Monday, December 31

Little Monster

I dubbed them ‘the little monsters’ for their ability to do the wackiest things u can think of.

Seeing my first niece growing from little naïve creature to a naughty restless baby girl make me amazed and speechless. A 20-months little girl actually lied down on the floor of a shopping mall (with her innocent and sad face) just to get the mama to buy her a pair of shoes! OMG kids nowadays are just so brilliant isn’t it??

One advice that I shall remember and apply:
Do instill feeling of respect instead of fear in kids! Too much rules without putting sense into an action is not the smartest thing to do! Same theory can be applied in workplace, relationship & life! Therefore, gaining respect is the first crucial thing to do before getting others to listen to us

Wooooooooooo even my energy is not up to your level cheeky girl!! Muah!

One thing for sure, her source of energy definitely is Shopping Mall..GEdikss tau!

Sunday, December 30

The journey Part 2

Slight delay for my part 2:)

My FAV night spot: Leyla's Place. Love the music and environment. Next door is another popular night spot La Playa with softer music options and Tapas as their main menu. Similar to LaBodega. Both are cool!

Get set and go..

First stop Tasik Dayang Bunting..erghh gile; climbing those steep steps that caused the sore in my legs!! sungguh tak fit ;P. First shot, monyet that welcoming us..hahhahah

& finally reached the lake, it's beauty was inenvitable and so worth the climbing..

next stop..wohoooo the sun, the sand & the sea etc etc

Finally, last shot before leaving the place. Such a meanigful photo, even animals appreciate team work, peace & love

So that's all for now. Ciow people!

Count down!

2008 is just around the corner. Typical and cliché question to ask : What is your new year resolution? Honestly for me, there is no detailed and spesific list. I know in general what I wanna do, what I should do and shouldn’t do.

So, let’s just welcome a better 2008 and work towards a wonderful year ahead!

p/s: To those that close to me, they know how much I HATE traveling cause I am a serious plane phobic! Even if it’s for free, it would not excite me cause I will get scared to death (rugi and sungguh kesian ;p)

So, overcoming it will be my major resolution under my current unavoidable circumstances.
As I overcome it,

the village of Oios, Santorini island, Greece would be my goal destination.

'Lost without you' by Robin Thicke and Paulo Coelho books to go with it ;P uwaa nice!

Friday, December 28

Tragic News

Benazir Bhutto killed in suicide attack yesterday. Just heard the news this am

Thursday, December 27

The Bubbly Clan

The feeling of love, acceptance and belonging is such a beautiful lifetime experience. But having found someone and the whole clan (from the cutest little cousin to makcik pakcik and to the datuk & nenek) that share almost everything in common, is De ultimate happiness and gratification.

The feeling of love especially with family, partner and friends is key that opens the gates of happiness.

"Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all the way to find it." - Robert Mitchum
"Love stretches your heart and makes you big inside." - Margaret Walker

MAIN common attribute: Fetish for handbag (or shopping in general), even during Aidiladha :P Even the scrumptious Rendang can wait

Next common attribute: The craziness & kecohness :)

Last, lets share and spread our love to make a better and smiley Friday tomorrow:) hehe

p/s: Tapikan, the thought of Friday in mind alone is sufficient to make me smile now..*sigh*


Tuesday, December 25

Joyous xmas !

To all my dear friends that celebrating xmas

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!
Have a blast holiday & go HO HO HO with the fun & joy!

p/s: One of the best thing about xmas is the beautiful christmas ornaments, the tree and the whole joyful environment.

Creative & yummylicious xmas tree decorations by BreadTalk

Monday, December 24

The Journey..Part 1

Put aside all the good ones, let me tell u that road driving during the festive season was such a BAD idea. Kononnye nak be adventurous la this time..Madness! We spent almost 8 hours from Kuala Kedah-KL with horrendous traffic and wet road condition.

Anyway, had too much to share, let the photos reflect our journey & good moments in P.Cenang :) Weather was bright and shiny during our 3 days and 2 nites stay there..Cantik sangat!

Reached Kuala Kedah at 5am.Gotta wait for the ferry at 6:30am..Wooo never did i wake up as early as this. But looking at those old pakcik operating roti canai stalls as early as 6am made me realized and bersyukur for our easy life in KL

YahoOooOO...after 1 1/2 hours we finally reached Kuah at around 8:30am. Gila sleepy and tired! But such a memorable xperience...

First thing that we did upon arrival at Cenang, was to check out the beach :P Weather was bright and shiny .Cantik sangat!

Wonderland at Kuah-highly recommended for seafood dinner! Price is really cheap, below RM100 for 5 pax!

Telaga Harbor: Row of swanky western restaurants and café facing the harbor

To be cont..

The Sea, the sand & the sun

After much deliberation between Singopore and Pantai Cenang for our brief holiday, we decided to opt for the beach. We need a calm and quiet holiday with no shopping attraction..eheeheh pandai! (Had too much bags and shoes this month so Singapore obviously is not a good idea)

Pantai Cenang is well known for its delightful romantic sunset and its long and sandy beach.
It can be equated to the beach of Phuket but is considered to be more family-friendly with decent glitzy night life.

With the beach being the anchor feature, it is surrounded by shops selling garments, trinkets and souvenirs, restaurants, stalls, bistros and convenience stores. Oh, if you are western food or tapas lover, there are lotsa bistros and small isolated bar that offer such menus!! So makan is definitely not a problem BUT the service can be really sux during this peak season.

So what can u do or expect at Pantai Cenang? Here are some ideas that i personally enjoy:
- Hangout on the beach and enjoy the sun, sea and sand! Marvelous
- Island hopping from only RM25 onwards
- Gravitate to the beach bistros for some cold drinks during hot afternoons
- Strolling down the street for window shopping

-Paling suka: Hangout at the beach bars in the evenings with some chill/raggae music on and macho dreadlocks waiters to serve u..heheheheh kinda cool to watch those surfers’ style of living!! At nite, u will be entertained by local freelance singers. Trust me, they have such a melodic voice, either Elliot Yamin soulful style or bob Marley Reggae tune! They are just so damn talented!
- Finally, after the long walk, pamper yourself with a good and cheap foot massage and spa treatment.

In short, I just fall in love with Pantai Chenang. It is the easiest alternative to tuck away from bustling KL for some tranquility and peace. The weather was bright and shiny with white sandy beach and beautiful sea! How nice..

Psstttt... back :)

not badd kan my shot? :P

Holiday was GREAT but came back with muscle strain in both legs..ouchhh!

Thursday, December 20

Happy Holiday

I like this, simple yet meaningful:

A safe but sometimes chilly way of recalling the past is to force open a crammed drawer. If you are searching for anything in particular you don't find it, but something falls out at the back that is often more interesting. James M. Barrie

Good thing about reading Paulo Coelho book is it deepens my thought and reflection of life. Sometimes, when we are too busy and overwhelmed with work, we tend to neglect certain important things in life. There are many people (my self included) striving to make their life as busy as possible, just to ensure living their life to the fullest. Personally, I think it is ok to do so as long as u make it a point, to spare sometimes (5 minutes pun jadi la) to reflect on life & our surrounding! Also, try as best as we can to give forgiveness before calling the night off and don’t hold grudges.

Again, happy holiday to all
Am off for another beach retreat, a well planned this time;)

p/s: Writing can really be addictive, reaching its peak at the moment!

Wednesday, December 19

Kucing & Tikus

When the cat (monster) is away, the mouse (hero) comes out to play.
Quoted from one of my colleague! But I beg to differ …Hero will never ever be afraid even when the cat or better say ‘singa betina’ is around kan?

Anyway, I am pretty sure many bosses are on year-end holiday now..So be it mouse or hero, enjoy the freedom when the bosses are not around..haha!!!! But of course, the end result or the dateline must still be adhered :p

p/s: Reply from another colleague, ‘But the mouse is sneaky, he can come out even when the monster is around’
You guys are just so brilliant and creative when it comes to all these kann..AYooYoo..:P
Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Holiday from me..

Tuesday, December 18

Hungry Chimps

Action is a thought that manifest.
And, my starving thought manifest in my nibbling and munching action! erghhhhhhhh
I am still hungry even after 20 sticks of satay, and now thinking of having fatty crab & butter pecan baskin robbins! Goodness….am blowing my self like a big balloon! Ice creams in 3 consecutive days and am still craving for it.
Darn my appetite!

Monday, December 17


To you my dear mate, I know your Monday has been really horrible so far but rest assured u will get over it in few hours time. As u always say, chill babe! So same goes to u today :)

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily
- Zig Ziglar

Sunday, December 16

When two families officially got together....Alhamdulillah everything went well :) EXCEPT the slow service by the caterer *&***^&
And, when the elderly were busy talking…this is what we did behind the scenes..hihi :)

Me, cousins and sis in law

Me & Ira

the busiet among all...

Last, i was teased and just couldnt hide my blushing face........

maintaining my calmness..

Friday, December 14

Good Morning

It is very peculiar that I managed to wake up at 6:15am today without having the alarm clock to actually wake me up….feeling all fresh and bouncy!

For one simple reason: I don’t have to go to work today..hihi!
You see..people always say that if you are happy and motivated with what you do, then u wont force or drag your self to work every morning. Problem is- I do love my job but still am feeling this??? Lacking of self-disciplined is definitely one of the contributing factor.

How I wish I can work remotely from home or Starbucks or doing everything at my own choice and pace. I envy those who have the privilege to do that! erghhhhh

So, plan for today:
Revisit MNG at Midvalley
Be a chauffeur to my mother
Continue with my 2 books
Catch up with my little cousin at home
All in all, I love staying at home then work..hihi!

Gotcha...kacau-ing my cousin at home is what i like to do too..hihi

Thursday, December 13

MNG Year End Sale

The MNG mega sales is back with 50% off for almost everything, So quick ladies! Lesson learnt form all previous sales, visit the outlet everyweek to check for further mark down..hihi :) and be ready for the big holes in your pocket :P

In the pursuit of style...

Shoes are designed to provide protection, comfort, support and style. But we women are most likely to endure pain in the pursuit of fashion and style (my self included of course)

For work, I would prefer narrow-toed shoes, tight and heels. Most of the time, I would have to squeeze my wide foot into this type of shoes. Thus, placing considerable pressure on my big and little toes. As a result, they are literally molded into abnormal alien shape…geesh and of course it is painful. Mommy dearest has warned me zillion times on taking a good care of them and as usual, mom will always be rite. My foot disorder has now getting worse. Ouchh!!!

"Women account for nearly 90 percent of all operations performed to correct common foot disorders such as bunions, hammertoes and neuromas that are often caused by improper shoes"

For that, I am limiting my time wearing the culprit; alternate them with good flats for walking and wearing lower heel with wider toe-area. I am giving them a break for my own sake.

wider toe-area for better breathing

p/s: I am also into foot massage now (either by my maid or thai spa) to lessen the effects. Oh and foot reflexology is good too!

Wednesday, December 12

Like the Flowing River

I am not a big fan of Alchemist or the author himself ..Paulo Coelho but my current reading on Like the Flowing River by this Brazilian writer change my whole perception. I am very impressed by his thought and slowly becoming his fan now…by each page that I read, in just within few minutes! It is a great turner with compilation of short stories by the author! It’s all about thought in our mind. Flipping through one page will lead me to another and another page…It’s hard to put it down seriously!

p/s: Of course finishing the ‘Luxury Branding’ book and Gossip Girls in between.

Seafood Galore

“Eating seafood twice a week is good for your heart and generally outweigh the risk of exposure to mercury and other dangerous contaminants” – By the Institute of Medicine, Washington.

But having 3X excessive seafood dinner in a row really make me smell like a fish….Stink eh? Hihi. But beware, to those who eat them too often (more than 2 servings in a week), please ensure to eat all kind of different seafood to reduce the risk of exposure to contaminants.
So no more Fatty crab or Lala chong in anytime soon..(Sakae soft shell crab is still good tho..anytime!Hihi)

The craving for seafood all start here...

Monday, December 10


It is cold and cosy, not really sleepy, so just chillin around with Bubbly tune by Colbie playing in MTV… feeling just so good for be able to stay home tomorrow..what a lovely weather to sleep and wonderful day waiting ahead.

I've been awake for a while now
you've got me feelin like a child now
cause every time i see your bubbly face
i get the tinglies in a silly place

It starts in my toes
makes me crinkle my nose
where ever it goes i always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time where ever you go

Verse 2:
The rain is fallin on my window pane
but we are hidin in a safer place
under the covers stayin dry and warm
you give me feelins that i adore
Where ever, where ever, where ever you go Where ever, where ever, where ever you go

The hand that rock the nation..

Flight delay is definitely not uncommon especially among the low cost carriers. However, 8 hours of delay or canceling flight all together is really disappointing. The frequency of such occurrence trigger me to goggle more about MAS, AirAsia or the airline industry in general.

It is not fair to pass judgment based on one-side story from the national controlled media (it's rubbish and very biased always). Therefore, I always like to hear both sides of the stories especially from the opposition parties just to look at things in a different and independent view.

After reading this, it reaffirms my view that politics is always a complicated game! And GLC is always controlled by such elements…A powerful hands of certain people that either benefit or break the nation!

'Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely'
We were all going back to KL at almost the same departure time via 3 different flights due to different arrangement.
MAS vs Airasia vs fireflyz.
2 hours delay for airasia and >8 hours delay for fireflyz..
Talk about efficiency and healthy competition eh??

Freakin Monday!

When you are so freakin sleepy in a freakin cold and freezing office..its time to call for HELP!!!!!

Hot coffee & 2 minutes brake that is!