Sunday, April 1

Am Back !!!!

Alo alo alo finally am back after weeks of MIA..heheh am still here, life as always been good n kicking..;) just busy and exhausted as the days go by..

1. Am now assigned to a new task with the MD’s office, another challenging job especially with a demanding boss..nasib baik i have a cute bos and another handosome guy sitting next to me ;) phew else it will be a living hell!!(s0ry me being a bit ceeky
Nway, I have better concrete reasons of accepting the job than any other options available:
- I like the fast-moving pace at work
- I like the way my boss work, think and move ahead
- It would be an excellent exposure and relevant path for my career progression in the future…I always wanted to join a big MNC so my current work environment would be a good training ground!
- I hate job that require lots of traveling, call me boring, call me a nerd hehehhe I just don’t like to travel on business trip…huhuhuuhu ;)
- I hate mundane job and prefer project-based work….A show-sign of not being able to focus at the same thing for long!!!!!

2. I am trying as much as I can not to switch on my lap top at home…so that’s another reason of not updating my blog recently..At work? Hell I cant do that now :(

3. My lousy camera is out of order..hahhah so cant take any recent pictures also…boring!!!

4. All in all I am happy, contented and blessed with what I have….am smitten perhaps !!
* wink wink + Grin *


Anonymous said...

congrats on the new job position. i'm sure the experience gained there will do you good for your next dream job.. and get that camera fixed!! erm.. considering the price of new cameras today, buy a new camera!!! ;) you should know who am i :)

Ms.Reny said...

thanks dear..yes yes i will buy a new one so can upload more photos here :)