Tuesday, December 30

The sweetest message of them all

And now its time to talk about the BIGGEST responsibility ever. Yes, you guys have guessed it right (I suppose I have been throwing lots of hint lately). But for now, I shall refrain my self from deliberating on this as it is way too soon. I shall only pray hard and hope everything will be well, InsyaAllah.

Of all, this message sent to my email from Mr.See was the sweetest:

Hey Reny,
You caught me a little off guard with the news. But congratulations nonetheless! Had I known then, I would have treated you to a nice lunch!
Well, the offer is still valid – let us (me, Danielle, Eliza, and maybe Twin?) to bring you out for a nice lunch, ok?
Anyway, just wanted to say that I personally think that you will be a great mother! You have matured tremendously since I first met you (Ceh! Don’t kembang too much, OK?!!) And I am sure, your kid will be very lucky to have you and Azim as parents!
Have a pleasant weekend ahead!

Best regards,

p/s: Hehe kembang tak la tapi was touched by the words!
& thanks for the lunch :)

My little 2009 project

As 2008 approaching its end, I just couldn’t stop thinking of our project to usher in 2009. It has been stuck in my head for weeks. Remember that I did mention about the Bigger and Biggest responsibilities on the way?

Yeap thats rite, there will be 2 major things happening in 2009.

Being the only child at home since secondary school (FYI, my brother has always been far apart on his own since his secondary boarding school, I literally be the only child at home and most things are prepared comfortably), therefore I have 0 or lacking in urgency at all to buy a house. Yes, I do know about investment and how to make your money work for you, but when it comes to buying a property, I have always been delaying it albeit the fact that it won’t hurt my monthly expenses badly. But, I just still couldn’t find the urgency, 0. period. I just dont feel the excitement.

But that desire started to build up slowly since the first month we got married. Hmmmmmmmm….hmmmmmmmmmm
let me think hard on this. As time passes by, the urgency to be in full control of your self and family started to grow. I would love and always imagine my self cooking for him and how I would love to arrange a private dinner just us! So that is when we finally decided to raise it to our parents. As per our prior agreement, we would stay for a certain period of time since there is no one else at both houses, except the maid!

we have always love kids and be part of 'em

But looking at the long run or 9 months to be precise..hehehhe, we have to start putting things at place, like soonnnnnn. At least we are fully ready by the time comes.


Yes, we are moving to our new place sometimes next year,
InsyaAllay if everything is ready :) Phewwwwwww, first thought that always kick in is……………..
To host my very own in-house parteee!!!!! Yesssssssssss besntye:) Being an extrovert, I just simply love being surrounded by people and just love socializing. Like now, i love having family members and friends around me. This time around, to have all of them at my own place so there will be no limitation in timing, semua nak tido sampai esok pun bole kan!

Being my own host,

Another family get-together: BBQ at Mama's last nite

  • I have even started to think of the menu..HAHAHAH which we will be prepared by your trusly here .. wohoo how exciting! So to those that always underestimate me, i shall prove you wrong *wink wink*
  • Color theme to be used
  • Lots of fresh flower and scented candles that will freshen the air
  • Entertainment most likely would be karaoke, Wii, PS3 or even having bunch of kids singing and performing! Ohhh the little cousins would just love this and now, i have always been their dance and singing coordinator.. sabar je kan kena buli by the little ones


I get my optimum energy with 'em around

The list will just easily go on especially after eveytime watching David Tutera show. In my case, Michelle Ho would be the best to take up David's role..hahah

Oh well, so, that long winded explanation would be my immediate 2009 resolution. shall start with main items to buy first. What about you ?

Saturday, December 27


Hope its not too late for me to wish all A Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday

I will be on leave for few days, needing some good rest and spring cleaning my room today. And that bring a shocking realization to me, on my excessive clothing shopping for this month, alone!


Really, looking at them make me a lil bit regret on how unwise i have been acted!

Anyway, gotta to run back and finish all the mess!

Will update on this later (with photos to remind yours truly here)! *shaking my head*

Its really not wise especially knowing the fact that BIGGER and BIGGEST responsibilities are on the way :P

Monday, December 22

The month of celebration...

New Year is justttt round the corner and am pretty sure everyone is in such a ecstatic holiday mood. So do I :D The Christmas mood is just so apparent in KL and thus, i just cant help feeling overjoyed too especially with such an amazing work of art in most shopping malls. (Pavilion and Midvalley would be my first choice).

Like any other year, I would be the last person to set my New Year resolution. Pretty much the same old achievement that I have missed from the previous year so to speak; This year however, new resolutions would start entering my list. Of course being a newly wed, marriage-related goals would top the list and of course being a good and vogue mother..HEHEHEHE ;)

To add it on, 2008 would be my most happening year especially with Big Santa (aka FIL and SIL) being extremely generous :- Free coach bag and few others, ipod touch, Wii Fit and the biggesttttttt and priceless present ever to us…..tadaaaaaaaaa…Shhhhh will keep it hush for now ;)


Looking back, nothing more do I wanna ask for. All is complete now, I am blessed, contented and really grateful with what i have. Alhamdullilah. Nothing more & nothing less!

  • A loving and a cookoo husband just the way i like it :p
  • A loving family system that support us in every single thing from the youngest lil cousin to the eldest Nenek and Datuk

  • The coolest FIL that share extreme shopping interest and facebooking as much as I like it too...AHAHA (5 cole haan shoes in one trip and many many handbags?...It is just so Me)
  • Most importantly, a humble and down to earth family that have taught me various positive values regardless of who you are, Tan Sri, Dato, Datin or any other highest posibble title available; at the end of the day we are just a normal being that should always act in a respectful manner; being humble and kind to all.
A heartful congratulation to another August babies - Ayin & Raziq !
(p.s one down and 3 more weddings to go including Parvin’s..phewww).

To all other couples that're getting hitched soon, congratulations in advance from me & Azim in any case that we wouldnt be able to attend :)


Monday, December 15

The most popular questions i have been getting of late

  • "SO you bila pulak ni?"
  • "Any news from the inside?" (hmmm this one made me puzzled for a lil while..creative sungguh kan)
  • "Kite lawan siapa yang cepat?" (This i hate MOST cause how can it be a race when we have no entire control to win? Duhhhh..)
  • "Anything in the oven yet?" (We will always answer this in the most selamba way 'the baker is always of our town so nothing can be baked yet..LOL)

Anyho, its all about right timing and rezeki. Of course we love kids and would dying to have one (or many many more) if eveything permits. Ade faham ka? ;)

Sunday, December 14

Muscat 2008

As opposed to Egypt, everything in Oman is so calm and relaxing, the city is extremely clean and neat, traffic is smooth and the people are friendly and soft spoken. I was so wrong about Oman altogether, from its development to the city to the people.

The moment I landed in Muscat International airport, my expectation began to shift a little bit, and totally surprised by what I see. Being travelling all alone to Oman, i still felt safe and at ease, mainly contributed by the warm hospitality. ( Due to some miscommunication, i was sent to Cairo airport for Oman 2 hours earlier then my check-in time, all alone. It was such a shitty experience..Blearghh)

In Muscat, you feel clean and serene as most buildings are white in color, well maintained roads with good infrastructure, surrounded by mountain and beautiful landscape. The air is pure and fresh, and the city was very very clean (even cleaner then Spore i think). It was just awesome and peaceful

  • No building is allowed to be any higher then the Sheraton building in the city
    Low lying white buildings (mostly 3 floors and below) typify Muscat's urban landscape

  • Most houses are painted in white/neutral to minimize heat

The most valuable exposure however was getting to know the wealthy family of Al-hashar group in personal. There are a total of about 13 wealthy families in Oman that control substantial level of Oman’s economy and Al-Hashar is one of them.

Being a principal (and being a lady I believe) did benefit us in some way, we were given the warmest hospitality with VIP treatment, from a suprised private boat cruise in search of dolphine after work to a lovely seafood dinner after.

The trip was pre-arranged without any notification. It was a relaxing trip after a day meeting in the office.

Inexpensive hotel with the best view

I was so glad to be here, a city that otherwise will never be in my visit list. As always, most importantly is the relationship that i managed to build in this shortest duration of trip. I believe the world is small enough that our path will surely cross again in one and another, regardless for PROTON or any other matters J It is the networking and exposure that are very crucial to me, at least.

Dinner with the Al-Hashar Family and CEO. Group chairman that is only 20++ and a 14 years old girl being the youngest share holder.

Post Report of Euphoria

J.M's birthday will surely be better if Ms, Stephy, Michelle and Anne were around! It was a simple and entertaining night nevertheless.

  • The chill-out room is cozy and warm, music is not loud so you may chit-chat at ease while enjoying the drink and crowd.

  • One very special uninvited guest - Mr John of PROTON Australia joined us for the night (in his same shirt that i saw earlier for his Board Meeting in the office)

  • J.M’s sister was definitely a PR person. Such a bubbly and intelligent lady for her age! Trying my luck to convince her to join us in PROTON..haha! She would surely be a very good asset!

  • Music was fantastic, old tunes from the 90s that used to rock Modesto and Boom-Boom room KL!!!

It was just brilliant. Unfortunately, I felt sick the very next day! Penat man one after another activity. Thinking of what ahead, its gonna be worse...be prepared!! arghh

- 2 weddings to attend

- 6 hours endurance go-kart race which i suppose to teman and of cos for support..ermmm (the thought of my bos A.D will be there too, erghhh just plain lazy to do my PR and put on my smiley face..will see)

- Chirstmas exchange get-together. (this i cant wait eventhough i somehow kinda suspect who will be giving mine. Remember: Cheap is fine as long as it is cantik :P=read me k)

- Adik will be back frm Melbourne, so pretty much sure there will be a quick holiday with the family

- Fully occupied at work for January 09 buss trip

- Our impending breakaway for December that is yet to be decided (where and date).. Funny thing is we have booked for a holiday on March 09 but honeymoon is just so difficult to decide ;P

Thursday, December 11

Happy Holiday!

A brief visit to this blog has made me realize it has been abandoned lately for a more serious write-up..Damn!! The thing about writing and me is seasonable :) But 2 things that have never change - my obsession for shopping and my liking to hang out with bunch of friens ..kekekekeke!! and of cos it is never hard to make me happy, contented and laugh..weeee!!!

Its public holiday peepss...syok betul la!!

Anyway, December will be busy with wedding, wedding and wedding, holiday and cheerful festive mood! who dont love december and being working in the state of Selangor huh?

*sigh* still couldnt get the gasp of a more serious note ;) will try next time

Tuesday, December 9

The most happening party will be here..


The most hilarious ads ever...Good job Azim. U made us laugh out loud!

Saturday, December 6

Above and beyond the design

With many celebrations approaching the end of 2008, you may want to check the artwork website for their cupcakes - creatively and meticulously designed .

Look at this ..isnt it soo sweet
And this for being fanshionably designed