Wednesday, August 27

Red alert

Ok this one shall get me started

I might be a bit outdated in discovering this (for any shopaholic's standard), but this is something that i will jot down in BOLD in my to-do list

It is Zouk's Flea 'n Easy at Jiak Kim Street, Singapore

Read more at this latest fashion chic page ;)

Tuesday, August 26

This shall be my cover page for now :)
Still havent gotten the momentum to write.....
Life is gooddd....

Monday, August 25


Ok am back again..after brief resting after the long hectic weeks…I will be back as usual on my normal rambling soon !

Friday, August 22

Am still in cloud 9....:)

and am still touched everytime i play this....

I couldnt ask for more....

Blessed with a caring partner with such a loving and fun and crazy family...

Oh and of course..a cute and sweet adik!


Wednesday, August 20


The sweet presentation that swept me off my feet completely ...
p/s: For better impact, turn on the speaker and enjoy the beautiful music that goes with it

Tuesday, August 19


Alhamdullilah all receptions went smoothly and ended on last Sunday, 17 August 2008.

Azim’s reception on the 16 August especially, was a night to remember for the rest of my life. A sweet and touching sisterly presentation by Ira (Azim’s Sis) that really touched my heart and made tears rolling down my cheeks! In fact, I was told many others cried due to her super sweet dedication to the beloved brother! We love u much! (p/s: will upload the video later soon)

On a different note, I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to every one that have made their ways to our reception(s), also to those unofficial photographer with beautiful and meaningful shots and all the wishes.

Here goes some of my fav. pick (and still uploading):

Both courtesy of Azlan O. Lovely. Thanks!

By Michelle

I wonder what she was talking about ?? Cuteeee

All by Michelle Ho

Lastly, three quotes of advice from F.I.L in his speech of presentation:

1. Marriage is an institution in which a man loses his bachelor’s degree and the woman gets her master’s
2. The most effective way to remember your wife birthday is to forget it once.
3. A son asks his dad
“Is it true that in China you only know your wife once you marry her?”
He replied
“It happens everywhere son”

-A hilarious end to a splendid night!-

I am embracing wifehood with grace and finesse. & am happy!

Unfortunately, am back to work already :(

Thursday, August 14

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyylooooooo …….good to be back here :D

But I guess its about time to change the ‘Miss’ title..teeheeee

Alhamdullilah, I am now officially the ‘Mrs Azim’…

But i have been insisted friends to remain the ‘Cik’ in my naming convention.

So, u may now call me ‘Cik Puan Reny’..muahahhahahahhaha!!!!

Anyway, I am now busy preparing for next round of reception on the 16 & 17 August 2008.

I will be back!!


Tuesday, August 5

Told you month of August is indeed a celebration and busy month. From Thursday to Sunday last week, almost everyday was filled up with interesting event.

Each day is a day to remember

PROTON Technology Day

Initially, i was exempted from duty on the 2 August 08, knowing that I will be busy for other preparation. Tiba2 kena keje la pulak. Oh well, never mind I had a good time anyway (only few hours work aje pun)! It’s all about who you’re working with rite? Again, thanks to everyone that was on duty earlier but still made your way to 789. [esp Gary :)]

Night before, dinner with SAIPA delegation.

It felt really exciting and refreshing to watch those traditional dance.
Not something that we can watch often, colorful and so meriah that it attracted me to go up the stage…MUAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

Next, biggest wedding in the family for this year after Azim’s.
Joey & Elizabeth at Bora Asmara

preparation & rehearsal during the day

& finally the BIG day later at night.

All getting ready for the bride & groom. Bakal pengantin lelaki also on duty..heheh:P

here come the Pengantin...

and the majlis began

and of course tha happy faces :)

It was such a lovely wedding in such a romantic setting..

CONGRATULATIONS...Happy happy wishes to both of them..AMIN

Monday, August 4

AWESTRUCK ...i am still overwhelmed after 2 days!

Popular saying ‘expect the unexpected for an excitement in life’. For me personally, I always hate surprises, even the good ones! I just wouldn’t know how to react upon the time of receiving them….my face will definitely blush like roasted prawn! Maluuuu ok!

LOOK AT expression....OMG..i was indeed very suprised and loveeee that cake SO Much!!!! Cause its so me :)


even the organizer Brianne was caught by suprise..HAHAHHA..gotcha! A suprise cupcakes for her belated birthday! Good Job la guysss...Muaahahhahahahha

In normal cases, when I started to smell something fishy, I will avoid to be surprised all all means!

But this time around, it was so bloooooooooooooooodyyyyyyyyyyyyyy smooth and seamless and perfect (until the very final day...ahemmmmm aheemmmmm)!

Whatever it is, i was totally awed by the whole arrangment.

From lovely invitation card, cute small gifts for everyone and of course the AWESOME birthday cake. Very personalized and touching...huhuhuhu

Even the invitation flyer is in PINK..told you it was so personal and close to my heart :)

Lady behind the scene-event organizer Brianne! Good job and so the profesional one i must say. Thankss babe.

Every one got a bookmark with my picture in it.....hehhehe with a personalized small sticker attached to it..CUTE gile!!! All

Love u guys....and thank you so so so much for the time and effort and everything!


The lively pictures here show how overwhelmed and excited i was (and am sure everyone too), really. And am still recovering ….:D

Still got tons of picture to be uploaded soon..he he he...TBC