Monday, October 29

Beep Beep!

The Black Eyed Peas concert is definitely a revitalizing idea of spending our Friday nite. At least we are not at the same place again and AGAIN repeating our weekly routine!However, our plan was a bit chaotic at first; even my self was a bit fickle about it. I am not the biggest fan of B.E.P or concert you see, which is why I was half-hearted about the whole plan. Luckily, Syami hit me right on the spot! He smirkly said ‘Reny, i have gotten few passes to the after-party you know….’

*wink wink*

Wohoooooooooo that is exactly what I wanna hear! The AFTER-party, I guess not only me but most of us are just too eager to MENARI after a month of being an angel.

Timing was a lil bit off, friday traffic was hellish and I was a bit agitated in the beginning. But once we arrived at Genting Arena, it was all good there after. The superb performance by B.E.P just kept us amused. Slowly, we danced to their music and that was the best moment of the night!

look at all those smiley faces...yeah we had lotsa fun!!

Fergie Fergalicious

alaaaa....we want more!!

hmmm i'm pretty sure your doc will agree that Genting is a good place for u to rest kan ema?!! :P

u really did burn those fat kan syami...berpeluh gile!

Less than 3 hours and we already snapped loadsss of photos… Vain ke tak namanya ??
But it was fun seriously!

Oh anyway, the after-party was a bit disappointing, too formal and we have to act prim and proper ?!! eww!!! BUT listen… we had the chance to rub shoulders with some Black Eyed Peas members and their crew!! Unfortunately, no picture of B.E.P was allowed during the after-party. But dont be fret, we were smart enough to capture some papparazi shots ;) hehee

Our first papparazi shot: gotcha Taboo...!
He managed to exude such a confident image and for that, i think he is super cool!

Smart way of capturing candid post!! lookly closely at the back!

After-party: it was a lil bit dull tho!

while the others deliberating on where to head next, kite pose kejap k. hehehe

Next in the line...the magical show.
Oh i was told that elliot yamin will also be in town soon...That is a must go!


michelleho said...

What stadium? Hahaha!

Arena of Stars la... Genting where got stadium? If not sure all our future sporting events do there wan. After play games go play machines ma... Hehehe...

Ms.Reny said...

muahhahahah tu consider stadium la mic (stadium tertutup)! hahahhaha
U tak habis2 ngan machines kan..kalau menang tak pe jugak la?!! Then we shall share the benefits ok?

michelleho said...

Tak berkat benefit tu nanti... Hehehe... Aku ni kan takde conscience... Hahaha!

kacuks.L said...

cool :)

Anonymous said...

kacuk.l: Where have u been? so quiet lately..hope u doin good as always!