Sunday, June 29

Yes i have made it


Pheww I have made it, not to ffk and turned up at exact time as plan, for both days, despite my busy schedule with mom.....:) Bangga jap

SATURDAY: Garage sales at azim’s grandparents @ KJ. Look out for their next ads in The Star. Sangat murah compared to any other garage sales......RM2 for an Aldo Shoes....gila ke tak?!!; its like the cheapest everrr and fyi the condition is still good..& 2 medium wooden boxes for RM10 & ish semua pun extremely cheap la..tsk tsk...

& in between, everyone is like a busy bee for the wedding preparation as well *sigh*

SUNDAY: Tea with Ms. Brianne at the Apartment. Yes I don’t normally go out on Sunday to curb those Sunday blues…but this time, i was so enrgized by the good music and good-laugh..I am more keen for Monday now (erghhh sure or not? on a second thought naaaahhh not really :P)

Lazy Sunday

Instead of my normal Chicken in a Bag, i had Strawberry Pavlova this time Buttt i prefer Michelle's Squid and Lychee watever u call it :P

p/s: One more thing, i was not the only one who cancel on paintball last time, excuse me Maverick..and i still would love to join for next time k.


Saturday, June 28

I shall remember

3 words that i must remember till Sunday

Hahahaha i have been teased many many times and be reminded in our chained-mail, not to ffk tomorrow for Sunday Tea.

Else, i would have my personal branding 'RENY the FFK Queen' ..Shitttt pressure betul...
Oink Oink :P

Thursday, June 26

Friday is almost i am now in my weekends casual mood already :) Wee Hoo

I gave up..spent more than an hour to create my own Friday set but tak boleh boleh jugak! It was supposed to be my casual Friday and opted for 'Art Attack' style!! Hampeh still couldnt create mine..So, decided to pick this for my casual and street fashion mood:

p.s: But i would replace 2 items here: Hotpant to probably greyish skinny jeans & Flat Metallic Jazz Shoe to proably gladiator wedge. Check Scarf hmmmmm a lil bit too funky for me

I am....

I am dying for weekends to come.. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Cant we have 4 working days a week? or remote working environment? :) Lebih la kann tu..

Wednesday, June 25

I have realized something that is quite humiliating. Something that I don’t quite like to do last time but has unintentionally and quietly and loathly developed ‘IT’ to my new habit now.
Tsk tsk tsk..How la?

Erghhhh I have a wicked mouth that love mumbling those swear words F*** and toot tooot ***.

Erghhhh I know its bad, real bad (Mak wont like it if she hears it) but..
fortunately it came to my senses fast enough that I decided to skip or skew those words…before its becoming my perpetual habit that can turn ugly!

I shall tone down those provocative vocabulary soon…slowly

p/s: I was surrounded by bunch of vulgar, non-conservative and very liberal bunch of colleagues that use F*** in every sentence of their conservation….(But they are fun people that make me laugh, so yeah good and bad at the same time). But wait a minute, those words can be used as the strongest adjective that convey the most accurate message (especially when you are really f***ing pissed)

Ok Ok watch your mouth lady :P

The After-Effect

3 days after our family day (PROTON family day fyi), still am I hearing people talking about it; how fun it was (for the kids mainly), how sardine-packed it was; and how fabulous the lucky draw prizes were (as claimed by them).

Even funnier, one of the bos walked crookedly and when asked this was the answer
“Family Day punya pasal la sampai kaki I tak bole jalan”.
*smirk* i think it's cute. He He He. Obviously it was him who had way too much fun or a lil bit too mature (read me= OLD) for some rough games perhaps.


I regretted that I didn’t experience the massive and chaotic crowd myself. At first was too greedy to collect 2 tickets for myself (hangat-hangat tahi ayam kan) but when sunday came, bluerghhh too lazy to get my ass out of the house.

I am glad that most did enjoy themselves though…at least more smiley faces when they came in to work the next day.
:) Cheerio!
p/s: RENY IS WISHING FOR FRIDAY TO BE HERE likeeee now ...:((

Tuesday, June 24

Memoirs of Mat the Kampung Boy!

Hmm i like the given title very much...It has the subtle element of modernization in local traditional flavor (ok i probably being over-exaggerated here ..hehe)

Anyyyway, it was a pleasant and amusing surprise to hear ‘Lat the Kampung Boy’ is making a debut in Germany (it was covered in Buletin Utama TV3 tonite FYI).

Does the graphical novel ring a bell to anyone? Yes?

Feeling proud by the news, i paused a moment for a quick flashback to my multicolored and mischievous childhood.

" Yeaappp i remembered reading ‘The Kampung Boy’ when I was 7-8 years old. I was in Chinese School back then and being the minority in school, I was struggling and putting all effort in mastering the language (which sadly I have forgotten now).
I was overwhelmed by the language that I read most books and comics in Chinese. So, to attract my attention in reading Malay/English materials, dad bought me all sort of delightful series in Bahasa & English. And Kampung Boy is one of them.............
I remembered reading them; I remembered Mat and his multi-racial kampung friends; I remembered the simple illustrations of just pen and ink, but it has a super-expressive character that promote a peaceful, simple and humble life of a kampong boy in a multicultural village."
The simple illustrations reflect that even in a tiny kampong, life can be as intriguing and edifying, filled with affection and love. Well, that’s all I remembered.

Now, Kampung Boy as a graphical novel and Lat as the popular South East Asia cartoonist have made their way far in the world map. From U.S to German, it has been amazingly well accepted by International readers. SYABAS!

p/s: I also used to admire the kampung lifestyle design in Kampung Warisan residential area, conceptualized by Lat or Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid , lush in greenery at Jalan Jelatek, Ampang.

Peek a boo :)

Am still alive and kicking ....catch up later~

Sunday, June 22

I am so lacking behind..

I am lacking so way behind on this…used to be their biggest fan (well, most of us do!) but as I am getting older and after much anticipation, my excitement for SATC has slowed down a little bit. The emotional bond has been disconnected, so it takes a while to turn me on again, this time :p

After the end of SATC showing back in 2004, what most girls do is to rerun the series again and again. I remembered watching the series everyday in a row, repeatedly especially when I am feeling low and needing some girlie emotional bonding! or when i am running out of ideas to mix and match my outfit. The flowery prints, bold and contrast color mix that allure me most.

So this time around, I will just patiently wait for its premiere sometimes in July (no extra trip to Singapore nor downloading it). To those who have watched it, keep it hush hushhhh k!

p/s: Timing is quite right, for some wedding ideas this time around

Tuesday, June 17

Gay men, straight women share brain detail

No I wonder I love them as much as my girl friends
No wonder we can have an endless conversation that is so juicy and enlightening

We do have lots in common

I thought we would survive....

the hassle of taking public transport to the city centre, unfortunately only for the first day of our training. It was way tooo Maaaa Fannn that we decided to drive, finally :- To leave the house as early as 645am, which means less sleeping hour and that would traslate to puffy eyes and dark circles and yawning at every hour???? Nooo thanks, we would rather car pool, pay a lil more and enjoy our morning drive.

However, the 1 day experience wasn’t the bitter one; It was a fun and memorable one indeed. After almost 5 years of not taking any public transport, I was really delighted and overwhelmed when other colleagues suggested the idea. To my imagination, I would love the morning sight of people queuing, pushing and squeezing their ways to the commuter/LRT :D Flock of peoples in a sort of style and colors, kinda interesting at first; at least at the very beginning of the day when all are still fresh and no wangian-wangian harum ;)

Evening crowds...squeeze ur self to the tiniest size possible and run for your seat

Later by 5++ approaching the end of the day, the thought of walking and sweating and waiting..erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NOooooooooo! Pain in the ass.


Second day, we dare not take the challenge, so we drove instead and happily arrived 15 minutes before our training started..SYOK gile! Had our breakfast, cuci mata kejap and started the day with big wide smile *wink*

On a positive note, credit should be given to our public transportation facilities in KL that have improved tremendously off late. It has never been easier before for fast access to LRT and Monorail stations
Forcing a weak smile after a long walk frm one station to one station..Aduhhsss
Ohhhh we were in Jalan Imbi for 2 days training on Blue Ocean Strategy, a new business management methodology. Will elaborate on it later.

p/s: After 2 days in KL, I am changing my mind. I will no longer mind working at the heart of KL with one condition- a pay increase by 30% upwards. The answer would be YES but problem is, in current economical limbo, 30% increase might not be as easy as that kan?

Sunday, June 15

Moving On..

Ok enough of shopping…too self-absorbed that can be really bored sometimes kan;)
Moving on, I am now in search of room decoration items especially anything in pastel-pinkish floral.

Also, compiling list of soppy love songs for THE day. Fortunately, I have few darlings that can be a good music mixer. Any ideas are much lets share some thoughts if u have any.Muahks!

p/s: It reminds me of Lindsay Lohan and her alledged lesbian love Samantha Ronson keeping the turntables blazing ;) woooohoo

Moving house means everything is in chaotic disorder at the moment, gila kelam kabut. On a lighter note fortunately, when everything is all over the place, I can now see clearly what i have and don’t have in my wardrobe. Spring clean all the old baju to make way for new ones *smirk*

As much as I like its sister brand Zara, Massimo Dutti has some quite beautiful crisp and silky shirts, peaked collars with distinguished cuffs, moderately prices items that could be a staple of your wardrobe for quite sometime. It is their simple and evergreen design that makes them worth buying.

Just came back from Bangsar Village and with sales up to 40% at the moment, I strongly think it’s a good excuse to revamp your wardrobe, to more immaculate and matured image.

Haute luxe for the stylish middle-income group

Never good enough guide

I have this bad habit of doing things perfectly or just nothing at all..ZERO yelekkk pochi! A very good recurrence example would be if I miss one time prayer of the day, I tend to deliberately miss the rest of the prayer…I know I know that shouldn’t be the case and so so wrong..:( tapi tu la dia…

This excerpt from explains it quite well and accurate for my personal disease ;)

"Perfectionism may seem like a desirable trait, but to boost your health, aim for "just enough." "Trying to do everything right promotes an all-or-nothing attitude," says Martin Binks, PhD, a psychologist at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, NC. So if you can't do something perfectly (i.e., work out an hour a day), you don't do anything at all (i.e., watch TV instead)"

So, I must start practicing a new and better mindset:

"Believe that every little bit counts. "It's small changes that are most effective," Binks says. So forget perfect!"


Thursday, June 12

Glorified Tourist Guide

I am very very very exhausted….from tired feet to aching muscles, my whole body is collapsing little by little! I have been a glorified tourist guide for more than 3 days….from Iran delegation to Indonesia media….from Putrajaya Lake to Saloma whole body is screaming for good massage and rest..HELP!!! (my beloved maid will be my biggest help this week.muah)

Even though it’s just a simple PR work that did not impose any challenge to my brain capacity, I quite enjoy what I was doing actually.

I remember being told by someone once that being an extrovert myself, I gain fullest energy when surrounded by good crowd! So yeah I had fantastic time especially with the Indonesia media and sales team.

Being with them for few days make me miss Jakarta now..minus the horrendous traffic of course and am delightful to make few friends that click well ;)
Wahhhh haaa haaa its only 9:30pm and i'm already kaput....My mistake for wearing 3 inches gladitor wedge for all the walking..*sigh*

Monday, June 9


I must admit I can be easily influenced either by good packaging or compelling product review. I just couldn’t resist to try out Kiehl’s products after so many reviews and was extremely delighted when the first outlet is opened at Pavillion sometimes ago.

It has been almost 2 months i am using their Lip Balm SPF 15 in 56B hue. I can feel the different when recurrent of chapped lips is minimal and the apparent cracked-lines are more invisible.....Yippie smoother lips
For the Abyssine Eye Cream+, it is still too early to brag about its effectiveness. Clue:If u can’t notice the dark circles or puffiness under my eyes from a distance (kalau dekat of cos nampak lagi la kan..hukhukhuk :P), then it is self explanatory, effective that is ;)

I like their simple white packaging too; the minimalist product packaging is a fair indicator that their products are selling purely for its effectiveness; no loud and excessive packaging to attract customers!

Nha Chica of Baependi

There are all sort of definition for every kind of miracle, as what makes one happy might not be applied to other individual. I have been reading a few books before but this definition of ‘miracle’ by Paulo Coelho really does mean a miracle, beautifully put that it becomes so soulful…

A miracle is something that fills the soul with peace. Sometimes it manifests itself in the form of cure, or a wish granted. It doesn’t matter. The end result is that, when the miracle occurs, we feel a profound reverence for the grace God has granted us.

By this solicitous definition, at this point of time, I am grateful for the ‘miracle’ that happens in my life :)

Saturday, June 7

Friday, June 6

Thursday, June 5

She is Back..

Run Lola Run..she’s back.....


Hide your self or shut your ears..Hahahah cause this wackiest lady is back and will make your day upside down. A chatter box with a special ability to produce the laughing gas to the air :P

if u dont believe me, look at this:

Not forgetting, she can be very violent also ok!! Beware

see, i choked myself for her wackiest jokes!!

OMGwe had such a KEPOHHH mentioned by Michelle ‘can not tahan, too much of Steph and Reny’

cannot tahan huh Michellee?? too much of us..:P


p/s: To think of it, that Friday was an extremely entertaining whole day. From wackiest lunch to entertaining Indiana Jones later at night. Good. Hope tomorrow gonna be another FUN Friday


A warmest congratulation to the newly engaged couple:
Parvin & Aziz Bakar

preety in pink


To be honest, i have always perceived him (A.B) as the serius person who can only talk about political & economy issues, introvert and shy. Never have i met him before, not even once.

The best part of the event: before proceeding, Aziz was given an old photo of the twins and to identify which is which....being a detailed person, he couldnt go wrong

My initial judgement was purely based on Parvin blog entries (especially the 'excel document story' on their wedding budgeting process...erghhh very detailed i must say)

During the engagement, I finally got to see him in person and to my surprise, he was actually very very friendly and hilarious :) Totally the extreme opposite of my judgement.

Good choice, what I see in him is just a reflection of you -smart, witty, modern and outspoken (ni pasti)

p/s: Lunch served was scrumptious. I had 2 rounds..hehehe


Yesterday was the most happening evening and can you believe that I did enjoy the chaotic moment??? HAHAHAH
Never have I seen such a chaotic scenario right in front of my house and am pretty sure almost every one faced the same situation yesterday.

The road leading to 2 petrol stations, about 100 km from my house was grid-locked. I can see those vehicle lights in such a long queue..sunggu berwarna warni macam pesta..:P Every hour that I checked, the queue was still long with honking sound one after another, all rushing to fill up their petrol before the new adjusted price being implemented. Last i checked was 1030pm and still the same :P Balik tido lagi best kan!

Did I manage to fill up mine? No, I couldn’t be bothered to go through the hassle just to save up another RM30….sheeshhh! Car pool might be the best alternatives or may be, cutting down fancy dining to once a week and spending wisely (ahemm this is hard)

Tuesday, June 3

Quick One..

  • I have just recovered from fever and flu
  • I just got a new laptop and will need to install photoshop first before i can post my next entry (picture is very important in my story-telling *wink wink*)
  • I have few events in the pipe line = busy
  • I have about 2 months before my Big Day
Uwaaaaaaa and i miss blogging. Will be back soon for an update.

Muah :)