Sunday, September 30

I am the GEEK!!

I am not only addicted and awed with what facebook applications got to offer but the recent article (in really is an achievement to be proud of (memang la I don’t get anything of out it but it does impress me in one way or another)

“2 world gigantic companies “Microsoft, Google and several funds are considering investments in facebook fast-growing site, that could give the start-up a value of more than $10 billion”

“Earnings were estimated at $60 to $96 Million in annual revenue. Much of it comes from a year-old advertising relationship with Microsoft”

Gila salute la!! From just a small platform that it now becomes one of the most popular sites with more than 40 million members!! nampaknya memang la ramai sangat orang yg addicted to such online networking…of course I am part of them..muahahhahahahahha!!
What I like most is the bakery and my-bag applications… :) hehe

p/s: pls excuse my addiction and promise i will pass this phase once i'm bored with it:)

Tuesday, September 25


Michelle and me were so bored today and this is the byproduct of our boredom..exchanging sticky notes in facebook..gile melampau kan!! hahahhaha

Friday, September 21

5 things...

5 Things In My Handbag
I carry oversized handbag most of the time..So lotsa rubbish inside seriously.
However 5 essentials:
1. Purse of course
2. black make-up bag
3. house/car keys
4. stabilo black pencil..(come in handy sometime)
5.Motorola and sony ericsson phone

5 Things In My Purse or Wallet
1. Few RM notes
2. Maybank ATM card
3. 1 credit card (gosh am glad I only have one now…don’t wanna keep this plastic devil)
4. Small esprit 2007 calendar
5. ???? Hahah cannot be just that? (Am checking my purse now and it is quite clean and neat actually)

5 Things In My Favourite Room
1. My wardrobe (seronok tgk all the colorful pieces)
2. Collection of my perfumes
3. My bed of cause (who don’t kan?)
4. My money-plants (I water them almost everyday okie!)
5. Collection of candy-color books and Bazaar Magazines

5 Things You're Wearing Now
Perlu ke ni?? Might as well be vain n snap a picture of me now kan..haha

5 Things I Would Like/Love To Do
1. Retail
2. Read
3. Doing nothing and just lepaking would be the best …(relax and lalallalalalal at home)
4. Refer to #3
5. Refer to #3
p.s am such a boring person coz i hate travelling...watever!

5 Things I'm Currently Doing
Am the master of multi-tasking.,..juggling all 5
1. Finishing this obviously..
2. Chit-chatting with Damien (but my hand and eyes are focusing on something else…hehehhe )
3. Facebook-ing (too many applications to
4. Chatting on-line with my bf
5. Reading MSN-career articles on ‘Get Radical about Your Career: 13 Ways’

phewww pening jugak kepala next?? whoever that is reading this :)

Wednesday, September 19


Chop….i think what I like most about the the TheSartorialist is not exactly the fashion review..NO..No..No but the photos taken…so artistic, the color is vivid and beautiful, angel is right and just PERECT..memang cantik and suka aa!

Fews that i really like
(all from the street photos)

so old school and cantik kan..?? mood pun gembira je

Self-styled fashion editors!

These 4 Bazaar's top fashion clicks are so worth reading. These bloggers might not have the deep pockets for luxuries but have every interesting inclination not to mince their words: Vulgar, unedited, interesting and hilarious (and nice photos as well)


some of these bloggers reported to earn 6 figures monthly in advertising only...Gosh wonder how many hit do their pages get daily...!!

On The Street ….

The street-smart shopaholics exploring their ventures of street shopping at the strangest and weirdest street of KL…..and to my surprise this place is damn HUGE!! Half day might not even be enough for you to check out all the small boutiques here. Best part of all, the clothing is quite up to date. Even the season’s most entrancing shoes, bags and accessories can be spotted here (Of cause one can’t expect much on the quality)!!! Betul-betul dugaan di bulan puasa. .Not only the hunger and thirst but the splurge of spending.

My pick of this street is the huge selection of easy-to-wear dress that would be the wardrobe staples.

Our next exploration shall continue ..Be it a small shop in the street or swanky boutique in the mall….My key is to be a smart shopper with an equal balance of self-comfort and style :)

Monday, September 17

Happy Berbuka

Since it's only the first week of Ramadhan, I don’t normally go out for berbuka.
I went back home everyday since last week (means no dating as well la..hehe).
Not even the best hotel can beat mom’s best Asam Pedas and Soto Ayam…(laparnyeeeeeeeeeeee) sedap gile!

So I was spending most of my time being a couch potato at home. Flicking the channels but ended up with C76 most of the time. Really hate it when they keep on repeating the same THS and E!News again and again. Sampai dah bole hafal script Ryan Seacrest & DePandi ok!! :P

Ok time for me to hibernate now..Saving my every energy till berbuka….hehehehe!!! Daaa..

Selamat Berbuka

Tuesday, September 11

Learn to say NO!

Picture from Neiman Marcus online

Saw this spread collar jacket in red and black hues…so beautiful and so wanted it but I did not. Its not so much about the price or purchase it self but it's more of managing my shopaholic syndrome....How on earth can I save up if I keep on shopping every time I go out kan......Teruk!!!

So I guess I need to discipline my self to at least spend within the allocated budget…bukan spend macam orang separuh gila kan..:( Still it’s a pain in the arse asik terfikir baju tu :p

Get Groovy At Sushi Groove

Sushi Groove @ One Utama New Wing

Came across its review last week and it is A MUST TRY!!! For berbuka puasa perhaps! Love Sushi/Japanese meals…ooohh garlic rice @ sakae sushi is so yumm yummmm

p/s: counting every minutes for berbuka now…..Just imagine what’s in my mind now..! semua gambar makanan and restaurant pun ade..hehehhe :P. Oh and also Yo! Sushi that will be opening at KL Pavillion soon….Another must try since it is so huge in the UK! isk laparnyeeeeeee

Am Back !!

It has been ages since I last updated my blog…I am doing perfectly fine ;)
Being bz is such a cliché and lame excuse kan. …well actually am just being plain lazy…even to switch on my laptop is such a big fuss ..hehheheheh!
The hi-lo of my blogging mood…

Many good things goin-on but almost 0 mood to blog…so till I regain the blogging-enthusiasm :)