Wednesday, February 27

While am gone..

Helooo…am back but for a short while today.

I am good and life is kicking. Work is overwhelming and kinda bog down with it!
Will update soon..byeeeeeeeeeee :)

Sunday, February 17

Jungle Jerry - recapturing the past!

Having spans more than 10 years and being the King of Mix within the Malaysia’s Club scene, I must say Jungle Jerry's mix is just awesome!
So my attempt today is to google as much about him…interesting! Something different and refreshing than my usual boring net-surfing!

Do u know that I used to dream to be a popular DJ when I was 16..heeheh and to be a student of Playaz,Hartamas..gile terpengaruh dengan muzik too much, but of course is not allowed by my parents..eeeeghhh! I dont mind sending my kids tho..

Recapturing my days at backroom, Zouk and Nuovo back then …those were the days!
Now dah tua sakit-sakit belakang aaaa…so softer music pleaseee..;P

Saturday, February 16

V-Day Lunch

Like I mentioned earlier, nothing special did I do with him for valentines, but probably our visit to see Ema would be considered as our V-day lunch celebration…..hmmm wait.. visiting her at the hospital for minor injury as a celebration??? Nah, but more of kesyukuran for being discharged yesterday, GET WELL SOON soon babe! ingat2 sikit2 sebelum nak melompat2 k..hehe :)

Friday, February 15

Last day: Bandung.

Hmm most said it’s cheap over here but nothing special for me tho. The same stuffs that you can get over here (probably cheaper in KL after 50% reduction during our Mega Sales). But I love the sight of the city: chill, fun and colorful.

Like a small kid, i was so agog with excitement with the bubble balloon in the air..syiok gile!

Being an extrovert, i get lotsa energy from all those crowd and kelam-kabutness of the road situation..hehe..Meriah!

Memang such a camera-whores kan.hehehe ok ok last shots before saying good bye!

Till my next visit soon!

Not forgetting, Happy belated V-day all, normal question to ask..what did u do? actually, nothing :D Just like any other day, spreading my love to all ;) Bye

Wednesday, February 13

I said 'no, no, no'..lalala

Ok, I do think she is a crackhead with such a weird personality and bizarre fashion sense, but still am a big fan of her soulful voice and pleasant-sounding music! Congratulation to Amy Winehouse’w wins at Grammys.

p/s: She spent $1000 a day on drugs according to the tabloid, OMG.

‘They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, "No, no, no"Yes, I've been black but when I come back you'll know, know, know I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine He's tried to make me go to rehab, I won’t go, go, go’ Rehab song from Back to Black Album

Rehab definitely is the answer..

Monday, February 11

Thursday & Friday

Jakarta is dubbed as the Big Durian by foreigners, probably for its shock at first sight (and smell) caused by the overly congested city, chaotic traffic congestion, pollution and social-income disparity.

With population of 10 millions people packed into a vast urban sprawl, together with sharp increase of car users, has made the city’s traffic in perpetual gridlock. Mancit is such a common sight (but I guess we are so used to it here anyway) but one thing that I hate most is the indiscplined and reckless drivers. Macam stunt hero bawak kereta, gile! Oh and the awful road condition. It has caused me a bad backache, worse then riding in a drift car with Boyfie.

Permisi Pak..Morning faces, ready to go!

I won’t talk much on its metropolis swanky malls (Plaza Senayan & Plaza Indonesia & etc) with designer boutiques, pretty much the same here or in any other major cities. What interests me more is the incredible disparity between the wealth of Indonesia’s elite and the poverty of the urban poor, very upsetting! Especially those children street-beggars in muddy lanes. I guess the rapid population growth has outgrown the government’s ability to provide basic necessity and sufficient infrastructure.

Senayan + Plaza Indonesia
malls+shopping :) what else is new??..that is what we women do best :P..and it will never end (thats the reason why i rarely blog about my shopping cause it will never end...its becoming a routine)

Having said that, my mata tetap berjaya dibersihkan..ahhahahahhahahahahhahah…too many pretty ladies and hot handsome hunks…isk isk isk…*sigh* ( That doesn’t include those beautiful peoples at popular night spot i.e Dragonfly, CJ @ Hotel Mulia, Kemang Area ). *sob sob* We have to forego our plan to those clubs due to our overly hectic schedule. By 11ish, all knocked out tired.

mommy, the wedding planner!

Not forgetting of course, the diversity of Indonesia vibrant culture. Love it!

At least they earn the money that they asked for....walaupun suara tak sedap la kan!!!!heheheh but if i were to do that, it will bring heavy downpour and thunderstorm..hahhahahahhahahha :P

Next, Saturday & Sunday departure...

Am Back

Am back!
I was out of town to Jakarta for 4 days since Wednesday night. I was of course excited since my very last visit to Jakarta was yonks ago. But the anxiety and ketakutan is wayyyy overwhelming, 4 days 3 nites with him & family..?!!! Woooowieeeee the thought of being 247 with them made me wanna pee in my pants..kecut gile!

Yayyy at first but due to heavy rain & severe turbulance, our landing experince was the worse ever!!!! Will blog about it separately..Gila too much too tell that i dont how to start..hehe!

Fortunately, the trip was wonderful and its good that i discovered the true colors of him (tsk tsk tsk dont worry, it was something sweet & cute)

This trip was never in my plan (suppose to be this April with my family), but i was requested to be part of boyfie’s entourage in exploring and buying stuffs for our Big day (yes I am getting hitched InsyaAllah). Our daily schedule was all planned and organized smoothly by the event planner.
To all that are preparing for you big day, u might ask: Do you really need to fly all the way to Jakarta to get your stuff? Well, it really depends on the size of your wedding and how are you gonna do it? If your purchase is gonna be big, then Jakarta is the place. Personally for me, 2 items that are worth exploring here are:

Invitation card:
Nice hard cover card will only cost you around RM1.80 – RM2.50 vs RM8.00-RM10.00 in KL. So do your math and weigh your option. If card is not really in your top priority list, then just do it here in KL.

Dicky shop at Tebet (Ramayana Plaza), good nego skills is a must!!

Oh, they can also custom-made a mini Yassin or paper bag to your preference in such a reasonable price.
But, ensure to prepare a draft of your desired design beforehand; know your concept including colors, placement of wordings and fonts beforehand. This way, it will minimize the time required for card designing, proofread and finalizing. Trust me, it will take you days to just finalize the artwork. Tedious gileeeeee *sigh*

Suggestion of place: Pasar Tebet (Ramayana Plaza), Jakarta (Do make it clear to the cab driver of your destination or u will be lost in chaotic Indonesia unorganozied road system). The place is a lil bit dodgy (imagine Pertama Complex KL) but for the sake of the reasonable price, it is worth checking!

Textile/Kain ela:

The entrance Pasar Mayestic, nothing fancy about the area but lots of option for laces/kain ela

For inexpensive and beautiful laces (choices are as much as Dubai), try Pasar Mayestic, Jakarta. Again, know what you want to avoid spending too much time and to avoid unnecessary fickleness that can stress you out.


My color concept went shaky after 30 minutes in the shop, from initial lilac to pale pink to bronze and peach and....llalalallalalal. Too many selection so mata pun jadi rambang.

I guess planning for your Big day definitely a one BIG task. Like any other event planning, it requires ample time for proper planning and smooth execution. Selection of those 2 items mentioned is just a tiny part of the whole task..erghhhhh pening pening. So, yeah always plan it early..:)

Oh, do check out Blok M, lantai 3 (or 5th floor i cant remember) for selection of good Indonesia Batik.

Sunday, February 3

Gong Xi Fa Cai

It is almost time for all Chinese to be geared up for the Lunar New Year, am taking this opportunity to wish all my dear Chinese friends a very happy new year with great prosperity and lots of luck in the year of rat.

My 4 wishes to all
新年快乐!xīn nián kuài lè Happy New Year!
过年好! ɡuò nián hǎo Happy New Year!
恭喜发财!ɡōnɡ xǐ fā cái I wish You Great Prosperity!
鼠年吉祥! shǔ nián jí xiáng Good Luck in the Year of the Rat!

Brakie with dearest Steph & Clayton before CNY week

Friday, February 1

FRIDAY the 1st

Another week has gone by, productively. And now its time to chill a lil bit :D

Happy Friday people..
And to those working in W.P, enjoy your day
Till Then.....;)