Monday, September 29

Best of both world

If it is true that Lindsay Price used to date or still dating Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl..then its awesome! Both my favorite hero and heroin as an item..Great!

So i'm done.

Just finish watching all episode of Lipstick Jungle; marathon that took me half of the day to finish them all :)

Nikmat bercuti..HE HE HE

To others that have started their long break too, Enjoy!

Friday, September 26


When you are living in a geekdom with handful of geeks that have strong obsession of gadget…you will be at a state of confusion!

I am still trying to understand the pleasure associated with gadget obsession.
Still slowly grasping the reasoning and trying to simulate the same feeling when we, woman bought a pair of shoes or handbag.

I understand, its just like a retail therapy to them but still…YAWN *&*!!@(

The highlight of the situation is when we have 3 working laptops, 1 Macbook, PSP(s), iPOD Video, a few digital cameras and 1 webcam with cables and wires all over the place at one time. Multiple applications running between one machine to another.
Sungguh terasa di alam GEEK !
Thats at home.
In the office, there is one dude that is so obsessed with our new photocopy machine. OMG, could it be more interesting that this?
All functions are tested through …..for me, PRINT and FAX are all I care! Enuff.

Another friend and Azim in this case too, are so obsessed with their GPS that even for a routine direction from house to work, the GPS must be on and being referred. Erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
BUT, i love them all much!!

Thursday, September 25

I am feeling the 'ceria' festive mood in the office already ..BESTNYE!!

Ramadahan almost reaching the end, so lets take this very last opportunity for terawih and enjoying the break fast spread before the end!

Lets makan :)

Wednesday, September 24

Getting togehther in a cyberworld

With the advent of various online social networking applications especially Facebook, gathering old friends couldn’t be this easy!!

Every time an unfamiliar name pop-up for a new friend request, I got pretty excited and thrilled.

Reason being, i have been meeting tons of primary and secondary friends via Facebook. After years of not hearing and meeting them, it was so excited to catch up. Better still, it is good and proud to hear that most of your friends are doing so bloody well in their life!

Who could ever imagine a small sloppy dude last time is now a successful deputy secretary for Malaysian Ambassador abroad, or a slacker at school who just know how to boast around is now a successful networking expert with 5 figures salary……at my age..GOSHH!!!

I AM PROUD of them all.

Some pretty and popular faces at school have turned to a motherly figure, some remain their prettiness and some have been aging gracefully.

Looking back, how a person can really change for a better or worse!


p/s: I know it is not easy to keep your time when are you already married, but rest assured I wouldn’t use that a lame reason for not spending time with my girl friend. It’s just about finding the right time babe! And as I promise, I will be a better girl friend & vice versa. Muah!

Tuesday, September 23

Talking about wedding gift, this was the latest in the edition that I've just received today from a boss..A month after our reception!

Put aside the gift or brand, it was the sentimental message & effort that really touch my heart! Am touched really. It was really sweet!!

Dear Reny

Belated wedding gift
First it’s for you & husband’s photos
Replace them with your kids (at least two)

I was thinking to how to surprise you but in the end I decided on something classic. Small memories to be carried in your purse, anywhere you go. Photos and memories. Do you know what I keep in my vault at the Bank Of Tokyo, HQ? Film negatives. Once gone, gone forever. Memories are forever to keep!



Earlier was a big fat ang pau from my current boss with a GOOD message too

In his serious voice

‘This is for you to keep for your future kids & not for your another handbag OK’ ....

For those words to come out from a carefree person like him, I was impressed and proud! It did come to my realization that we did develop a better and trustworthy bonding in the workplace throughout the year!

Again, am grateful


So, this year suppose to be special as I will be celebrating it with the husband and in-laws..Bajuu boria kot??? No! wait..may be for the first day of Raya only..hehehe

However, being the urban couple with both families originating and residing in Kuala Lumpur & PJ, I would still have no Kampung to go back to. With in-laws being away to Melbourne few days before Syawal, i would have to be the domestic goddess in helping to clean and preparing the house in advance.

2 major relocation projects so far:
1. Relocating all used wedding decorations for aunt’s new bridal house (Very interesting and will spread the words on this later once it is ready for operation by next month)

Call it outdated or Lohan's legging syndrome, but i am most confortable in legging for free & easy Sunday :)

2. Relocating wedding presents that occupied ¾ space of the room to my mom’s house. One month has passing by and the room is still fully occupied, and present coming

Look at that…geeshhh but am very grateful for what we get! Saving our money on stock of bed-sheets, cutlery sets, bohemian crystals & electrical appliances, etc.

So, am sure all Muslim are all as excited as I am now, less than a week to go…
Yeppiee for a celebration

Sunday, September 21

Ups & Downs of Life

Of course life will always be a roller-coaster ride, bumpy roads along the way that would strengthen a relationship or sometimes, being an eye-opener for a brighter option ahead!

Lately, I’ve been a shoulder to cry on, for few of my dearly closed ones on their failing relationship / marriage. I know its always easier said than done, but trust me, I do understand and sharing the pain deep inside me. I would easily cry together with the heart-wrenching situation, but I am just pretending to be as strong as what I wish you to do.

For now, I am out of words. A silent prayer would be my greatest support and remember, I will always be here for you!



Unfortunately, the much anticipated Valiram sales was such a disappointment. So, went home with only few purchases, no deep hole in my pocket ;)

With that, I would be able to spare more for our Singapore trip soon!

See..Only One plastic bag home with me..Bagus!

Saturday, September 20

Chronicle of events that lead to my fever & flu attack

I would either be on my lala- land dreaming by now or if not Ramadhan, I would probably be out somewhere enjoying my Friday nite life.

But now at almost 2am at home, my eyes are still wide open and I couldn’t even force my tired & aching body to rest! Shit. Been tossing and turning left and right but still am failing. Never have I suffered from any sleeping disorder before, I could even sleep at my sitting position u know…hahhahahahah lazy bump as my brother used to call me…whatever :P

I guess it is the side effects of the sober-up pill ‘Clarinase’ that I took for my flu and allergy reaction. Have been down with flu and fever, on and off since the past 2 days..ewww!!! Even the regular intake of 1000mg BioC doesn’t shield me from another viral attack!!!

Tak Suka..

I reckoned that the impromptu and stretched meeting schedule in Jakarta before has caused the deterioration of my immune system.

On the first day, it was like a 12 hours MME endurance race. Started the day at 6am for
departure, arrived and went straight for a meeting that lasted till almost 5:00pm, headed straight for breaking fast, endured a massive traffic jam as usual in Jakarta…pheww and finally reached the place just on time for berbuka at 6pm local time.


We had a ramadhan buffet at this particular restaurant.
Far from the entrance, we could clearly hear the screaming sounds of girls. Couldn’t be a concert at this time, so I thought!!

Sekali rupa-rupanya, there was Ungu Band performing at the lower ground of the restaurant. Sabar je la kan.

I found it a bit peculiar when arriving at the second floor. To the opposite, they hosted a berbuka puasa for a group of anak yatim, complete with a brief ceramah agama. Hmmmm a bit contradicting between the floors..dont u think so?

Anyway, what matters most was the buffet spread! MARVELOUS! Wide selection of dim sum, sushi, sashimi, pasta, local cuisine, u name ‘em all! Better still, it was only quarter of Mandarin Oriental berbuka charges per pax.

Look at that..yummy!!

I was clueless about this Ungu Band, know nuts about them but apparently I was told that they are slowly gaining popularity in M’sia. AHEMMMMM and since we are passing by the ground level to exit, what the heck!! We decided to stop by and enjoyed their music for a while..

itu dia.. ungu band mini performance..layan je la kejap

The moment we checked in at 8pm, we were already dead tired..BUTttttt since shopping mall was just cross the street, u know what happend next ritee..?!! Harus la singgah jugak!

Look at my tired face with PROTON uniform sincemorning..Tsk tsk


To conclude the trip, it will not be complete without a brief visit to the mall. This time around, I took a risky move by going to a mall by my self, in a cab alone. I was given 2 hours break before the next meeting. So what the heck, I took a cab ANDDDDD gave a wrong destination pulak….OMG silly me! I was confused between Pondak Indah or Kelapa Gading Mall..Aduhhh pusinggg bangat…Gi mana ni??? At the end, I just gotta trust his recommendation and after a quick call to check on the safetyness of the said shopping mall, I was driven to this place call WTC Cempaka…Macam nak menagis tengok tempat tu ok…Geramnye but still curious to explore the hugeeeeeeee mall!!! So, i was all alone in this New mall that i have never been to..
To my suprise...taa daaa

My shopping objectives got distracted and hey wired, as chaotic as the place. MUAHAHAHAH. One thing for sure, it was not bad at all and I was really happy with what I got. A ready-made kebaya with detailed embroidery for only RM100++, that can easily reach RM475++ here in KL!!! Unfortunately, i could not grab any for my mom and in-law :(
Was really hoping for another personal trip there before Raya, but looking at the calendar now, don’t think so! I would divert my shopping direction to Valiram Group Luxury Clearance Sale tomorrow instead…Hehehhe!

p/s: Luckily it is just a walking distance to Low Yat…So Mr.Azim would be a happy man too tomorrow :P
It is 4am now and i'm still much awake!! &***

Monday, September 15

When u have to many on your plate, u just dont know how and what to start first..

Shaiittt & plus its Monday....blearghh!

Saturday, September 13

Am back from my brief brief meeting across the country, but am satisfied with what i got in less than 2 hours shopping spree :), to add on to my existing Raya collection. This year gotta be more glamorous and adult. It will be my first year celebrating as Mrs ...HuHuHuHuHuHU

Syoknya raya..feel like a small kid again...yahoooooo 2 weeks to Go!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10

Oh...before that..quick review on Puteri Ikan Bakar..

2 out of 5...Not recommended for berbuka puasa unless you are a die hard fan of masakan melayu....which i makan almost every day..sooo, nothing to shout about!

p/s: Good thing is 11 of us actually turned up including few ex-colleagues!! Good to catch-up in this holy-month :)

Byeeeeeeeee...gotta rush now!

Rush Rush

In normal occasion, i will need at least 2 days in advance to prepare on what are the things to bring for trip outside Malaysia. But today, I was told at 4pm that I would need to travel abroad the very next morning.....


But loving the adrenalin rush and kekelamkabutan tho.. sigh again

Sunday, September 7

Makan...makan...makan time

It has only been a week of Ramadhan but we already have one comprehensive berbuka puasa plan for the whole month. We name it SIAO! Buka Puasa Schedule..hahhahaha with few inactive members ….what happen to you Ms. Stephy?

Anyway, salute to the SIAO! Members.. I must say u guys are the best event-planner ever.

Will post review only on new berbuka venue later to spread the words.
TGIF and Seoul Barbeque so far still the same as any other year..yummy!

The next hunt will be on the 8 Sept at Puteri Ikan Bakar, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail ;)
Share your favourite venues too but no hotels pls (too much for his tiny stomach..hehehe)!!
Till then..

Friday, September 5

Office Vacation..tee hee

Vacation or even honeymoon for me??

No…not anytime close. I am not going for any vacation yet, even our honeymoon plan is still on hold. Many have asked what with the short leave, well time doesn’t permit at this moment. To be frank, I have less than 5 days leave. Pathethic betul kan! So go figure, I need to save few days for rainy days, mana la tau kan!

So, vacation will only be feasible during any next long break (minus Hari Raya of course, being the first year of celebrating as wife, am sure i need at least 4 days to finish visiting all houses for both sides plus one day Pavillion visit ;p)

Which destination if you were to ask, no specific venue in plan, but amongst all, Perth or Melbourne would be my ideal pick! Don’t mind going to Jakarta or S'pore anytime either (even on the weekends)

UNFORTUNATELY, my beloved other- half somehow doesn’t fancy these places; mentioning these places will not brighten up his face. Buwek!


Perth for reminiscing his’s college hood and Melbourne for visiting Adik and experiencing her ‘active urban’ lifestyle as exactly how she reiterated it to us and by all those fancy pictures of her and frens!

So, since no vacation and my butt is literally rotten to the office chair during Ramadhan, this 5-minute vacation tips below can be favorable to all (we shall try k). For these past few days of fasting (less than a week ,mind u...Huhuhuh), I must say it was the horrendous ever ….macam budak sekolah punya puasa.

By 10, my good-behaved stomach starts making those funny sounds *sigh*,
12noon my small eyes getting even smaller that I can hardly open, 1pm I will be easily fallen asleep if no internet browsing or PSP with me.
By 3, again my smaller eyes getting to its smallest size…Ayo yo yo….Everytime i heard a plastic opening sound around me especially my next neighbour, my head will turn asap just to check out what is she eating.... Goshhh how la?!!! HORRIBLE..….


Ramadan month suppose to be as productive as any other months, yes i know that! I have tried changing my sahur menu several times and will keep on experimenting it, ohhh and that reminded me of today’s sahur. F.I.L had oatmeal mix with a cup of apple juice and mata kucing.,..hmmmmm erghhhhh well too sure about that tho ;) Apparently, he too has been trying experimenting with food..Great!


back to the 5 minutes vacation ideas from the office (See, even my mind is not in its best organized manner and easily sidetracking *yawn*). Here are some tips:

1. Load vacation photos
Make them easily accessible in your laptop, screen saver, FB, Flickr, etc. As long as you manage to take 5 and view the scenic restful images to regain your calm and recapturing the good memories. No kidding, even many vacation researchers pratice this trick according to

2. Go outside
Columbia University researchers found that exposure to the negative air ions created when air molecules are exposed to sunlight, radiation, moving air, and water generated feelings of alertness, mental clarity, and elevated mood. Tip: Those ions exist outside your office, too. So, taking a break to the office garden really is a GOOD idea ahaaaaa, so stop staring at us;)

3. Breathe deeply, as you did on vacation
Don’t hunched over your keyboard; Close your eyes, place both feet on the floor, and breathe deeply through your nose for 5 to 10 minutes. This is an example of body-focused meditation. "Deep breaths stretch out muscles in your chest and diaphragm and alert your mind that you're ready to relax," says Peg Baim, clinical director of the training center at the Bensen-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Oprah also suggested that we meditate at least 10 mins a day as a form of relaxation. So, it seconds the earlier suggestion.

4. Turn off your phone and leave the office during lunch break
Even a machine couldn’t take a load 24 hours a day! So our bodies are designed to deal with stress intermittently. As such, removing source of stress even for a slightest time will allow our body to restore and recharge. So that means not picking up phone during lunch or after workJ.

5. Keep a vacation scent in an office drawer
Like that resort soap you swiped, the sunscreen you used at the beach, a sachet of Proven├žal herbs, or an envelope you stashed with pine needles. "Scent becomes strongly connected to whatever you felt when you first came into contact with it," says Rachel Herz, Ph.D., author of The Scent of Desire. The parts of the brain that regulate emotion, memory, and smell are close neighbors; they'll transport you back even when the vacation seems far off.

Alritey I am done. See whether it will work on me or I will be yawing away again and again still :P


Oh yes, another item to add for my list..

6. Having our new German Bos striding steadily into the office. That will surely wake not only mine but all other sleepy sleepy eyes too…hahaha. Leng Chai as they said!! Complemented by his immaculate, spick & span and stylish presentation that awe us ladies! Tengok je takpa kan :P

Willkommen an Board!

Phewwww quite a long entry for a start..:)

Wednesday, September 3

Salam Ramadhan

For this holy month of Ramadhan, i will take a seat back and slow down a lil bit on blogging!

Anyway, i would like wish all Muslims around the globe a blessed Ramadhan and Happy Fasting