Thursday, April 26


Nothing that can make me happier now than a long break.
I am just so excited …all those impending tasks can now be settled..phewwww !!

Oh not forgetting to wish Happy Birthday to misyal inadvance...Be back ;)

B'day Lunch for Misyal!

earlier..B'day Dinner for Misyal!


Azim San said...

Since you are in the holiday mood, check out my pics at hehehe.

Ms.Reny said...

ya ya dah checked out ur blog and yes nice pixc :)c u in less than a week!! ;)

Angst said...
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Angst said...

"Hey, how r u? Long time no c. U really look great in the photos! Share ur secret la 4 staying vibrant, chic n' young! Hope 2 c u soon, gurl." (this comment was sponsored by SilkyGirl, a girl's best friend)

Anonymous said...

hmm angst..the secret is just to laugh a lot n dont think too much :)
(hint: it is the spontaneity that makes it interesting and sparkling!!)


Azim San said...

cool, new pics. Seems that u're having more fun than i am over here in melbourne. :)

Ms.Reny said...

hmmm i can list down all the fun that u have over there..byk gile including all the walking-distance clubs (or strip clubs to be spesific..hahahha kidding :p), beaches,.......:)