Friday, February 13

Promise meant to be broken, so does my promise to update this blog :)
I have been great, life couldn’t be better then this but kemalasan aje yang melampau..

Since I am dead lazy, I am just popping by to wish everyone
‘Happy Valentines Day’

On a different irrelevant note, my colleague and I just couldn’t stop admiring how stylish and smart-looking our Mat Salleh bos is!! His ‘fell-good and super-smart’ aura make us girls and guys go gooogoo gaagaa! International branding perhaps ;)

Sunday, February 1

Summer break in Melbourne- Day 1

Since i was the only one in this trip that was new to Melbourne, it felt kinda special to be having 4 tourist guides to show me around :)

We arrived in the morning just about time for breakfast. As we were walking close to Ira’s apartment, we can already smelt something really delicious in the air….smell that was really familiar to our likings! Tadaaaaaaaa

We were welcomed by Ibu and Iwan, with delicious home-made breakfast!! Heaven and Ibu was such a superwoman, from market back home-cooking-preparing the house-shopping the whole day-clean up the house again- and yet, still full of energy! Goodness, wonder where she got such energy?? I was amazed and really wonder how could i do that with one baby soon..heheh

Not only that, we were again suprised by a lovely welcome card for Bajim & Me. The wordings in there that was just lovely. Alaahaiiii...comel!

Anyway, since photos are wayyy interesting than my long winded explanation, I shall let the photos to reflect the excitement of our trip there ;) Plus, am soo malasssss..bleargh

Adik's apartment - Clerendon Towers is strategically located at SouthBank - less than 8 minutes drive to the city centre, trem’s station is just 2 minutes away & most importantly to Bajim, Apple’s shop is right across her apartment. Hmmm in fact, he got nothing for himself for the whole trip except gadgets, gadgets and gadgets! Nerd :P Oh and Crown Hotel is about 2 minutes walk as well. Gamblingggg babeeehh! (Not that i gamble tho, tgk2 saje)

Our daily routine pretty much the same, had home-made breakfast then head to the city centre- shop, site-seeing and shop, finally ended the day with family dinner! Amazingly, all my morning sickeness just gone right away...hmmmm talking about psychological effect of the mind huh? gediks je! Anyway, the weather was just perfect when we arrived, it was quite hot during the day and as it became darker by the evening around 8pm, the weather got really chill and windy!

Day 1: After a short nap and good lunch, straight away we headed to the city. Just a brief one. Adik fetched us up and we had ice-cream Durian at Ibu & Ayah's favourite place. Later that night adik decided to belanja all of us at her fav's Indian restaurant..

Getting ready for dinner

Indian dinner at Gaylord, China Street. I felt really at home with so many Msian local cuisine and with this 'Sambal Belacan' signage as big as this:

So that was the end of day 1 and 6 more days to go..Hahahha! The trip was just too short and since most days were spent at malls, i didnt really have the chace to explore other site of Melbourne. December InsyaAllah! (when you have 3 chronic shopaholics - MIL, SIL & Me around, it will never be enough)

Day 2 to come..