Saturday, January 3

Persandingan Deja

I was sure to beat the papparzi in uploading the pictures but was just too sleepy after the reception. Too much of nasi minyak. Before its too late, congratulation again to Deja and Partner.

p/s: 2 down and 2 more to go...the hardest part is finding the right present..arghh!!
and to Lily if ur reading this, we knew from the beginning on your Bday suprise and everyone including Abah & Mak was being a perfect actor/actoress kan!!!

Bday girl in pink

My fav shots of the nite..3 cute lil girls with one cute auntie..HHAHHAHHAHAHAH :P (jgn marah sekali sekala masuk bakul :P)


lily said...

hehhehe it was really a surprise!! thank u!! wish u were there.. takpe, my NEXT YEAR'S surprise party kak reny dtg kay hheheh

Anonymous said...

Kak reny perasannnnnnnnnn....:P

Ms. Reny said...

Lily: Of cos i will come!

Anonymous: Sekali sekala ok la kan :P Nak i puji u gak ke..ahem