Thursday, April 12

Thanks God it's almost F.R.I.D.A.Y :)

Been a good girl, caring daughter and satisfied employees this week. I just feel happy and proud of myself :) oh well not perasan but a good self-booster for my own self..teee heeee ;) So I have few plans to pamper myself this week:

-Friday- To catch a movie @ curve and of cos the after party…bestnye!
(laundy? Sanctuary? Blonde??)
-Saturday a.m – Go-Kart..May be I will just drop by and be the pom-pom girl…Mr. Azm, next time u should just keep the terrifying news to urself ok...(FYI, i ni penakut)
-Saturday noon – Kerana terpaksa…I have to follow my mom n dad to Kuantan!!!
-Saturday nite - Promise my cousinssss to go-out with them.
-Sunday – To look for new brown peep-toe-pumps..!!

Sunday project: Nine-West Pumps

Phew….Just hope..and hope everything will go as planned or all will be pissed with me for over-promising…(which I do best….points taken and will change that ;) )

And to-do next:
1. To go to the Wine &… cafĂ© @ Damansara height with Ms. Stephy & Lin….when babe?? Am still waiting for u n lin for our long-overdue girlie nights.tsk tsk tsk
2. To go makan @ Boom Brazil near Frangipani (yes I enjoy eating and can really eat!!)

Just too hyper today..May be I just cant wait for F.R.I.D.A.Y!! wooohoooo


Anonymous said...

hey there ;) by the time i post this, it should be friday already ;)
so i hope you're feeling even happier now than you were yesterday(thursday)

"see ya" around soon ;)

Azim San said...

yeah it was a mistake to pass u the link haha. No worries, will try to get the girls to convince you to join the next race!

Fitzrie said...

Wahhhhh! And I thought my weekend was packed hehe. Enjoy urself, Kuantan sounds like a pleasant weekend getaway, though i would opt for go-karting anytime. C'mon Ms Reny, unleash the speed demon in u! Cheers!

Ms.Reny said...

Thanks to u Azim..heheh..n my tickets?? :):)
fish..tot u suppose to join us on Friday?? Jom la!!

Azim San said...

fish, come la and join ... it's a proper go-kart league ... 10 races per year ... good fun!

Ms.Reny said...

thanks Mr.G..u are always being supportive and kinf to ur fren!!! muahh!