Wednesday, November 28


To make it short of what happened yesterday..

We were frantically searching for a parking space at a mall and saw this guy; supposedly to be wealthy (some rich kid I assume) by judging at the car he was driving. So that’s about it and we finally found a parking space, thank god. We walked to the entrance and here we go again, the PERASAN guy was standing at the entrance, doing his ‘macho and stylo gestures’ that were actually silly and disturbing to us, just to get attention from us girls!

Sorry dude, we do love shopping and we do need lots of money for it but please, don’t ever think that we would succumb to your overconfidence & snobbish attitude just because you have the money! Or that fancy car.

Eww OMG please. I am not denying that man with money & status would have more privilege over the average Joe but hey, with that kind of snobbish perasaan yuckies personality, u can just go to hell and kiss us good bye. We would definitely appreciate his attention if he were to act in a more mature way.

Money is surely important and i am loving it to bits (who don’t) BUT if I can’t sync with you for the bad ass attitude, that is it. Period!

p/s: 4 more days to go baby boo!

Saturday, November 24

Gossip Girl

Am loving it. Gossip girl

Another typical American teen drama, similar to the O.C, it revolves around the lives of socialite young adults growing up on Upper East Side of New York City, who struggle with all sorts of urban teenager issues. I know I might be slightly old for this teen drama but just love the bitchy cast especially Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and best friend Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).

It is all about Serena, the 'IT' girl that abruptly left Manhattan for god knows what the reasons are. The sudden disappear strain her relations with best friend, Blair. Things get even complicated when Blair found out about the past sexual relationship between Serena and Blair's BF.

So its all about revenge, female competition and cat-fight..Oooooo interesting huh?!!
And…...I have a hot for Blair’s boyfriend, Nate Archibald. Cuteeeee gilee..!!!

Blair and the hottie bf...alahai cute nye!

He is jusr so cuteeeeeeee isnt it?

I shall waste no more time, epsidoe 5 here i come :)

Love u gossip girl.
p/s: Love u more bajimbo…miss u!!! counting 7 more days..erghh shait lama lagi!!!

Thursday, November 22

My friend got a friend got a date :)
I am so happy and thrilled at the same time
I am the cupid here and hoping every thing will fall in place like a fairy tale..
The very first time I met this guy,
hmmm not bad. Young and confident, well educated and immaculately dressed.

But since I already have that special someone, I was thinking of him and my girlfriend. Hmmmmm they can make such a good combo…So after weeks of ding-dong, they are finally set for a dinner date tomorrow night!

Weehoooo ~)

Update us both once your dinner is done ok :D

Baby Love

picture courtesy of

Current favorite tune: Nicole Scherzinger feat - Baby Love
Check out the video clip at MTV…sizzling hot Nicole!
Put aside the corny lyrics, the melody is happy cheery, I like :)

*wink wink* here we go...

I remember like it was yesterday
First kiss and I knew you changed the game
You have me, exactly, well you want it,
And I'm on it
And I ain't ever gonna let you get away
Holdin' hands never made me feel this way
So special, boy it's your, it's your smile

We so in love La la la la
YeahWe so in love La la la la la
And I just can't get enough Of your La la la la la
Yeah we so in love,
loveI want you to know
You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up (Oh boy, oh boy)
You're my every, everything that I could ever dream of

You are my baby love,
my baby love
You make the sun come up (Oh boy, oh boy)

You're my every, every, every, everything
Been a minute and we still holding it down
Butterflies every time you come around
You make me, so crazyIt's crazy,

oh baby
And I don't ever wanna be with no one else
You're the only one that ever made me melt
You're special, boy it's your, your style
We so in love

You're my always and forever
You're my sunshine
On my mind, constant
Think about you all the time
You're my everything
Everything, everything, ooo
Everything, everything, ooo

You my new school (love)
You my old school (love)
And it's so true
You're the one I'm thinking of


Proton & VW

I shall not elaborate on this headline further as almost everyone has been made aware to this. Such a shocking news I must say.

Many found the news painful to swallow as many parties were recently led to believe that the Government was ready to enter into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that would have seen VW becoming Proton's strategic partner. And suddenly the change of heart happened.

Personally, I am disappointed myself (very much actually). No doubt the current management has done immensely well in turning around the company and new initiatives are almost bearing fruits. But to be fit and sustain in the long run, i still think PROTON need a strategic partner especially in developing new product lineup.

As an employee that is hoping to grow and develop here, all I expect is a proper guidance and a proper career enhancement in the future. Oh well, i am feeling a bit demoralized by this, at least for today I hope. I' able to bounce back easily i know but need some time to restore my confidence. I still have hope and will give my best anyway :)

Anyway, email from a dear friend here really make my day….such a good motivator la u!!! Thank you:)

Its OK to lose faith with the company that we work for (many of us did ) – but you must not lose faith with your capabilities.

The difference between you and others, Reny, is that your potential is way higher. She/he is, to a certain degree, limited in her/his ability – while you on the other hand, the sky’s the limit. So, you cannot compare yourself , OK? The litmus test to check for individual potential is this:

If the company were to close down today – who would be the first to be offered a similar or higher position in another corporation? It would be YOU! This implies versatility, talent, and potential.

So, have a strong belief in what u do..

p/s: The absence of my bf is making this feeling worse..:( miss u!

Monday, November 19

Ouch ouch!

My body is aching and lil stiff, I guess it is responding to my so called ‘cycling workouts yesterday’. For that, I have no choice but to take medical leave for one day :D hehehehe best jugak la dapat MC kan.

I was thrilled to go to FRIM for our long awaited cycling activity. Unfortunately, half way through and my body cant take it any longer. Felt like puking, macam nak pengsan pun ada..sabar je la!! So sorry guys for creating a scene tapi kan, its our fault la! We didn’t do any stretching or warming up prior to the exercise. Dah la tu, my bicycle was the heaviest among all..mana nye tak pengsan ..hukhukhuk :(

But nevermind, lesson learnt and next time we are there, I will make sure or force all of us to warm up dulu..jgn perasan terror ok! I jugak yang susah nanti!

After burning those fat, we actually added more fat by having ‘satu pinggan besar nasi lemak cikgu’….hmmmmmmm macam mana tu?!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 16

Current mood:
Hyper (Must be the coffee, sandwich [thanks much Damien] and my new office)
Happy (It’s Friday yehaa)
Festive (peculiar but that is what I have been feeling this week)
Awan ke-9 (as what someone mentioned…me in a cloud 9 :p)
Current tune:
Marion Meadows - Soft & Chill

Hmmmmmmmm to the rest…Happy Friday too!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13

Happy Birthday!

A quality friend is a little more than a good friend.
They understand your motives and needs without criticizing but to support you
They will always be around in any time of need without expecting anything in return
They will always support you even when the whole world is against you
A true friend is never an opportunist towards the friendship, only a healthy competition than make us a better person.

Most importantly, we can be truthful of who we are, without any doubt or agenda.
The Ability to be your true self and showing the original colors of yours is definitely a blessed!

And I am treating my self lucky to have u around babe!!! Happy 2Xth birthday sweetie!!!


one thing that i love most is we share the same wavelenght..Great minds think alike eh?

Friday, November 9

The big 'L'

A recent entry by a friend on ‘BLOGGING’ leads me to my personal thought on this matter.

She is so damn right about 'Blogging' being the way of expressing one’s thought. Which mean it is supposed to be authentic and sincere in conveying what you have in mind. Unfortunately, there are too many wannabe who instead use it to blow their own horn (Some might say, if I don’t blow, who would kan?). There is a difference between bragging about what u really own or have accomplished rather then bragging for the purpose to ‘FIT IN’ or being peer pressured. To make it worse, they are like a confused teenager searching in the dark for their own identity. Ask yourself ‘What do u really wanna be?’ or ‘What am I trying to prove here?’ or ‘Who do I wanna impress?’. I am pretty sure they can only answer this vaguely with uncertainties clouding their mind!

Of course, this kinda blog do attract readers (more than others). Generally, human beings love being entertained especially something that make them laugh. So if u love being a clown, keep on blogging in your plastic and childish way, then you are in the right track of fooling your own-self. Pathetic looser!

Friday, November 2

I have always refrained my self from writing a 'lovey dovey-corny-muntah darah' article about my relationship, partner or love life. But at the moment, i have too much in me that I need to let it out from my system. So screw it, am gonna let it out anyway.

I miss him so much..Gediks and weird as I meet him practically everyday but still am missing him :( SHEESH!

I am smitten. That’s why.

To think of it, the tell-tale signals are so subtle that you probably miss them. The top funny four signs that I am so into u:

1. Miss kelam kabut:
I got all stressed up and very kelam kabut every time I see your family, especially datuk and ayah (Even after countless lunch and dinner). But grown women can really regress around guys, so take my girlish goofiness as a cute compliment and it will improve as the anxiety lessen:) I know I look so silly like a cartoon character when I am panicking.

2. The glorified police officer:
I do ask 101 questions and scrutinize everything to detail. Not trying to be a kepochi but a caring and loving girl-friend that is :) and i bet u like it.hehe

3. The vanity affair
I check my reflection (Ni memang vain tahap dewa I know), fix my hair and make-up or smoothen my outfit constantly, but don’t mistake my gediksness for vanity pleasee. These mini-grooming gestures is not self-obsessed if you’d excuse me! It’s rather trying to look good for u.heheh!

Oh but the camera-freak part is rather vain la (only when ema and stephy around je kot)

4. Happen to have short-term memory loss sometimes
I might repeat the same questions or following up more frequent then your mummy or lady bos does, that merely an indication that I really dig u. Simply because I care so much and love it when u do that silly dumbo face, 'u dah tanya la tadi banyak kali'!

5. Cranky insomniac
Oh yes I can get very temperamental and overly sensitive. Most of the time, it happens only when not enough attention is given..huhuhuhuhu yes not good I know but leo being leo (just like u)…constant stroke of ego is so vital! Alas, it will be very destructive if it is persistent.

Oh well...i am missing u pompidoo!