Saturday, January 24

To add it on..

My holiday trip this time is the BEST ever:

  • Having home made cook almost any other day by MIL...sedap sedap!
  • Having a shopaholic sister in law that knows every corner of Melbourne to get a good stuff at such a darn affordable price
  • Having a Father In Law that is extremely sporting and kuat berjalan
  • It feels completely at HOME...100%! The whole family members are here and Ira's apartment is damn cosy! Tak nak balik lagi boleh ke?? 
  • And of course, it wouldnt be complete without Bajimbo here :) Hugs!

Will update with lotsa pics soon!

Sunday, January 18

  • I am so hooked on Lauren C, Audrina, Whitney, Heidi & Spencer.! Sheesh... have been a lazy couch potato and starting my season 4 now. Teruk OK!!
  • I am so not in a mood to go to work tomorrow...Blearghhhh!!! 3 days and am off to Melbourne..Yahoooo!!!
  • Sales in Melbourne has just what else to expect???!!!!!! Double Yahoooo
  • I am so pemalas....period! Ewwwwwwwww! And i can get away with almost anything now..hahahhaha using pregnant as an excuse..Ahemmm!! Bad but let me enjoy it for another few months k!! 
  • I am now wearing M and soon to be L and XL and XXXXLL....whoaaaaaaaaaa holy!!!

But i am a happy growing & glowing lady:)

Thursday, January 15

I just received the biggest reliving news and am grateful

  • Baby and mommy both doing well at this stage
  • My trip to Syria is cancelled and thus, I will be away for my own holiday....................Yahhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Just a straight 6 hours flight compared to ~10 hectic hours with few hours transit at Dubai to Damascus...YIPPIE and better still, i will have Bajim next to me all the time in any case of nausea!!! :P GREAT!

Monday, January 12


I seriously doubt on how lazy am I now, and getting lazier by days. Such a serious bummer that just couldn’t get her lazy ass up anywhere. Oh god! Nothing seems to excite me as much now! *Yawn*

Shopping – the taught of packed malls make me tired
(But I still managed to shop pieces and pieces of blouses that are still unpack in the big paper bag ..HAHAH Zara’s sales especially is just too good to resist!)
Food – I don’t fancy them as much now
(The smell of certain food can make me puke..not cool!)
Blogging/FB/Online - The taught of switching on the lappie and logging in to few pages..arghhh too much hassle!
Traveling – the taught of airport transit and long waiting (Blearghh don’t think I can stand that for long. BUT I have another business trip to Damscus soon that I’m responsible to go. Erghhh I need to toughen up and stop being a manja Mummy by then!)

BUT, One thing that make me happy, the one and only thing is…..Taadaaaa
Lying and getting cozy on the bed while watching The Hills..HAHAHHA! Heaven :D

I am finishing the season 3 now and hope to move on to season 4 soon. Takling about hills, i have started to miss Adik already (& FIL jugak) :

p/s: Few occasions to update but am just plain lazy now. Anyway back to Hills , I kinda love Heidi (weird huh?) and Audrina, LC (too drama queen, I don’t like)

Monday, January 5

Dream on ..

After more than 10 days lepaking at home, how i wish i can work remotely from home...ArGhhhhhhhhhhHHHH feel like a standard one student attending her first day of class..Yikess! So uncool :(

Saturday, January 3

Persandingan Deja

I was sure to beat the papparzi in uploading the pictures but was just too sleepy after the reception. Too much of nasi minyak. Before its too late, congratulation again to Deja and Partner.

p/s: 2 down and 2 more to go...the hardest part is finding the right present..arghh!!
and to Lily if ur reading this, we knew from the beginning on your Bday suprise and everyone including Abah & Mak was being a perfect actor/actoress kan!!!

Bday girl in pink

My fav shots of the nite..3 cute lil girls with one cute auntie..HHAHHAHHAHAHAH :P (jgn marah sekali sekala masuk bakul :P)

Thursday, January 1


p.s: I have been such a boring person this year, cancelled our room booking at one of Bukit Bintang Hotel, all due to my fever and flu...ewww! I am sure most of you had a BLAST last nite!!