Thursday, November 20

007 my version

I had a mild headache today and after ruling out all possibilities, I am pretty certain it was due to late night action-packed of Casino Royale..

It didn’t just end there, the continuation went further as late as I can remember, in a unique version of Casino Royale, with PROTON members as the main cast! Muahahhahah..gila kelakar!

I am still figuring out who play the role of Bond and Eva Green in my PROTON’s version …Lawakkknyeeeee la!


  • Had a BIG BIG laugh this morning, someone really made a simple storyline to a super hilarious comedy!! *sigh* Good bye to my headache too
  • Maxi dresses...bring it on! Suka...suka..

Tuesday, November 18

  • I am so into Maxi long dresses at the moment.

  • Secondly, looking at all those babies and big happy family make me smile and feeling really at ease, always, all the time.

But no, there is nothing yet in the oven, Still finding the right mixture..huhuhuhu :) I am embracing familyhood happily & gracefully :)


Quick one, i have a very limited time to update my beloved blog..But this must be shared:

Danial Craig is THE man!

Call me vain or shallow, but i don’t mind watching it for the second time just for Daniel Craig…sungguh la kacak! To be honest, I don’t really understand this movie as I didn’t watch the previous 007! So was a bit clueless throughout but wait.....i didn’t even fall asleep, not even a blink..Haha segar bugar lagi !But he on the other hand, yawn & yawn and yawn.. Too bad, Daniel Craig is hotter than Olga Kurylenko.

p/s: especially when he is in camel colored pants and white shirt..Niceee! Would be my color theme to Egypt the gurun too!

Lyna my friend was so keen to get the Se c902 for its GPS function as showed in the movie only to find out nothing is special about it..haha

Both girls were deliberately misled by the superficial sophistication of the BOND movie....

LEO girls are sucker for external packages kan??!!


The same competitor of his level I think would be Christian Balee….*smirk*

Monday, November 10

Life is easy..

This is great

Besides freelance hairdresser that comes to the house, there is now freelance manicurist that does house service with similar charges as per other outlets..

Jolly Good!

Sunday, November 9

Most describe it as a city under ‘Chaos’, ‘Complete Disorder’ and ‘Dirty’
Description that is quite not compelling for a all

* Ermmm BUT it is the one of the 7 Wonders of the World and

* It has been in my (am sure many more) ‘Bucket List’ like forever, besides Santorini, Greece – the islands & gods, Amsterdam and the character of Morroco.

Ermmm I really don’t know what to expect here. All I know, the lesser bare skin the better it is, so not gonna bring fancy outfits after all. Plain, simple and basic natural color attires are what I am gonna bring :)

I am excited nevertheless..


My bad for ignoring this blog…has been alomost a month since my last entry..!!

Married life indeed is a hectic and busy one, especially having a F.I.L that is always full of social events.....just the way I like it tho!

As commented by my close buddy, I now have a better and interesting activities to do that occupy most of my free time, minus rest and sleep..(oh and Gossip Girls and Lipstick Jungle too…finish all the latest episodes this week and both are getting better by episode...hehe)

Anyhow, Azim is out for go-karting now, so here i am..a quick drop at my long-abandoned blog :)


My retail activity on the other hand has never been slower by any bits, I must admit that the shopaholic syndrome in me must be quickly curbed…not that I splurge on designer or branded items but the addiction to it that worries me and Him..I know i must start saving more these days… *sigh* Talking about shopping, I have a very strong obsession on these few items lately!

1. Chunky Cocktail Rings

I have always been a die-hard fan of chunky accessories since in college. And now, the obsession is back. Couldn’t get enough oh those chunky cocktail rings especially flower-designed in all sort of colors, with peacock or pearl effect cocktail ring.. They just got the personality that can easily bring the ‘Diva’ in you…!! Tak kisah brand, murah or mahal as long as it looks HOT!! Just a temporary obsession anyway and the trend will surely come and go!

2. Batik schiffon baju kurung
I know Raya is over but I am still in search of them..Looks like the trend is back and can be easily spotted in any boutique.

3. Box clutch
Ok this one, purely influenced by TV series. Been looking and surveying but nothing really catch my eyes yet…so will keep looking.

No matter how stressful my day can be, the very moment I step my foot in shopping mall, every negative feeling just fly away and disappear …


Tsk tsk tsk how wonderful life can be :) plus it is SUNNY SUNDAYY..