Sunday, April 1

Bumpy Roads

All of us have an equal share of ups n downs, there are times when everything doesn’t seem right – works sucks, marriage/relationship failed and everything just went chaos…the long lasting happiness that we dreamt off just shattered ..exploded kapushhhhh!!

I know it is easier said then done but to my 2 darlings, u know I love u guys and feel free anytime to share with me, I might not be able to help much but my sincere support and listening ears will always be there for u guys!!!

Love u both much!

As for me, I have my fair share of melancholy and sadness as well BUT at the moment I am contented and blessed with what I have :)

Our unconscious mind will constantly seeking for new excitement and seeking for more and more each the point of becoming greedy sometime. ..It is not easy to have a discipline and strong will to control our mind

So to all and myself, keep on trying and never give up..’To err is human but to admit our weakness and to bounce back is divine” .

Be strong!!


Stephanie said...

eeegh excuse mia if i ter-rasa... u referring to me?? hahah if no.. just ignore me
sometimes u know..u just loose d sense of security. may it b coz of amber chia (hahaha) or just me
kudos to d bumpy road of life - work love & all things spicy
pity my bos is not as gud looking or fine as urs. darn it

Ms.Reny said...

i am reading ur comment now and laughing to my self...nothing funny but the thought of u in mind keep me smiling coz ur so comel teacher!!! may the hapiness be with u ;)

yein said...

hey steph come work with me la, I'm good looking and fine workmate muaaahahaha!!!

Ms.Reny said...

adoiii...someone being so perasan pulak....;p

yein said...

It's only considered perasan when u're not but think u r. But I am and I know I am muuuaahahaha!!!

Ok.. ok... don't puke on me now... Yeeeoowww!!!!!

Ms.Reny said...

alaa cannot..cant imagine all 3 ..ohh actually all 4 in the same office...NO way...coz all 4 are crazy, cranky, ego and perasan..hahahha!!!! it will be upside down :)