Monday, August 20

One Cent Black Jack!

Anyway, another long overdue entry. In the month of July & August alone, we have 3 guys + 1 girl celebrating their birthday..isk isk that explain why my size-34 pants are getting tight now..DAMN it!! double damnnnnnnn...urghh!

As all of us were extremely hectic during the pre-launch of Persona, we have came out with a brilliant idea of letting our hair down. Instead of normal coffee and lepaking, we decided to pay a visit to ema’s new apartment. So called the pool activity..swimming and makan2. And the girls then will quietly arrange for a surprised birthday cake for those 3 guys (FYI, just for the sake of blowing the candle and have some decent pleasure)

Tetapi malang sekali, only US made it on time. ANM was late so he didn’t swim. Mr. Nik Faris was MIA…sabar je. Only to find out that he was completely tidur mati (Hope it was true tho :p)

Anyway, we still had fun and I am the proud winner of ‘One-cent Black Jack’. The novice Reny actually beat the so-called expert! Ye-ye je u all la kan…or was it just my luck!!

Tak kisahlah janji I menang :P

Again, Happy Birthday Guys….Azim, Syami & Nik!!! and eheemmmm my self :)

ok now me being kepochi...hehe

Separate occasion.Birthday boy was showing his talents.. And me just refrained myself from laughing out loud

Sunday, August 19

Dine on Part 2

We make new friends almost everyday, be it at work or just anywhere! But only a handful of them that we will be able to keep and cherish.

Despite the ever busy schedule, we managed to squeeze some time over the weekends for my overdue birthday dinner! Thanks sweetie.

One thing that is definitely fresh in my memory is how Ms.stefy presented my birthday gift…hahahahhahahah u FUNNY! I seriously could recall the moment vividly….thank god I did give a polite comment on that ‘red clutch bag’! :p Thank u..thank u...!

please xcuse my pale and tired face..was down with flu :( stef was showing her 'darlie white-teeth' as usual..:p

Second session of the nite..since we have too much to talk about....

Meet Mr. Jack.H

I just can’t refrain my excitement; the feeling is so immense that I must write it down..:p

I am so in loveeeeee with Jack.H…yes I do have a GREAT bf and I am so into him as well..But Jack is just too mysterious and super cool that I have been deliberately devoting my weekend without fail to know more…..!!!!!! sgt sgt menarik!!

Hehehhehehe.I am actually talking about a character in my current reading and I am so admiring him…muahahhahaahha that is what I call ‘the power of writing to express one’s utmost feeling’. And the book that I am reading now is definitely one of them!!!

p/s: Thanks emma…mmg best buku u ni!! :P so now I shall spare some time for window shopping pulak..been reading since early morning. Byeee!! Lovely Sunday by the way..

Tuesday, August 14

Cant waitt....

Am still at work and still lots to go…arghhhhh one day to go …!! And the new baby will be born…new proton sedan that is ;) and holidayyyyyyyyy!!!! I hope :p

Sunday, August 5

Dine On..

What? Birthday Diner with my usual bunch!
Where? The Apartment (very nice ambience but foods not that yummy)

Thanks to all my darlings for the diner.
To all my friends, u guys really know me well…too many makan invitations than pressie..
(cause i loveeeeee to eat than anything else..Ms piggy..hahahha)…
Looking forward for another intimate dinner with my other 2 gfs..!

p/s: Very sorry to few others that I constantly FFK u guys!! Thousand apologies.. Datin Reny sibuk sikit lately…will try to make it up:)


thanks guys!! ema...that was a killer pose la..too close n intimate isnt sikit2 je.
(Michelle thanks much for made it eventho it was already late for u..Muah!)

wohooo..a year older means a year wiser ;)