Tuesday, December 30

My little 2009 project

As 2008 approaching its end, I just couldn’t stop thinking of our project to usher in 2009. It has been stuck in my head for weeks. Remember that I did mention about the Bigger and Biggest responsibilities on the way?

Yeap thats rite, there will be 2 major things happening in 2009.

Being the only child at home since secondary school (FYI, my brother has always been far apart on his own since his secondary boarding school, I literally be the only child at home and most things are prepared comfortably), therefore I have 0 or lacking in urgency at all to buy a house. Yes, I do know about investment and how to make your money work for you, but when it comes to buying a property, I have always been delaying it albeit the fact that it won’t hurt my monthly expenses badly. But, I just still couldn’t find the urgency, 0. period. I just dont feel the excitement.

But that desire started to build up slowly since the first month we got married. Hmmmmmmmm….hmmmmmmmmmm
let me think hard on this. As time passes by, the urgency to be in full control of your self and family started to grow. I would love and always imagine my self cooking for him and how I would love to arrange a private dinner just us! So that is when we finally decided to raise it to our parents. As per our prior agreement, we would stay for a certain period of time since there is no one else at both houses, except the maid!

we have always love kids and be part of 'em

But looking at the long run or 9 months to be precise..hehehhe, we have to start putting things at place, like soonnnnnn. At least we are fully ready by the time comes.


Yes, we are moving to our new place sometimes next year,
InsyaAllay if everything is ready :) Phewwwwwww, first thought that always kick in is……………..
To host my very own in-house parteee!!!!! Yesssssssssss besntye:) Being an extrovert, I just simply love being surrounded by people and just love socializing. Like now, i love having family members and friends around me. This time around, to have all of them at my own place so there will be no limitation in timing, semua nak tido sampai esok pun bole kan!

Being my own host,

Another family get-together: BBQ at Mama's last nite

  • I have even started to think of the menu..HAHAHAH which we will be prepared by your trusly here .. wohoo how exciting! So to those that always underestimate me, i shall prove you wrong *wink wink*
  • Color theme to be used
  • Lots of fresh flower and scented candles that will freshen the air
  • Entertainment most likely would be karaoke, Wii, PS3 or even having bunch of kids singing and performing! Ohhh the little cousins would just love this and now, i have always been their dance and singing coordinator.. sabar je kan kena buli by the little ones


I get my optimum energy with 'em around

The list will just easily go on especially after eveytime watching David Tutera show. In my case, Michelle Ho would be the best to take up David's role..hahah

Oh well, so, that long winded explanation would be my immediate 2009 resolution. shall start with main items to buy first. What about you ?


Anonymous said...

Mee Soto satuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Haaaaaa Heeeee

michelleho said...

With great almost-like David Tutera's powers comes greater responsibilities - HAHA! I'm touched that you think of me at these time of need... hehehe...

Oh btw msreny - me blog address has been re-addressed... hehehe...

Ms. Reny said...

Anonymous: Yes i have been thinking of that as well as one of my signature dish (walaupun tak belaja lagi la..haha)

Michelle: Yea lo, of all you are one the most creative one besides Ann! Opsss ok i have changed it now!

LILO said...

Tu Tisya ye Kak Reny? huhu dah besarnya dia. Comel & nakal betul muka dia

Parvin Hariah Natchiar said...

BBQ please............. you can count on me for the fresh flowers hehehehe...... by the way if i may suggest- make sure the new crib comes with a bathtub- a much needed stress-reliever for socialites like us! Hahahah... COngratulations!!!!!

Ms. Reny said...

Parvin: Hmmm i really never tot of that. Thanks for reminding me.

p/s:Ahemm who knows next year u will be having the baby bump too? rite? HEHEHE. I just cant wait!