Wednesday, March 11

For whatever good reasons, i am feeling so motivated at work today!

It’s like a whirlwind but am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel- of what my interest will be and thus crafting a clearer 5 years plan ahead. Pheww…for some, it might be a lil’ bit too late for the realization to come. As for me, better late then never and positive changes that initiate from within is the serene and peaceful feelings that one can achieve :)

Again, its a good sign of maturity i think..

'Man propose and God shall dispose'

Tuesday, March 10

Welcome the newer, bigger and happier Reny :P

Holly molly…pregnancy is really like a turbulence period for all women. I have been reading a lot about it before but to really experience it on my own, it is just amazing and make me speechless every time the little inside starts to move and thus, gotta endure some slight discomfort in my big-but-cute tummy..hehehe.

Anyho, most importantly I have managed to survive the hardest moment of the 1st trimester. I am now close to 19 weeks..wehoo alhamdullilah with no complications, just minor mengada sini sana je..haha!

So now that I am in 2nd trimester, I am pretty much back to my chirpy mode (except for the fact that my body is getting fatter…duh of course la kan!!)

Its time to slowly think about life in a more SERIOUS note.haha! Yes looking after the little one and one complete family entity soon on our own! Woooo tough responsibilities but bet it’s gonna be fun. Welcome to the world of maturity and responsibility J

Fun thing is that, even my internet browsing sites have changed tremendously. Now its all about baby clothing & best dypers to use in town ..tsk tsk!

Anyway, with the new energy and stabilized hormone system, hope this blog will not be abandoned again…I hope!

p/s: Even my career goal need to be relooked and readjusted :) looks like am facing the working-mama delima!