Wednesday, July 30

Bargain Hunter !!!

This is something to shout about today:

Start Time:
Friday, August 1, 2008 at 11:00am
End Time:
Sunday, August 3, 2008 at 8:00pm
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thx to FB !

Monday, July 28

One after another..

SoooOoo..... I guess I have been sending a mix signal through my previous blog entry :)

Don’t jump the gun too fast yet..hehehe rest assure everything is in a good situation. What I wrote earlier was merely a reflection of my nervousness, I am sure everyone has gone though the panic attack state and u just feel like breaking down..

But after little silent moment with myself and few bonding sessions with the family….i have regained my composure and NOW, the ‘refurbishment’ period is over and I am back to a better state, more chirpy and enthusiastic as ever :)

Thanks to all sessions that rejuvenate me..

First, birthday lunch in advance by Mr. See. Thank You so much, you’ve always been a thoughtful friend u knoww....

It was my 3rd meal in a row at Friendster CafĂ©, ordering the same ol’ dish Trio Pasta..Gila Sedap!

Then, birthday celebration in advance for July/August babies in the office.
Hehehhe, I managed to skip the birthday speech (Not that i intentionally plan to avoid it fyi)

Btw, thumbs up for Ms. Pee, u can be ISSD's photographer already laa..Good job!

Another birthday celebration for the uncle with in-laws (to-be) & the whole clan at Tupai-Tupai. It was our 2nd steam boat in a row for a day….again for the repetition:P


August has always been a busy month for me, no exception for 2008. I reckon its gonna be an eventful week this week, next and the following week after…sheeshhh pretty much a month plan!

I must echo Michelle's FB status for today:

Michelle Ho is overwhelmed - with celebrations! A wunderfool August comin' up! 48s ago

Yes...August is a wonderfuulll month,uuu laaa laaa !! next will be October and December..hehe

To all July and August babies especially the GREAT LEOians (ahemmmmm)

Happy happy birthday all!! We share the same great monthh !

Friday, July 25

Finally i am feeling it..

Photography by Anna Kuperberg - see more at

For the past few days, I have been receiving lots of questions from a bunch of excited ppls, ‘are u excited?’, ‘so how does it feel for the B day?’, ‘do u feel the jitters’?’, ‘have u had the cold feet?’…...

I am sure beloved friends are all excited as well that they bombard me with all those questions..Every piece of advice and every question asked are really much appreciated, I do feel grateful really,but unfortunately, I could not stop stressing myself every time I get them :(

I am new in this..

I am about to enter the biggest chapter in my life and am nervous. You see, I love to take baby steps in everything that I do without thinking too far ahead, one at a time and enjoying every present moment that I have. So, when bombarded with too many ‘what if’, my judgment and feeling are clouded with mix emotions and I really hate every time my heart twitches even with slightest doubt.

So here I am today, finally feeling the JITTERS and COLD FEET …shesshhhh unpleasant feelings that I wish can be disappeared NOW!! I know it is perfectly normal to have a case of ‘nerves’ and that, my anxiety will have a temporary minor chilling effect on the relationship….
I reminded my self to act cool, maintain my composure and not overjudge on petty things!

Truth to be told, I was pretty frazzled that I couldn’t spare some space and time to digest the jitters and mix feelings that I have earlie. Time flies so fast that I feel everything is being fast forwarded. SO I guess, it is about time to pause a lil’ while for in-depth self-reflection.

I arranged more coffee sessions than usual to have a solid & long conversation with the closed ones off late. Its a good feeling to be in touch with your close buddies. They know you long enough that every unspoken and hidden feeling can be traced right away :)

Some even know all your past history that they can read you like A, B, C. Every critical comment being spilled right infront of my face, like a big slap to waken me up..Ouch it can be hurtful to hear the truth but don’t we all need some reminder in life especially when you are straying away from your focus ;)

PAUSE… waittttt

I reckon this entry gonna be slightly longer than usual…so don’t yawn yet.. :)

In retrospective, what have I done so far in the attempt to overcome the unwanted and unpleasant thoughts?

- I (We) tried to recognize all doubts for what they are, spill it out and have a good long talk. And be transparent.

I have learnt that communication is the key. Since it is not the time for guessing games, we have spilled them all, blatantly and truthfully. At this point of jittery, I found habits that used to be ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’ during courtship can escalate to the level of ‘annoying’, simply because we are getting a little anxious and stress..But Alhamdullilah we managed to walk it through and chill. Plus, one (in a sober mind) wouldn’t have said ‘yes’ to the million dollar question if he/she wasn’t the one kan?

And points to remember (to me especially), unspoken anxiety is a dangerous breeding ground for petty arguments and dissatisfactory. These further can lead to relationship downers before you know it. By welcoming opportunity to talk (or even argue..he3), hopefully it will further strengthen the bond!

Take a moment to reflect on your love for one another.
When things get too overwhelmed especially in the past 2 weeks, i slipped away for a quick pep talk by myself, or with one (or 10 if u like it) of your most trusted friend to think about the reasons that you are getting all fancied up and taking that trip to the altar: because you're about to marry the your love to him/her.

I like to remind myself, or have somebody else remind me especially when i am a little frazzled, of some of the things that make him so special.

For me, listening to some good love songs does help too, in reminding me of the good feelings :)For now, I love TOMPI selalu dengan Mu and XXX Ajmain (whatever his name and title but it’s a good tune for sure)

On top of that, looking at my favourite old photos also remind me of the initial shy shy love feelings that i have on him..hehehhehehehe rama rama dalam perut they said :P

One of those that i like most. The reflection of energy, youthful enthusiasm and freedom in this photo make me feel at ease, smile and it reminds me of the initial courtship..i always feel young at heart and love muda mudi lifestyle u see :P...and will then grow old gracefully....MUAHAHAHAH

Talk to the young couples for their secret of their success
This help too

But rest assured,

cold feet is totally natural and not abnormal AS LONG as it doesn’t prolog for more than 2 months. If you ever feel that in a prolonged period, then its time to call it off…like NOW..eheheheh and be a runaway brides! :P Better now than later kan??

p/s: Who said getting married is easy? ( I guess I was wrong and being in denial on how easy it will be, the emotional readiness I meant ) Especially when most of your closed friends are male and are so nice to u?!!??

I have also learnt yesterday from Mr. H that perfection will never exist but perfection in your eyes can always be achieved as long u manage to adapt to your partner, and thus accepting him/her in whatever ways even the ugliest one! Searching for perfection or better one will never end, as temptations will always pop out along the way, its either u let yourself be dwelled in a mess that u couldnot predict OR don’t ever let it start in the first place.

Anyway, thank so much Mr. H if you are reading this. You did make me think and realize even though it was hard to swallow your blunt comments at first!

May the force be with me yo! :p

Oh, inorder to curb my cold feet, i reiterate this:

plssssssssssss no hens night wat so ever for me, pleaseeieee i dont want to have last minute cold feet..NO no and no. Fine dinner is good to go tho :)

Wednesday, July 23

Tuesday, July 22


He just has that sexy and romantic husky voice....and it makes me fallin in love every time I listen to him *Sigh*. His music is simply soothing for the ears and creates that lovey-dovey mood….Just like John Lagend! Am loving it :)
am listening to 'Selalu Dengan Mu from 'Playful' Album now...besttt jee

Talking about L.O.V.E

I am so loving this now....
Being a smart-phone with whatever canggih features, which I don’t really care so much and don’t really bother to check what it has to offer! You might say ‘hell, why do I need it for then kan??’ Hehehe simple, I just love the design and how I look with it, simply put, phone has becoming part of personal fashion accessory *wink*.

And that reminds me of a conversation between me, a friend and my bos.

Me: ‘I love your blackberry pearl, looks good’
Bos: ‘But the push email service is expensive you know, plus am sure u don’t need it so much’
Me: ‘Yeah, I know but I’m not gonna need that service, I just want the phone. It looks stylish and powerful and sophisticated..MUAHAHAHHA ’
Bos and Friend: Laughing out loud ‘You are being so vain girl’
Me: ‘Hmmmmm probably I am..watever’

Just another impulsive desire that is, I shall do some extensive research on this..
Blackberry 880 vs 3G iPhone’ which fyi I don’t really need it for now :p Aduhhhh but i am liking it a lot...

Sunday, July 20

First thing first, i managed to catch up with the VVIP (yes its Ms. Stephanie) immediately before i got scolded by her..HEHEHE
It was a coffee marathon for me, filling all 3 in one day at one venue :) sheeshhh i am not double dating or something like that but just managing my time smartly. Hahahahaha!

Happy working tomorrow all and beat that Monday Blues in advance...

uuuu aaaa ermmmmmm wonder what we talked about?!! Politics? No way.. Boy friend? May be :P How to make more money for blood sucking expenses in the city? Yess probably it :p

Oooo she's wedding talks again :)


Yes, she is one of my local favourite actress but no.....! i am not here to talk about any of her gossip but i LOVE her baju kurung so much :P So sweettt, so this shall be my pick of today!

Talking about that, Zara silk shirts were aplenty in Jakarta, on 50% sales..Gila! Just the right time for me eh? *wink*

Beep Beep

Reality sux and I am back now..back to all the Do-s that require urgent attention ....yikes!

Anyway, nothing could beat the feeling of being home *sweet home*. But, I did manage to extend my stay for 2 days and be back just on time for Saturday lunch at home :)

So, this gonna be my last entry on Jakarta (before I get bored myself)
I made full use of my days to bits to catch up with friends and explore the city further...

With Mr. Cool Bos and our friends

Loewe, Jakarta City
We had western cuisine and it was really tasteful with big fat portion. Price was reallllyyy reasonable for 5 pax, at only Rp.800,000 or RM270.00. I would say it has the similar ambience and yuppie crowds of Bodega Bangsar Village and Alexis Great Eastern Mall.

Of all clubs that we managed to check out, CJs, blowfish and FX, I must say DragonFly is the BEST! Adults and upper class crowds but a stricter rule in dress code.

And finally, our impending dinner with Intan and Ayus! Being postponed many many times and we finally made it. Lovely couple, modest conversation and such a down to earth duo despite having glam and glamorous lifestyle!

And yes i am still missing everyone and definitely will be back for whatever reason, probably sooner than u expect..HEHEHEHE :)

Now, its about catching up with friends here..Of course i miss u all ..HEHEHE :P

Wednesday, July 16

Dont feel like going home

My work here is almost approaching the end :(

Dont feel like going home yet ..Put aside work, everything has been great, warm and friendly here!

Dont wanna go home!

Tuesday, July 15

On the side - night activities

As the title goes, our nite activities so far have been very happening and hectic as well ;) from 11ish to 2am almost every other day! that’s the best part actually..heheheh! siang and malam sama je busy :P

morning walk before working shift started

From clubs to malls and food hunting, it has been fantastic! The girls here definitely are pretty and stylish (i'm straight by the way, not bi either :P). I just love the city, my 4th times here and still never feel bored, especially with bunch of counterparts that share the similar wavelength.

tired but still need to get some dose of music..:P

Along the way, I have made new good friends as well..especially Artha and Pak Pris! It will be my pleasure to bring them around the next time they are down in KL

No more pavillion tepanyaki express, this is like THE BEST ever, so far :) 24 hours of Sushi and Dim Sum at Kemang

Supper at 245am..tsk tsk all diet plan can go down the drain..hehe

Kemang: Located in south Jakarta and it is the upscale residential area. Lovely! Lotsa nightlife clubs, bars, lounge and dining venue. Similar to Bangsar and Hartamas in Msia. Lotsa expat and the differentiation is the design of its buildings. Even KFC and MCd have a very different design - chic and stylish!

Ok..this one is really my kind of place..cozy ambience, loud chill music, pretty crowds, facing the beach...gile best!!!

Segarra at Dunia Fantasy, Ancol (name is a bit corny eh?) but superb ambience

Hi from me ..

my being bubbly as usual, tak kire masa

So…it is my 5th days here so far. Definitely for sure, it has been the best learning ground for me since joining the new department. At least, I gotta acquire in depth understanding of the operational issues for any product launch at other countries. Before, it was just listening input from everywhere but never a truly hands-on experience. So, it has been great so far!

Being a novice in implementation of major motor show, I don’t exactly know what to expect when I first step my foot at the exhibition hall. All I know it has been a chaotic situation prior to the event. The moment when I stepped in, the feeling of pride and excitement immediately rushed in and I do feel very proud. Looking at everyone working sooo hard, regardless position and nationality, as one team towards the same goal. I am proud *sigh* seriously!

getting ready to work with the 2 bodyguards :) HEHEHE they are kind enough to visit me even only for 2 days

Visiting sales outlets all over Jakarta exposed me to a different spectrum of learning. It will be never easy to penetrate an outside market, especially bounded by many uncontrollable variables. It easier said then done. That’s what I thought too about a product launch in our distributor/subsidiary.


showrooms and outdoor sales activity

Even though many things are out of our control and jurisdiction, but as long as we are part of the whole system, I am feeling their concern and willing to be the punching bag! But it is great to know that they are all excited and enthusiastic too in bringing the product/brand to a better level! They are here to stay and strive….that’s the good news :)

p/s: Our nite schdule is as busy as the day schedule too..To be continued esp places to eat and hang out!

Monday, July 14


HELO WORLD..heheh i am back

getting connected to my usual realm now in my hotel room :) be back with more storiess (and harus la pictures :P)

Tuesday, July 8

I’m swamped with all sort of things at the back soon ;)

Sunday, July 6

Teppanykai Express

I must say the best teppanyaki that I ever had so far is at Teppanyaki Express @ Pavillion Food Republic. It might not be as authentic as it has been localized to Malaysian flavor, but it is so deliciously prepared. So sedap really! And I like it especially when it is served hot and maintain sizzling warm on the aluminum foils!

We had mixed teppanyaki : Combination of sirloin steak, squid, salmon and mixed vegi. A must must try if ur a Japanese food lover!

p/s: My perut is singing now to the rhythm of my posting….shaittt!

Friday, July 4

Mid-Year Holiday Mood

After reading a friend’s entry on this, I am so dying to escape from the hustle bustle of the city (ceh!!). Infact few friends that I talk to are in the same boat as mine. Mid-year holiday mood i call it :)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be away at the moment :(But am still checking around tho and found information on Sekeping Serendah. I really think it’s a fine option. Something different and relaxing.

Check these ubberley cool and yaaayyyy we go green here :)

“Sekeping Serendah is a private retreat attempting to tread lightly on the land. The very transparent and open sheds celebrate the beauty of the natural environment surrounding them. The sheds are intentionally kept basic and free from lavishness. They are seen more as ‘glorified tents’ to provide basic shelter for its inhabitants as they commune with the land”

Check out their website at for more information . Definitely affordable and easy! But words have that u might need to wait as the waiting list is looongg!

Thursday, July 3


I woke up as usual this morning, contemplating to wear either my red casual blouse or baju kurung to work. So made up my mind and picked the red blouse.
Striding with joy and excitement to work (indicator 1)

In the office, as usual had my breakfast and coffee at the garden. Bumped into a colleague and

he said ‘nice red blouse, u look casual’
Me: ‘Yeaaahhhhh cause its casual day today..syoknyyeeee’, in my chirpy tone (indicator 2)
He: ‘errmmm’ smile and looked a bit confused
Me: he is so blur, i quietly said to myself :P

Then inside a car with my friend:
Me: syokkknye I can rest tomorrow and just chill
She: ye la, I need a break as well
Me: So, lets go to Ayam Golek at Jalan Pantai for lunch today
She: Huh???
Me: We have like 2 and half hours ??? plus dah janji with the girls kan
She: hellllllooooooooooooo we promised the girls to have Ayam Golek during Friday lunch tomorrow..kalau ye pun sabar lerrrr
Me: Huh? Memang la Friday today....apaa daaaa!!!
She: Wei its Thursday laaa
Me: Ya Allah, Friday la
She: eh ye ke???? hmmmmm tak perasan pulak

Then we both paused and checked our phone calendar

Me: OMGggg………betul la…its only Thursday today?????????
US: HAHAHAHAHAHAH......we giggled and laughed and couldnt stop laughing
She:isk isk isk isk isk isk terukkkkkkkkkkkknyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

US: How silly and funny !!!

OMG I have been fooled by my own self. I was living on Friday mode since 615am today till almost 1245pm. Can u believe how nyanyuk am i ???? No wonder my office mate was a bit puzzled when bumped into me with my casual Friday attire. I normally wear my uniform everyday except for Friday FYI.

Best part, I had my red casual blouse and baju kurung ironed since last night, thinking it is Friday today….*sigh* macam nenek tua betul

I am really in needs of quick break away …getting bog down with wedding preparation that it makes me so lost and blur……

p/s: Indicator 1 & 2 to show how happy I was, thinking Friday is finally here..erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..!

Wednesday, July 2

Here is a topic that is related to anyone and everyone.. it’s just a matter of how you approach and tackle it. Be it retail or food, it has to be flushed out from our system. For me, chillin in a place with beautiful crowd to look at (Cuci mata la), good music with scrumptious desert is what I call heaven :)

For some, they claim ‘women’ as the best stress releaser ..ermmm not too sure about that tho. For Mr. See, he decided to belanja us Ice Cream to distress himself and us. Not too sure what got into him but wishing u well dude!

When we are overly burdened with insurmountable amounts of pressure, here are some simple steps to take:

1.Do not over-scheduling: Only commit to activities that are of interest and most important to you.
2. Do avoid perfectionism: Be realistic, accept and realize that nobody is perfect, so don't expect you or others to be perfect
3. Be Resilient. Try to go with the flow , remain calm and cool under pressure you are better able to handle problems as they arise, because you maintain clearer focus. But building your resilience takes practice and patience
4. Welcome any changes and allow it to be part of your normal life
5. As each problem or roadblock arises, take the time to be pro-active in solving the dilemma in a peaceful manner
6. Surround yourself with strong, loving, positive-thinking, supportive friends and family
7. Enjoy yourself, have fun, relax, remain humble and always show gratitude ( I like this one MOST)
8. Do not allow stress to control or dominate you; instead make the effort to learn how to control and tame it.
9. If still doesn’t work, screw it and 'smoke'. Muahahahaahahaha. Just hinting on that particular friend :P