Sunday, December 14

Muscat 2008

As opposed to Egypt, everything in Oman is so calm and relaxing, the city is extremely clean and neat, traffic is smooth and the people are friendly and soft spoken. I was so wrong about Oman altogether, from its development to the city to the people.

The moment I landed in Muscat International airport, my expectation began to shift a little bit, and totally surprised by what I see. Being travelling all alone to Oman, i still felt safe and at ease, mainly contributed by the warm hospitality. ( Due to some miscommunication, i was sent to Cairo airport for Oman 2 hours earlier then my check-in time, all alone. It was such a shitty experience..Blearghh)

In Muscat, you feel clean and serene as most buildings are white in color, well maintained roads with good infrastructure, surrounded by mountain and beautiful landscape. The air is pure and fresh, and the city was very very clean (even cleaner then Spore i think). It was just awesome and peaceful

  • No building is allowed to be any higher then the Sheraton building in the city
    Low lying white buildings (mostly 3 floors and below) typify Muscat's urban landscape

  • Most houses are painted in white/neutral to minimize heat

The most valuable exposure however was getting to know the wealthy family of Al-hashar group in personal. There are a total of about 13 wealthy families in Oman that control substantial level of Oman’s economy and Al-Hashar is one of them.

Being a principal (and being a lady I believe) did benefit us in some way, we were given the warmest hospitality with VIP treatment, from a suprised private boat cruise in search of dolphine after work to a lovely seafood dinner after.

The trip was pre-arranged without any notification. It was a relaxing trip after a day meeting in the office.

Inexpensive hotel with the best view

I was so glad to be here, a city that otherwise will never be in my visit list. As always, most importantly is the relationship that i managed to build in this shortest duration of trip. I believe the world is small enough that our path will surely cross again in one and another, regardless for PROTON or any other matters J It is the networking and exposure that are very crucial to me, at least.

Dinner with the Al-Hashar Family and CEO. Group chairman that is only 20++ and a 14 years old girl being the youngest share holder.


Anonymous said...

Siut betul. Living your life to the fullest betul.

Lackluster said...

You agak-agak they all akan datang KL tak for vacation someday tak? I will be their dedicated driver serius.LOL! I can sense the opportunity lady.

ADLinA said...

OMGG..I love the view from your you remember the name of your hotel?Who knows I might go there someday :)

Ms. Reny said...

Lina: Its called Al-Qurum Resort Hotel. Super nice view and apparently they have the best seafood nite on every Wednesday night :) But, better save up more money for Amsterdam je la

Parvin Hariah Natchiar said...

I completely agree..... Muscat left me breathless too... did u go to the Souk? And did u notice how many Beemers and Hummers these Omanis owns...? tak padan dgn jubah putih diaorg.. hehehe....

Starfish Mom said...

Wah Reny..bestnye u get to jln sana im thinking of going to muscat lak..stay in touch girl!