Tuesday, October 30

Puzzle of Life

Life is like a Puzzle going nicely along
You get so far and know you made a mistake
You go back to change to move on again.
Then you come across a problem that needs time
To think it out, finding the solution for you.
Life can perplex and bewilder but you carry on
The same with a Puzzle you can get stuck
And then the elation when you get it done
Ready for the next Puzzle in Life.
Just Gill
8 February 2002
Dont speculate anything, i have nothing to complain about at the moment. It's all good!
hmmmm but nice one to ponder

Monday, October 29

Beep Beep!

The Black Eyed Peas concert is definitely a revitalizing idea of spending our Friday nite. At least we are not at the same place again and AGAIN repeating our weekly routine!However, our plan was a bit chaotic at first; even my self was a bit fickle about it. I am not the biggest fan of B.E.P or concert you see, which is why I was half-hearted about the whole plan. Luckily, Syami hit me right on the spot! He smirkly said ‘Reny, i have gotten few passes to the after-party you know….’

*wink wink*

Wohoooooooooo that is exactly what I wanna hear! The AFTER-party, I guess not only me but most of us are just too eager to MENARI after a month of being an angel.

Timing was a lil bit off, friday traffic was hellish and I was a bit agitated in the beginning. But once we arrived at Genting Arena, it was all good there after. The superb performance by B.E.P just kept us amused. Slowly, we danced to their music and that was the best moment of the night!

look at all those smiley faces...yeah we had lotsa fun!!

Fergie Fergalicious

alaaaa....we want more!!

hmmm i'm pretty sure your doc will agree that Genting is a good place for u to rest kan ema?!! :P

u really did burn those fat kan syami...berpeluh gile!

Less than 3 hours and we already snapped loadsss of photos… Vain ke tak namanya ??
But it was fun seriously!

Oh anyway, the after-party was a bit disappointing, too formal and we have to act prim and proper ?!! eww!!! BUT listen… we had the chance to rub shoulders with some Black Eyed Peas members and their crew!! Unfortunately, no picture of B.E.P was allowed during the after-party. But dont be fret, we were smart enough to capture some papparazi shots ;) hehee

Our first papparazi shot: gotcha Taboo...!
He managed to exude such a confident image and for that, i think he is super cool!

Smart way of capturing Will.i.am candid post!! lookly closely at the back!

After-party: it was a lil bit dull tho!

while the others deliberating on where to head next, kite pose kejap k. hehehe

Next in the line...the magical show.
Oh i was told that elliot yamin will also be in town soon...That is a must go!

Monday, October 22


Happy faces of Syawal :)

p/s: To 2 ladies (oh and one jejaka) yg tak datang rumah i lagi tu...faham-faham la ye!! :P

It's a wrap...!

Finally, the long raya break is approaching the end.
A fabulous wrap-up by having them at home :) muah muahh!!!!

Thursday, October 18

7 days....

The thought of 7 days off initially really freaked me off..What the hell am I suppose to do for such a long break. Being a KL born and breed, I have no kampung that I can eagerly drive and celebrate my raya. Everyone is just here in KL. So the idea of 7 days???? whatt??!!!!

I guess I was wrong all together; today is my 7th day at home and my raya celebration is just too hectic and not slowing down. I was out berhari-raya practically almost everyday, all over KL covering one end to the other extreme end. Phewwwwwwwwwwww!!! However, this year has been the most wonderful Eid ever :) with the most beautiful & lovable company ever!

p/s: My cita-cita murni untuk membaca buku marketing tidak berjaya :P hahaha . Didn’t even touch it once! Lalallalall

pagi raya at home..all fresh and excited

the pale look after one whole day of raya at home

Thursday, October 11

Laugh it Out

Guys don’t stress your self too hard and do laugh more often!


Harper’s Bazzar coined the term ‘Laugh it Out’. It has been proven that laughter can improves our immunity system and control pain by raising endorphin level. Be it natural or forced, it will both bring great benefits as the brain apparently does not know the differences..

So apa lagi…ketawa ketawa la selalu..even if u have to force it sometimes :p Me on holiday already....wohooooo best gile!

Tuesday, October 9

Happy People!

I am feeling contented, calm and peaceful today, for the fact that eidl fitri is coming really soon and I will be starting my long holiday break tomorrow….YABBADA BADDO :P

But there are deeper reasons to my contentment at this juncture of life. I am very grateful with almost everything that I have but that doesn’t mean I will stop improving for a better achievement in life ;)

Am grateful for..
...My sincere and honest feelings are returned in kind.
...Nothing makes me feel as serene as when I am surrounded by my family, him and friends
...I am comfortable being my true self in everything that I do and is returned in such a satisfactory manner
...I am tiptoeing out of my cocoon to venture into a new career line (marketing is never my forte but heck I got to challenge my capability anyway)
...Everything is falling in place in such a moderation manner, just the way I like it.
...I have found someone that shares the similar values in almost every aspect of life. Values that I have been uphold in my entire life so far. And for that, I rarely feel pressured of doing something out of my will. From personal, career and family values, I am free to be my self and do I what I wanna do. *muah*


From eidl fitri in mind initially to life confession pulak..hehehehhe :)
Bottom line is I am grateful with everything that I have. U guys have a blast eild fitri ok!

Wednesday onwards, am gonna be the Ms busy bee. My maid is on a long holiday break, my brother will only be back on Friday and my dad as usual the busiest one with work. So lets see how this domestic goddess juggling at home :) (am enjoying it somehow)
SYOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKknye Rayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Friday, October 5

Ms Piggy and the RATATOUILLEs

Iftar with the gang is something that we do regularly during Ramadhan. However, yesterday diner at Korean BBQ/Buffet was something to shout about. I decided not to comment much on the buffet (Yummylicious) but more of the outing itself.

We outshined the rest of the tables by being:
1. The MOST UNORGANIZED table – stack of plates, spoons, chop sticks, bowl and etc were everywhere in the table….

2.The MOST ‘SELEKEH’ table - It was so messy with slices of meat all over the bbq plate…and over-cooked and burnt meats.. ewww :p

3.The LOUDEST (and happening :p) table – With all the silliest jokes ever, we just cant stop laughing and giggling like no body’s business kan!! With ema being the cruel mak-tiri, nik and syami being the hyper ones, azim being the clown and michelle being the supervisor..ahhahahah
(hmm so only left azwan and me being the good boy / good girl :p)

What has happened to our table etiquette guys?? i guess when all are gathered, MADNESS is what we get !!!

look at them..laughing gas is in the air!!!@@##

I know I am exaggerating thing a lil bit here but seriously we were going cuckoo yesterday with our excessive energy and expression. Too much laughing gas in the air….tak bole tahan..!!!

and now look at those 2 gediks ratatouilles..tsk :P

now all gotta behave and say 'cheesee' guys

and one more 'maintained-picture' before we gelak guling-guling

Wednesday, October 3

Peace to u ..

It is very usual for my office phone to start ringing as early as 8 but today, this morning I was picking up the phone with my normal tone AND and and to my surprise …I remember this voice vividly..Of cause I do cause my best friend is calling me (after 2 weeks of silence)

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( macam jejak kasih pulak…

‘alo hasfa reny, what happened to u woman bloody hell…!!’

It is obviously my fault so I was half panicking and scared at the same time (biting my lips..yikesss)

‘stefffffffffffff….sorry sorry sorry I was just too scared to call you after too many ffk-ing,, so decided to regain my poise before talking to u’

‘*sigh* go on cursing at me..yada yada yada’

ouch ouch totally understandable (should have seen my face blushing......burning!!??!)

Somehow I reckoned earlier that my previous post will stir some unusual feedback…

So here I go! The most anticipating call of the week :P

But babe I bag to defer that I still love u as always, as the saying goes

“True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.” David Tyson Gentry quotes

Hehehehe so I guess in our case the 2 weeks silence is comfortable to only prove that it is a true friendship…:P
Don’t la mad at me, no calls/sms/messenger doesn't mean that I have forgotten you (But who am i kidding, i should not repeat the same mistake again and do admit it is SO wrong of me to do so..)

Peace babe! Ok I will belanja u double scoop baskin robin next week!!

Tuesday, October 2

I miss u too..

Be courteous to all
But intimate with few
and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence
True friendship is a plant of slow growth
and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.
George Washington

I really like this quote as it strongly potray my principle or style of friendship
From secondary school to uni and now to working life, I have always been seen or dubbed as ‘the sombong or lan-si one’. Probably the face expression or is it just me? To think of it, I am not like that but I AM a lil bit picky in making friends. I put an equal respect to everyone and anyone but that respect does not mean I have to be friendly, giggling and chatting away with anyone.

So anyway, I am off the topic a little bit .Sorry! hahha teremo lebih pulak :p

I exchanged email as usual with my dear friend today and to my surprise she wrote this:

‘ I miss u la babe’..

After tons of email being exchanged and she mentioned that?..Awww I am so touched and puzzled at the same time! How could she possibly miss me when we actually exchange mail everyday (average 20 mails/day may be?), when we meet for coffee almost any other week??

But that really touched my utmost feelings and made me realize that I have probably grow apart from most of my closest ones (steph if you happen to reaod this, don’t think u wanna hear another sorry from me :( ). I do miss all those girlie lepaking and bitching sessions seriously!

Blame it to my lovey-dovey new relationship..ok ok kidding THAT should not and never will be the excuse. Be an adult Reny and take responsibility for your own action. It's my fault for not making time for them....soweiii! XOXO

My latest makan-makan with the usual bunch (stef i miss u..)

Can i have both Money and Love?

As usual, this friend of mine will always pop by at my place for a brief catch up or as his hiding spot from his bos! Ayooo I bet life not gonna be easy for both of us after this, so I will let u enjoy the lepaking moment while u (we) can...ehehheheh

So he said..‘u know I really like this girl but apparently I am not his type’
I interject ‘what is her type then’
‘she is the ‘MONEY’ type of girl’
‘Alaaaa I said..Hate discussing about this cause it such a cliché topic’
‘Ok between looks and love, which one will u choose’ he asked
‘doink tu senang la, that comparison is very clear cut for me, of cos la DUIT’ hahhahahahahhaha unless u rephrase the question to ‘ is it personality or money?’
Then I might need to think a lil bit harder cause personality is something that is more concrete than just the look.
But between look and money, I will definitely vote for money !!! Kalau setakat handsome tapi personality out and I have to refrain my shopping indulgence pulak, might as well being a single than in a pathetic relationship kan!!!

On the other hand, between love and money, it is just too subjective and the debate will just never end. No right or wrong in such discussion as everyone deserve to choose his/her path of life; as how he/she defines happiness.

Mr. X, if the super hot/ gediks / lorat type is all u yearn for then obviously there will be price to pay isn’t it. Mana chi kalau nak super hot, gediks, stylo mylo and angelic at the same time kan!!
As for me, the ideal order should be love (60%) and money (40%). I am not trying to play safe with my answer but com'on love alone wont guarantee happiness. My way of defining happiness is the ability to do my normal routine i.e shopping, dining and lepaking as a cushion to the TLC from my loved one. Obviously all these need money kan..
So u have the answer! A decent lifestyle in the city does need money, not necessary kaya raya but enough for the usual daily!

This led to another similar conversation between me and my bf ‘ What if someone richer, nicer and family that will treat me as nice come along in the picture..????'
Hmmmm to be honest IT IS a tough one, so many if and only IF! As for now, I am grateful with what I have and shall not dig further for a better man or a better relationship. What I have now is something that I should cherish and make it happen!
To my dear friend X, I don’t believe in ‘nice man finish last or nice woman finish first’, screw it and u just keep on looking k! its all about the right timing and the right candidate..