Tuesday, March 25

Sartorialist KL style?

Oh anyway, in between replying some office mails and browsing today, came across this blog. Malaysia’s version of the Sartorialist. Kinda cool & creative attempt I think

- Merhaba -

Wehooo Alhamdullilah, i had a great and safe jouney to Istanbul. Just gonna upload few first pictures first :)

Mr.Thulgul a.k.a The Man in Black as our honorable and dedicated chauffeur/guard :)

The Go-Getter Ms. Twin is a lil bit too confident and brave enough to actually drive from the Ataturk Airport to our hotel…Eheemmmmm not a good idea but never mind, let the lady herself get some experience of driving our very own Gen-2 in Turkey’s ever congested and disorganized traffic system. U gotta be kidding Twin & I am risking my life for u..:P

Phew…alhamdullilah we were at the Ibis hotel after 10 mins drive, safe & sound :) I was definitely exhausted but too excited to get on moving…

In the hotel room - minimalist design but comfortable enough for two

Saturday, March 22

The week earlier, i managed to spare sometime to go out and have a simple fun after those crazy days at work.

Aby’s Wedding at Dewan Perdana

Dinner at the apartment. To be frank, I never really like the food here except ‘chicken in the bag’. But considering the easiest access to the Curve, we decided to head there anyway.


Ready to Go

The anticipation is finally approaching the end, not yet but almost there.hehehhehehe
I am now ready for boarding to Istanbul. Couldn’t wait to meet Ms. Agency so we can walk through the conference’s itinerary for the very last time. It’s gonna be big and definitely very new to my realm of work, so am expecting few hiccup here and there. Never mind, yang penting to make our best for its success.

See u!

Friday, March 14

No Drama Mama

After reading serendipity's blog, i did mine:

No need for drama
you just chill out and don't let things bother you
You've got a peaceful, zen-like attitude... even when things get crazy
You're a pleasure to be around, and you have lots of friends to show for it
You don't need to be the center of attention, you're happy enough as is!


Whoever that superlatives me as a Drama Queen in FB…you are wrong!
I am a cool mama..:P


Ahem…i am so happy that I am not working today :D
Taking my own sweet time in doing whatever my heart desires..*wink*
Head straight to the nearest mall, browsing and reading at MPH
Head back home for nice lunch *wink*
On my laptop, get connected and still am connected in front of my lappy, for 6 hours straight now?!! WoooooOOoo it just feels weird not being connected, checked and replied some office mail, the rest is just browsing aimlessly in the cyberspace.

Of all my reading today, i find this particular article on Iran’s election rather interesting and somehow related to the political tsunami that we are facing right now:

‘Asked if he will vote, one shop owner here says, "Vote for whom? All they do is talk! Ahmadinejad is a good man; at least he's not corrupt, but all he can do is talk! Where's the action? It's all slogans." A few stores down, a car mechanic says, "I'm not sure I'll vote, but I'll tell you that a lot of others here will. Do you know how many martyrs this town has given to the Iran-Iraq war? People are invested here. And then you have the candidates coming here and advertising and giving lunches and dinners, it doesn't take much to get people's votes.’

Same ol same ol..Politic is just a manipulative game! Period.

Did i actually vote u may ask?? No..

Wednesday, March 12

5 things!

Ok now that I have some free time, I can finally complete this, tagged by Parvin. Here goes:

5 websites you often visit:
1. http://www.thesuperficial.com -gossiippp
2. msn.com
3. facebook.com – check on update but slowing down a lot
Can’t think of any now, too bog down lately

Tag 5 more persons:
1. Ema
2. Banjaconverto3.
4. Michelle
5. You

5 things on my office desk:
1. Piles of documents
2. VS Pure Seduction body butter & mini hand sanitizer
2. PROTON organizer
4. Huge black IKEA thermos
5. Blue starbucks mug

5 things on my bed:
wohooo clean..nothing! perfecto…

5 things in my car
1. CDs (paling suka now is Tompi & Soulvibe)
2. Red nine west sandal for driving
3. Polka dot yellow flip flop
4. Yellow and baby blue Nike cap (incase of bad hair day during the weekends)
5. Bridal magazines

5 things in my wallet
1. ID
2. Maybank ATM card
3. HSBC card
4. Receipt of my latest purchase at Zara & MNG (kena masuk budget later)
5. Some cash of course

5 things in my handbag
1. Sony Erickson phone
2. Small body-shop hair brush
3. Liz Claibone red purse
4. Ventolin Inhaler
5. SK11 facial treatment travel set (cleanser, lotion & essence. I’m nomad u see..)
Banyak lagi laa..

5 items in my cosmetics bag:
1. MAC studio perfect
2. MAC platinum bronze powder in gorgeous gold
2. MAC eye shadow set in 6 natural shades (almost 3 years but still banyak lagi..ayaa! how to find excuse to get a new one??)
4. Revlon lash fantasy mascara
5. Bobby brown eye shadow in smoke

Next please..

Tuesday, March 11

Many things are piling up now and it weighing me down..I need a real good laugh to deal with the negative stress and hassles and moron in the office.

I have done a massive retail therapy last week but still need that laughing gas to make me laugh and laugh and laugh and destress.

No wonder peoples always say a very good sense of humor is so so crucial for a healthy long-lasting relationship kan!! so true la..

Laughter is the closest distance between two people ~ Victor Borge

My BEST source of laughter to destress ….

Your animated jokes and expression..gediks..sangat!

p/s: and i miss Ms. E's silly jokes that make me laugh all the time.Get well soon i'Allah

Sunday, March 9

Grumpy Not-So-Old Lady!

Talking about wedding previously, i forgot to mention that i am actually busy organizing a product conference for Proton's Middle East distributors! *sigh* in less than 3 weeks ...shaitt!! thinking of it make me sweating and wanna puke!!!! yikes...*sigh* again!! Why why and why am i organizing this..First, havent been to Istanbul before. Second, i hate travelling SO Damn Much (why am i putting myself in this new department, u ask me??!!!!!). Third, not many of them can speak good English, so i have trouble communicating with my hotel and agency there! Fourth..the time difference worsen the situation ( i wanna go back no later than 630 pm u see!!!) Fifth..I have to travel alone from Istanbul to KL and the transit gonna take more than 6 hours (refer point #2 )
Sixth..I want more $$$$ (Some might think i am greedy but i deserve more).Period

Hate Monday..i have 9 hours to Monday..:((( Do u sometimes wish that u can stop the time..??

Monday Blues on the way!

What i hate MOST is Monday....Blerghhhhh esk keje :( Why no cuti tomorrow???? I was so bloody confident Monday gonna be a public holiday..too bad!!!!!! eeee geram!


Since many of you are planning to get engaged or married this year, i wanna share some good recommendation based on my personal search of these wedding thingy so far:

Photographer: 2 that I loveeeeeee most
candidsyndrome at http://www.candidsyndrome.com/v4/ (Saiful Nang is super friendly despite his popularity, pictures perfect and vibrant colors) &
Iskandar Ibrahim at http://www.iskandaribrahim.com/ (natural and authentic picture with lots of story behind it)

Wedding Planner: Variety of them, just have to put extra effort in searching and exploring till u find one that really satisfy u. Precious moments is on top of my list at the moment for its subtle and soft color selection

Alternatively, surf these few website just to get an idea(especially if ur a web junkie or lazy to be precise..hehehhe! Padahal bole je beli magazine but too lazy la)
-4weddingku.blogspot.com & http://elizaelies.fotopages.com/

Go and jalan2 at Jalan TAR or Petaling Street just to check out those unpopular and seclude stores that might sell various gifts box at distributor’s price

There are plenty of selection and bet u gonna be pening.....am still pening on all these...gd luck!!!