To err is human but to admit our weakness and to bounce back is divine” .

Be strong!!

Notes of happiness!!

Congratulations to 2 of my friends:

1. Eliza for her 3 months pregnancy and thanks to me for being your unqualified gynae kan ..hahhahahahahha! I am sharing your happiness and just as eager as u are because we have been talking about it since god knows when…but the problem is orang lain yang pregnant I pulak yang craving and makan on behalf of eliza….ouchhhhh!!!!!!! GEMUK!
a. Seafood – I have to drag a friend to Fatty crab kelana jaya since eliza kept on talking about ketam..udang..ketam..udang.!

b. Latest craving – Boom Brazil…still trying hard to coax few friends..Yummy!

2. Suffian – selamat pengantin baru :)

No photos to be uploaded since my camera kaputed!!!!! :(