Friday, April 13

Gentle reminder to myself & Eliza !

If you realized that u have been putting off important/promised tasks over and over again…i.e. updating your latest CVs (not necessary mean you are looking for a job tho ;) or emailing an important friend or completing a work assignment, you are not alone!! But some (read RENY and ELIZA) are quite chronically affected by procrastination.

In a nutshell, you tend to postpone certain things that you should be focusing right now, usually in favor of doing something that is more enjoyable and comfortable doing (my case probably tumblebugs games and reading tons of article in the net).

At work, another common cause is the feeling of overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Other experiences that I always have:

1.Don’t know where to begin (cos its too many and the information is everywhere within the organization… ‘Resourceful’ that’s what most bosses expect from us here)
2.Doubt of not having the skills and enough knowledge
3.Waiting for the right ‘mood’ (Very true especially on MONDAY..erghh)
4.Undeveloped decision making skills (Am still learning and improving)
5.Perfectionism (especially when your boss is freakin fussy BUT it will benefit us in the long run…so its alrite)

Whatever the reason behind procrastination, it must be recognized, dealt with and controlled before you miss the opportunities or before your friend is so pissed off and unhappy with your long overdue promises (I think this is for eliza..hahah)


Anonymous said...

.....before your friend is so pissed off and unhappy with your long overdue promises (I think this is for eliza..hahah)...Ya da's definately for me ;p
Now proven u wrong huh? heheh...going to the next comment

Anonymous said...

Oh ya another thing, don't forget over our 'special craving' session at u-know-where ya, hehehe

Ms.Reny said...

HEHEHHEHEHE see bole je cepat reply kan..anyway its good to hear sincere comments from the closed ones :)

Yes Lala Chong or Fatty Crab Kelana Jaya!!!