Monday, December 22

The month of celebration...

New Year is justttt round the corner and am pretty sure everyone is in such a ecstatic holiday mood. So do I :D The Christmas mood is just so apparent in KL and thus, i just cant help feeling overjoyed too especially with such an amazing work of art in most shopping malls. (Pavilion and Midvalley would be my first choice).

Like any other year, I would be the last person to set my New Year resolution. Pretty much the same old achievement that I have missed from the previous year so to speak; This year however, new resolutions would start entering my list. Of course being a newly wed, marriage-related goals would top the list and of course being a good and vogue mother..HEHEHEHE ;)

To add it on, 2008 would be my most happening year especially with Big Santa (aka FIL and SIL) being extremely generous :- Free coach bag and few others, ipod touch, Wii Fit and the biggesttttttt and priceless present ever to us…..tadaaaaaaaaa…Shhhhh will keep it hush for now ;)


Looking back, nothing more do I wanna ask for. All is complete now, I am blessed, contented and really grateful with what i have. Alhamdullilah. Nothing more & nothing less!

  • A loving and a cookoo husband just the way i like it :p
  • A loving family system that support us in every single thing from the youngest lil cousin to the eldest Nenek and Datuk

  • The coolest FIL that share extreme shopping interest and facebooking as much as I like it too...AHAHA (5 cole haan shoes in one trip and many many handbags?...It is just so Me)
  • Most importantly, a humble and down to earth family that have taught me various positive values regardless of who you are, Tan Sri, Dato, Datin or any other highest posibble title available; at the end of the day we are just a normal being that should always act in a respectful manner; being humble and kind to all.
A heartful congratulation to another August babies - Ayin & Raziq !
(p.s one down and 3 more weddings to go including Parvin’s..phewww).

To all other couples that're getting hitched soon, congratulations in advance from me & Azim in any case that we wouldnt be able to attend :)



LIN said...

aww comel!

Anonymous said...

Wow........! Enjoy nye! 5 Cole Haan shoes.....? U lucky lucky girl..... the only thing i can actually share with my FIL to be is perhaps which Mamak Restoran yang paling best heheheheheeh... Alhamdulillah for all the happiness which you most deserved :) I am still paving the road to mine!

p/s: don't get your hopes up on a grand-do for my wedding, I am cutting the list short however you will always be on my VVIP list :)


Ms. Reny said...

Parvin: Do let me knw in advance ur date so i can things ready i.e. pressie and baju..heheheh! Yg penting both of you will have the moment of your life. Small or big doesnt matter :)

C u at Khairil's wedding and will update you on possible venue options too!

ADLinA said...

congrats in every success in 2008..hehehe..have a good jolly xmas/new year holidays babe!treasure every precious moment (lg 6 days pon) in 2008..take care! we come! :)

Ms. Reny said...

Lina: Hehehe thanks dear! Wishing u all the best too and am sure there will be many good things ahead of you in 2009 esp with your new job. On the other side, wont be able to see you anytime soon unless u decided that KL is better than Ireland :(

C u online!

lilo said...

happy new year mak datin. Glad and happy to see you having a good family of your own now. See you around! Xoxo

Sofia Kasbi said...

Wonderful that you've had a great year :) Let's hope 2009 will be an even better one yet.