Monday, April 28

Culinary Comradeship-HUSH

It’s a fashionable and vogue venture nowadays for corporate personalities to co-join in owning a culinary outlet. One of them is HUSH bangsar, co-owned by prominent corporate icons Tony Fernandes, Ruben West Port and few other renowned personalities.

Nothing fancy about the food to be shouted about. They have equal spread of normal Asian and Western fare, i.e. nasi belacan and prawn mee or selection of pasta, steak, and etc. For the big serving and chill ambience, I must say their price is very reasonable from only RM 18- RM45/dish. I am thinking of Madam’s Kwan for its similarity.

Apparently, there are also private rooms available for business discussions over lunch and dinner. Didn’t notice that though!

Expect soft and subtle 80-90s music at the background, definitely a great place to chill and unwind.

Hmm what were u doin Michelle?!

Excellent shots by Michelle.
Their selection of healthy drink is a must try

Sunday, April 27

To the little princess

Once i have my hands on the lappie, ideas keep pouring and i realize more to write. The week earlier, another birthday party for the little princess :)

She is the junior of me, hyper and talkative, gediks and such a smooth talker. She claimed herself to be a princess so what we got for her was a princess bed sheet with a mathcing princess pillow. Kids nowadays are just damn smart..getting smarter as the social status is improving.. Wait till we have our own baru pening kan!!

*sigh* @}-

Saturday, April 26

To Master Chief

Known him since my very beginning here, and after all others have left, we are the remaining few that are still here in PROTON :) Good job to u for being able to sustain, up to this date. (Walaupun dalam hati dah tak sabar nak chiow kan?!! Hehehe)

To you Master Chief, Happy 29th Birthday
(my wish is for you to find that special someone this year)

Teeheeee hope u like our lil' surprise (@ Labodega Bangsar, finally out of our comfort zone)

Our new found activity: playing cards and board games on Friday Nite :) Sign of getting old?? No..maturity most likely ;P

It was a blast! Uno was the most entertaining one especially with a bunch of competitive players (macam menang duit pun kan>!)

Thursday, April 24


Finally Subang has its own vintage boutique (not that new but I only got the chance to visit them yesterday)......Hmm selection quite a lot compared to the one in Damas. Good thing is, lazy bum like me (get off the couch!!!! hehe) can also visit their e-boutique at

Enjoy Girls!

Sunday, April 20

I couldn’t stop feeling blessed when i love someone as much as what i receive in return.
How grateful to be loved just the way we are and knowing that we could never find that same feeling with anyone other than him

I’m in lovey dovey mode at this moment, so please excuse me :)

Saturday, April 19


I am so damn sure this scenario somehow sounds so familiar to all u girls kan??!!

I left my house today with ONLY 1 item in my shopping list, siap berjanji dalam hati takkan terpengaruh dalam apa jua keadaan..the only and only baju kurung to buy for the wedding tomorrow.

The moment I stepped in the mall and passed by the first boutique that i saw, my shopping list immediately expand, not many, to only 2 now..:) phew am still safe at this moment!!
Half and hour later, tiba-tiba je the shopping list is expanding longer and longer and longer….!%@^**(( duitnya tak de pulak bertambah by day or even by la?!!

What impressed me the most is how creative I could be, especially in desperation to purchase the ‘IT’ things..whatever it can be! From initial baju kurung to bright yellow tops, stack of bangles to go with, shoes, earth-tone brown belt..macam macam la pulak keluar!

Amazingly, in such situation, all sort of excuses or shall I say creative ideas (ahemmm) came pouring from my mind. And the best part, all excuses are somehow seemed logical and sensible to justify the purchase. Everything that I said sound like a smart excuse to get away with..putar alam jugak rupanya :P

‘That yellow top-shop blouse mesti beli…satu je promise cause now yellow is the IN colour’
‘Those Aldo shoes is just so reasonable after the price reduction, kalau tak beli rugi’
And the list goes on..

So now macam mana? Rather listened to those crappy excuses or just let me buy all those PLEASEEE!! So yeah, tak payah bebel banyak2 just go and get ‘em!!!


Woman being woman, shopping is somehow the BEST remedy for them, like it or not, that is just us! Love us as it is and those indecisive impulsive behaviour that make us phenomenal..MUAHAHAHHHA :)

Pilih Reny jangan tak pilih :P but wait..... obviously they dont have baju kurung kan?!!

p/s: Now am looking at how to realign my budget for Jakarta pulak :P Dang IT!!!
How many time have i warned my self to be F.O.C.U.S?!! u tell me?!
(anyway, i am so into spring color of Yellow, green and black now...ergh pening pening)

Friday, April 18

Happy Hours

I have been good, not busy and yet still no update in my blog :D My bad! Anyway, nothing feels better then Friday comes. Everything is feeling right, even the hardest tasks seem easy on Friday :P Just how our mind work wonders for us..

Another wedding and birthday party to attend :P which translate to a shopping spree again. Hehehe!
Have a wonderful weekend all!
Oh do check out cupcakes café if u have some free time this weekend. CUTE!

cuppacakes® by +wondermilk®
shop & cafe41 jalan ss 21/1A
damansara uptown
damansara utama47400 petaling jaya

Sunday, April 13

For the Positive Mind

Came across this posting from Protonchief's weblog. Really good and hope it did uplift your work motivation Protonchief :D Dont u ever feel glad to have a bunch of wonderful workmates (and sweet-sweet pulak tu) at work??! Hehe

1. The 80/20 rule.
This is one of the best ways to make better use of your time. The 80/20 rule – also known as The Pareto Principle – basically says that 80 percent of the value you will receive will come from 20 percent of your activities.
So a lot of what you do is probably not as useful or even necessary to do as you may think.
You can just drop – or vastly decrease the time you spend on a whole bunch of things.
And if you do that you will have more time and energy to spend on those things that really brings your value, happiness, fulfillment and so on.
2. Parkinson’s Law.
You can do things quicker than you think. This law says that a task will expand in time and seeming complexity depending on the time you set aside for it. For instance, if you say to yourself that you’ll come up with a solution within a week then the problem will seem to grow more difficult and you’ll spend more and more time trying to come up with a solution.
So focus your time on finding solutions. Then just give yourself an hour (instead of the whole day) or the day (instead of the whole week) to solve the problem. This will force your mind to focus on solutions and action.
The result may not be exactly as perfect as if you had spent a week on the task, but as mentioned in the previous point, 80 percent of the value will come from 20 percent of the activities anyway. Or you may wind up with a better result because you haven’t overcomplicated or overpolished things. This will help you to get things done faster, to improve your ability to focus and give you more free time where you can totally focus on what’s in front of you instead of having some looming task creating stress in the back of your mind.
3. Batching.
Boring or routine tasks can create a lot of procrastination and low-level anxiety. One good way to get these things done quickly is to batch them. This means that you do them all in row. You will be able to do them quicker because there is less “start-up time” compared to if you spread them out. And when you are batching you become fully engaged in the tasks and more focused.
A batch of things to do in an hour today may look like this: Clean your desk / answer today’s emails / do the dishes / make three calls / write a grocery shopping list for tomorrow.
4. First, give value. Then, get value. Not the other way around.
This is a bit of a counter-intuitive thing. There is often an idea that someone should give us something or do something for us before we give back. The problem is just that a lot of people think that way. And so far less than possible is given either way.
If you want to increase the value you receive (money, love, kindness, opportunities etc.) you have to increase the value you give. Because over time you pretty much get what you give. It would perhaps be nice to get something for nothing. But that seldom happens.
5. Be proactive. Not reactive.
This one ties into the last point. If everyone is reactive then very little will get done. You could sit and wait and hope for someone else to do something. And that happens pretty often, but it can take a lot of time before it happens.
A more useful and beneficial way is to be proactive, to simply be the one to take the first practical action and get the ball rolling. This not only saves you a lot of waiting, but is also more pleasurable since you feel like you have the power over your life. Instead of feeling like you are run by a bunch of random outside forces.
6. Mistakes and failures are good.
When you are young you just try things and fail until you learn. As you grow a bit older, you learn from - for example - school to not make mistakes. And you try less and less things.
This may cause you to stop being proactive and to fall into a habit of being reactive, of waiting for someone else to do something. I mean, what if you actually tried something and failed? Perhaps people would laugh at you?
Perhaps they would. But when you experience that you soon realize that it is seldom the end of the world. And a lot of the time people don’t care that much. They have their own challenges and lives to worry about.
And success in life often comes from not giving up despite mistakes and failure. It comes from being persistent.
When you first learn to ride your bike you may fall over and over. Bruise a knee and cry a bit. But you get up, brush yourself off and get on the saddle again. And eventually you learn how to ride a bike. If you can just reconnect to your 5 year old self and do things that way - instead of giving up after a try/failure or two as grown-ups often do – you would probably experience a lot more interesting things, learn valuable lessons and have quite a bit more success.
7. Don’t beat yourself up.
Why do people give up after just few mistakes or failures? Well, I think one big reason is because they beat themselves up way too much. But it’s a kinda pointless habit. It only creates additional and unnecessary pain inside you and wastes your precious time. It’s best to try to drop this habit as much as you can.
8. Assume rapport.
Meeting new people is fun. But it can also induce nervousness. We all want to make a good first impression and not get stuck in an awkward conversation.
The best way to do this that I have found so far is to assume rapport. This means that you simply pretend that you are meeting one of your best friends. Then you start the interaction in that frame of mind instead of the nervous one.
This works surprisingly well. You can read more about it in How to Have Less Awkward Conversations: Assuming Rapport.
9. Use your reticular activation system to your advantage.
I learned about the organs and the inner workings of the body in class but nobody told me about the reticular activation system. And that’s a shame, because this is one of the most powerful things you can learn about. What this focus system, this R.A.S, in your mind does is to allow you to see in your surroundings what you focus your thoughts on. It pretty much always helps you to find what you are looking for.
So you really need to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. And keep that focus steady.
Setting goals and reviewing them frequently is one way to keep your focus on what’s important and to help you take action that will move your closer to toward where you want to go. Another way is just to use external reminders such as pieces of paper where you can, for instance, write down a few things from this post like “Give value” or “Assume rapport”. And then you can put those pieces of paper on your fridge, bathroom mirror etc.
10. Your attitude changes your reality.
We have all heard that you should keep a positive attitude or perhaps that “you need to change your attitude!”. That is a nice piece of advice I suppose, but without any more reasons to do it is very easy to just brush such suggestions off and continue using your old attitude.
But the thing that I’ve discovered the last few years is that if you change your attitude, you actually change your reality. When you for instance use a positive attitude instead of a negative one you start to see things and viewpoints that were invisible to you before. You may think to yourself “why haven’t I thought about things this way before?”.
When you change you attitude you change what you focus on. And all things in your world can now be seen in a different light.
This is of course very similar to the previous tip but I wanted to give this one some space. Because changing your attitude can create an insane change in your world. It might not look like it if you just think about it though. Pessimism might seem like realism. But that is mostly because your R.A.S is tuned into seeing all the negative things you want to see. And that makes you “right” a lot of the time. And perhaps that is what you want. On the other hand, there are more fun things than being right all the time.
If you try changing your attitude for real – instead of analyzing such a concept in your mind - you’ll be surprised.
You may want to read more about this topic in Take the Positivity Challenge!
11. Gratitude is a simple way to make yourself feel happy.
Sure, I was probably told that I should be grateful. Perhaps because it was the right thing to do or just something I should do. But if someone had said that feeling grateful about things for minute or two is a great way to turn a negative mood into a happy one I would probably have practiced gratitude more. It is also a good tool for keeping your attitude up and focusing on the right things. And to make other people happy. Which tends to make you even happier, since emotions are contagious.
12. Don’t compare yourself to others.
The ego wants to compare. It wants to find reasons for you to feel good about yourself (“I’ve got a new bike!”). But by doing that it also becomes very hard to not compare yourself to others who have more than you (“Oh no, Bill has bought an even nicer bike!”). And so you don’t feel so good about yourself once again. If you compare yourself to others you let the world around control how you feel about yourself. It always becomes a rollercoaster of emotions.
A more useful way is to compare yourself to yourself. To look at how far you have come, what you have accomplished and how you have grown. It may not sound like that much fun but in the long run it brings a lot more inner stillness, personal power and positive feelings.
13. 80-90% of what you fear will happen never really come into reality.
This is a big one. Most things you fear will happen never happen. They are just monsters in your own mind. And if they happen then they will most often not be as painful or bad as you expected. Worrying is most often just a waste of time.
This is of course easy to say. But if you remind yourself of how little of what you feared throughout your life that has actually happened you can start to release more and more of that worry from your thoughts.
14. Don’t take things too seriously.
It’s very easy to get wrapped up in things. But most of the things you worry about never come into reality. And what may seem like a big problem right now you may not even remember in three years.
Taking yourself, your thoughts and your emotions too seriously often just seems to lead to more unnecessary suffering. So relax a little more and lighten up a bit. It can do wonders for your mood and as an extension of that; your life.
15. Write everything down.
If your memory is anything like mine then it’s like a leaking bucket. Many of your good or great ideas may be lost forever if you don’t make a habit of writing things down. This is also a good way to keep your focus on what you want. Read more about it in Why You Should Write Things Down.
16. There are opportunities in just about every experience.
In pretty much any experience there are always things that you can learn from it and things within the experience that can help you to grow. Negative experiences, mistakes and failure can sometimes be even better than a success because it teaches you something totally new, something that another success could never teach you.
Whenever you have a “negative experience” ask yourself: where is the opportunity in this? What is good about this situation? One negative experience can – with time – help you create many very positive experiences.

When feeling low, laugh, laugh and laugh, just like our recent activity, i mmg suka, gila silly!

Saturday, April 5

Istanbul Day 2,3 & 4

Day was tight and occupied with work from morning till night. The agency team, the conference participants, PROTON team members. *sigh* Trying to please everyone with all sort of character and background was the hardest thing..Ever! Conversing in simple English sentence require double of my time just to ensure right message is being delivered to the recipient. God, should have learnt sign language before kan?!!! My patience was pushed to its limit several times, trying to keep my temper at bay and maintaining my calm was not easy. Twin and Hulya have been my punching bag, I bitched and whined a lot..! opss Nonetheless, there were so many sweet memories with all participants and most importantly, conference’s objective was achieved and it has been such a good challenge for me and Twin. We did it and am happy :)

Day 2

Ready to start-up. My very first meeting in Istanbul with Ms. Hulya.

Night-Hopping from one dinner venue to another

At last, found a niceee fine dining witha scenic Bosphorous view. Gila cantik.
It's called Archipel. Apparently, it is a famous restaurant even among VVIP and celebrities from all over the world. Hmm good choice.

Starter: Wide selection of seafood. Supper scrumptious. From 60Euro per pax
Day 3: Conference started

hmmmmm wonder what did i say that time ?!!

Twin in action
Day 4-Conferene ended
Clsing dinner at Archipel. Remember i did went to survey for this place earlier and it took me about 45 mins from our hotel. But do u know how long did we actually take on the real day itself? We were really took us 2 hours to get there...!!!!!!!! Biggest shit for the conference, traffic was really reallly bad and out of ordinary. HELL!!!

Luckily, the moment dinner was served with beautiful setting and ambience, I could see the smiley faces again..PHEWWWWWWWWW (only then I got my appetite-dinner was really good fyi)

Didem- The best assistant
With one young and aggressive team member newly in, I am so looking forward for the next BIG thing. At least i still have hope here :)


Just attended my first day of marriage course at Bangsar. Seriusly, I don’t see the benefit that it brings when the presentation is merely reading from slides and jokes that I can hardly understand…erghhhhhh..Seat provided is not comfortable at all that my whole body is aching only after 5 hours of sitting. How can I stand another 12 hours tomorrow…?? Yikess…….I seriously think they should revise the syllabus and be more flexible in arranging the schedule! I’m so gonna bring my ipod and some magazines tomorrow...

I wonder how can this type of 2 days course help in reducing divorce rate in Malaysia and help in strengthening marriage relationship between couple? NO..

Tuesday, April 1

Istanbul Day 1

Istanbul is one of the oldest city and you can see the remains of many, many ancient buildings and their vibrant culture in harmony of its modernization. It is the old versus new, traditional versus modern, a city that is full of contrast and calmness at the same time. Unique eh?

It is a cosmopolitan city that was built on 2 continents- Asian and European side.
With the limited time at hand, we only got to visit the European side which is the commercial and cultural center, and it is further divided into the Old City and Modern City by a narrow path of water called The Goldern Horn.

First Half Day
After 13 hours of journey, decided to waste no time and headed to the old city for few historical places. I reminded myself many times to explore places and stuffs that I wouldn’t be able to find in KL or any other big cities. What I wanna see and experience is their local authentic stuffs that are unique. For the first half day, we visited the infamous Topkapı Palace - Hagia Sophia - Blue Mosque. All i can say is beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. So here goes lotsa of pictures

oh yes, i couldnt stop eating, everything looks yummy, one after another :) I tried almost all that they sell by the roadside.

Hagia Sophia
Thulgul was almost arrested for being an external translator to us. We didnt know they have the official translator that u have to pay for their services..Oppsie! I am not that interested either for further explanation on each historical item *yawn* C6 for my history paper *yawn*
Just appreciating the beautiful sight :)

Coffee infront of Blue Mosque..i loike!

and again, small bites for late lunch

She is just adorable, isnt she?

Note: We even went to their pasar malam!
Remaining of the day which is 7pm anyway, resting and preparing for meeting with the agency tomorrow. Excited! and sight-seeing in between for dinner venue selection. Interesting really!