Thursday, October 23

I AM SOO F***ing busy..i am tired and i am dying for a good rest!


anyway, check this out Michelle!! and that makes me smile today :)

Wednesday, October 15

I am here still..

Finally, got the connection back at home &
i'm reconnected to the world again..tee heeee!
I had so many things to talk about last week but now all ideas have disappeared..

I just realized that we are the NERDY couple at home..Both being online simultenously and kinda hook on it for few hours AND wait.................full of fun activities on almost every weekend too!

Be back :)

lalallalalalallala i am so in a goooodddd mood....

Wednesday, October 8

Counting the days for him!

Another goodbye, well not really. Rather a goodbye to another office relationship.
Other than that, we shall remain as good Siao! Members kan?

But am feeling the sadness already :(
Not that we always hang out in the office
but the thought of him not being in the same building
make me sad again!!!

with such a big jump of salary in one of my dream consulting company to work with (used to be one actually, but the idea of being posted abroad for a certain period of time at this stage of life, hmmmm gotta to give it a second thought!!)

Oh well, i am truly happy for you..i can sense the changes in ur style, in no time dude!
Lepas ni tag heuer or overseas trip pun tak heran kan :P


Sunday, October 5

Alhamdullilah, hari raya so far has been a blast and extra wonderful especially when we got the chance to menjejak kasih, discovering newly found relatives in Negeri Sembilan.

with new cousins

Bank Azim & Reny is now opening kids...hurry up

And finally, we got the chance to beraya @ real kampung..wohoo

Anyway, since Syawal will be one long month, i am sure the wonderful moment will go on!
BUT.. i dont wanna start work yet..bleargh!

Wednesday, October 1

Selamat Hari Raya

Last but not least, berbuka puasa as always wouldn’t be complete with these 2 of my favorite places, merely for its food, food & food; nothing else!

Lalachong for its wide selection of seafood. But still couldn’t beat Fatty Crab for its best chillie crab & garlic prawn.

Chiang Mai @ Sg. Buloh for its safe and classic choice of Thai food with authentic ambience

With this, I am taking the opportunity to wish all Muslim friends

Selamat Hari Raya

Maaf Zahir & Batin

-from Me & Azim-

Few days before Syawal, saying goodbye to Ibu & Ayah

My first year beraya as a wifey wouldnt be much different YET this year, as i will be spending the whole week with my family. Sis-in-law would surely need ibu & ayah more in Melbourne than us here ! So, i will be running my own show in full fledge... he he he. Excited!

Safe driving peeps!