Thursday, June 28

Finding passion at work?

yeah i need the punch too..;)

While it’s a good thing to feel “unlimited enthusiasm gang-ho” for your work but realistically this is just an ‘out of reach’ expectation..So let loose a lil bit like me for the past days…:) at least just to avoid the burnout to which will bring more lasting damages rite?

So to those yg sakit-sakit kat ofis (or feel like falling ill), go back and take a good rest k!! don’t push your self too hard cause work will never end isn’t it?

Most often then not, people always say do whatever that you enjoy most to fulfill your personal version of fulfillment. Like it or not, work boils down to earning money (very important), being productive and accomplishing your goals. If those things are too difficult to achieve, then your satisfaction just won’t be there regardless of how much you enjoy the content.

My case, i think my current enjoyment will be a fashion police..ekekkekekek *sigh* but again it boils down to earning a good $$$ and striking a balance of work-personal time..hmmmmm.

oh btw streaming radio is back..yipiieeee!!!
(Summer Love by Justin Timberlake it so so much! Keep me grrovy!!!...It's FRIDAY tomorrow...wohooooo!!)

Wednesday, June 27

'Silent Day' for online broadcasters?

To my surprise…yahoo online radio is on silent mode today..shaitt!

Yahoo Inc will shut down about 200 channels of free Internet music. If you are a frequent listener of such online radio, u will be redirected to another web page of protest and you will hear an announcement urging you to fight the royalty increase instead of a tune by your favorite artist :p

Apparently, a swath of the Internet is set to go silent as online music broadcasters shut down to protest a plan that will sharply increase the royalties they pay to recording companies and musician

So they are pulling their streams now..
:( no more smooth jazz in the office…! Hope it will be up soon tho!
p/s: reason y i prefer yahoo online radio then ipod is because the music is more updated, daily..! erghhhhh

Sunday, June 24

Fast & Furious..

Sepang drift competition 2007
It was the thrills and spills nature of the event that attract most as it demands the maximum use of drivers’ skills and techniques.


Azimsan and his proud supporters!!

Even though only selected few further to the final round, you did such a FANTASTIC job, especially for a novice. BRAVO!
I reckon the pursuance for drift will set to go! Go Azim...:)


The driver and the mechanic himself

And set to go..

i was nervous more than anyone now..isk isk

but gained my confidence after a fantastic 1st round! GOOD JOB!

oh and of cos in between..:p

Misyal & Dayang


Me & Abe: Very tiring and kaput..saving my enegry for MNG sales immediately after!

Friday, June 22

2 ladies and 3 guys at the Kopitiam

............ and the story goes like this:

Mr.ANM: ppls always say that i will marry twice based on my palm reading...
R & E: Ooooo interesting..we love palm reading especially the love what do our lines mean? hehheheh... cepat cepat can't wait to hear 'em

Mr.ANM: ooohhh Noooo u ladies gonna have the same faith like me...hahhah 2X marraiges..

R & E: ooooooooiiii u gotta be kidding us huh? cuba tgk again..carefully....!!! no way (we both get a bit emotional and tensed by his statement..)

R & E: hahhaha its okie syami...u can talk to our hand instead...muahhahahahahahhahaha!!!
and to we both ladies..stop believing in all those crap k....believe in ur self..thats the key! hahha

anyway..after hours of giggling..penat laa....pheww!

We had fun...


Thursday, June 21

I don't have any fever today
I don’t have my asthma today
I don’t have my migraine today (not even a slight symptom of all above)
I feel perfectly fine and cergas indeed.. But I am on MC…hahahhhaha just don’t feel like going to work today. So here I am …agitatedly at home trying to figure out what to do..
Keje salah tak keje pun salah…(Keep quiet reny and stop complaining:p)
Finally here is my little project for my slow and brain-dead day. Compiling my favorite all time photos of my 'closed sayang-ones':

The niece (& sis in law)

The gurlfrens..

The cousins..

Of cause mom, dad, bf and few others (that I always hang out with)… you guys are my all-time favorite without saying :)

Wednesday, June 20

Joyful Tuesday

When (fun-loving Stephy) plus with (Wacky-selamba Steven) = My equation of contentment is complete :D

+ =
Stef + Steven = Hyper Reny !!!

p.s: Miss u babe..that's why am so excited! and u can share my excessive TLC ..XOXO

Tuesday, June 19

My 5 cents worth of advice..

To my dearest friend

People fall in and out of love every minutes and it is just another part and parcel of life. Of cause falling out of love is so painful BUT rest assure it will go away…it is totally fine to grief and moan about it. Like I told u many times, me n your other frens will always be here. So let it out, we hear you and we support you:)

Hmm my stand to your curiosity:
Why it is that one person can feel like there’s a great connection, while the other feels nothing at all?
Probably she is just being lonely and confused in her ‘lost mix-up childish narrow-minded’ world, she is sending signals that you misinterpret (am not taking side but I seriously think that she is so damn freakin narrow minded)

So, if you’re not into her (pls differentiate between like, lust and love ok), make sure you’re not appearing like you are!

Keep flirting to a minimum and end the date with nothing (don’t try to be a sweet smooth talker or so-called play boy by doing anything cliché …pleaseeeeee).

Finally, if you find yourself on the overly arduous end of this equation:
Know that your own feelings could be deceiving you. When you are madly attracted to someone, you will re-interpret everything and will stray from your original focus.

They say love is blind and it’s true—the emotion is so powerful, it is designed to overlook things to the contrary. (oh FYI, my love emotion is soooo powerful rite now...say it cloud 9, cheesy or WATEVER i dont care..u just need to be happy for me ok..hahahha)

p/s: u have better option ahead, so forget about her and walk away now!!! ;) lagi baik u keluar ngn we all yg selalu buli u, at least at the end of the day, u will have an 'ever-lasting fun' and no heart-ache (sakit perut je ade sebab ketawa banyak...hehe)

Monday, June 18

Royal Military College Alumni

so semangat and overly excited at first..

Guess what was I up to last Sunday?
I went for a shooting in conjuction of RMC alumni or the OPP (old putera and present putera)
(gun-shooting FYI, as I promised a friend to pay and go for it)

But I ended up just watching and taking photos. Why? Macam nervous pulak tiba-tiba..hahhaha. I always have the idea of standing and you shoot but apparently you have to lie down against the ground and shoot. Isk leceh la…!! So decided to pass

Don’t worry Mr. Maverick, I had a good time and thank you very much for showing me around the RMC campus area (not that am really interested tho..hahhahahahaha kidding!)

At least I have something different to do over a lazy Sunday isn’t it!!

alamak then i realized it was a bit too tough and brutal ( yes me chicken out and pulled out)

heheheh..yes u go guys!! am not interested already :p

The Rising of The Surfer..

We went to watch Fantastic 4 last Friday and it strived to be fantastic. It is simple, brief, fun and entertaining. Well, I wouldn’t say the impact is super great but at least it is entertaining then Pirates of the Caribbean (FYI, I slept 30 mins after the show, how boringg)
For every successful adaptation in the last five years (Spiderman, X-Men, Batman Begins), there have been at least as many flops (Hulk, Daredevil, Elektra). Fantastic Four is neither of these, though it at least delivers enough to do the genre more credit than harm.

Audiences will tirelessly flock to superhero films that show real and believable characters doing extraordinary things—not cornball crusaders delivering dopey lines and cheesy romantic scenes. Fantastic Four is certainly neither fantastic nor incredible, but it's entertaining and credible nonetheless.

If I were to choose a character that I can be, It would definitely be Johny Storm, I can surround my self with flames, generate them and wallllaaaaa…I can fly!!

Prior to the movie, we managed to secure a nice spot at Laundry for a quick drink and of cos to cuci mata..

WARNING: don’t drink and watch movie. Or u will end up laughing as if u were inhaling a laughing gas..MALU tau!! Or u will be caught doing some silly acts …(Should have taken some candid shot..shaittt) lalalallallala!!!

what with the face syami...too many hot chicks around huh sampai pening? :p

Nik is doing what he does best = mengada that is..heheh jgn marah k!

Again...mengada but kinda cool tho..

Saturday, June 16

It has been an awfully stressful week for me..
I have been driving back and forth every day…
I lost my composure and confidence in what I am doing ….

However, am proud to say that i don’t need to splurge my self in retail therapy or lavish wine and dine…SIMPLICITY and a good laugh are all I need..

· I need more TLC from my loved one (am not complaining on this though but more is always a pleasure)
· I need more time to spend with my mom
· I need more time to spend with my cheekiest niece (the more I see her to more I see myself in her…especially the gedikness..GOSH.. .She started observing me tentatively when I polish my nail now)…

cant never get enuf of u..

· I need more time with my cousins at home (been neglecting them lately..sory babes)

· I JUST need MOREee time to chill…

Monday, June 11

Elsewhere ...

My mind is elsewhere….where? HOME SWEET HOME…Erghhh hate monday!!

It is 1023am now but my mind is still taking it slowww...idle

Friday, June 8

My Bestest GF is gone..:(

My BESTEST girl-friend in COE is starting her new job in one week time..

making full use of my lunch time at the CURVE with Ms. Stephy..;)

Am so sad
Gonna miss the MORNING messages via the messenger
Gonna miss your super-hilarious Bahasa Malaysia
Gonna miss those quick lunch together at Taipan
Gonna miss those quick lunch under the tree for burger king drive thru (it was hilarious and fun laa)
Gonna miss the annoying voice and irritating gestures in the office (heheh I love u stef)
And gonna miss our Friday lunch at the CURVE..:((

Gonna miss all of the above BUT one thing for sure, our friendship will remain stronger as it is and it will never be a farewell for both anyway. Simply because I’ll still be seeing you every week…hahahahhahahahahha!!! Coffee, laundry, shopping, etc etc gonna be the same activities that we both will embrace together ..!!

Lov u & gd time to leave will come..soon..i hope ;)

Sunday, June 3

My Favourite DUO!

My favourite DUO: They've survived the fickle moods of fashion, fame, and even each other. Now, the duo united once more!!

Nicole: She has six oversize glasses in her black vintage chanel and she has handbag in her handbag..such a weirdo and hello kitty cosmetic case…she might be obviously disorganized but she is more together than we’d think

Paris Hilton: She has a party kicking off at a time when other girls turn into pumpkins..she as the whole universe know, doesn’t like anyone else. She is the spoiled trust fund baby!! But think again, call her stupid or bimbo but she is the professional socialite, epic babe, start of TV, pop singer, perfumer….YES, she is the savvy businesswomen. Best part is she has been offered million of dollars just to appear at parties. …..

So call her her whatever that you think and ironically the perception that we have actually has made her even richer and more famous than all of us !!!
Watever it is, i just like them both..silly and cute !

Love their ‘homeless’ signature look…the Boho-Chic girls!!

Best known for playing the role of Michelle Tanner on the sitcom Full House..i bet all of u watched it before..Shortly after the end of Full House, they began heavily merchandising their image and established a company called Dualstar. Their brand has been sold worldwide and because of this; they have been on the Forbes' "The Celebrity 100 list" since 2002.

So impressive, the twins have successfully made a statement in their own industry and be such a successful entrepreneur at a very young age. Something to look up for!