Saturday, December 27


Hope its not too late for me to wish all A Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday

I will be on leave for few days, needing some good rest and spring cleaning my room today. And that bring a shocking realization to me, on my excessive clothing shopping for this month, alone!


Really, looking at them make me a lil bit regret on how unwise i have been acted!

Anyway, gotta to run back and finish all the mess!

Will update on this later (with photos to remind yours truly here)! *shaking my head*

Its really not wise especially knowing the fact that BIGGER and BIGGEST responsibilities are on the way :P


LIN said...

Good. Sign of maturity there. Harap-harap it will last la kan. Ha Ha Ha Ha

michelleho said...

Well, looks like you will have to start on a whole new wardrobe soon! When wanna do some funky shopping? Hehe!

Sofia Kasbi said...

Soon, you'll discover and enjoy a whole new shopping experience. Trust me, holding back will be even more impossible. hahahaa....

ADLinA said...


I guess you need to shop more clothes to match with your NEW responsibilities..


lily said...

kak reny!!! AAAAA!!!!! ok im gonna send u a private message somewhere else hahahah

nad said...

hi reny!
hmm, is it was i think it is.. ehem ehem! *wink*

Ms. Reny said...

Guys: Now u just made me over excited about the whole things :P


Ms. Reny said...

Nad: uish lama tak dengar. Yeap, you know i know ;)