Saturday, January 24

To add it on..

My holiday trip this time is the BEST ever:

  • Having home made cook almost any other day by MIL...sedap sedap!
  • Having a shopaholic sister in law that knows every corner of Melbourne to get a good stuff at such a darn affordable price
  • Having a Father In Law that is extremely sporting and kuat berjalan
  • It feels completely at HOME...100%! The whole family members are here and Ira's apartment is damn cosy! Tak nak balik lagi boleh ke?? 
  • And of course, it wouldnt be complete without Bajimbo here :) Hugs!

Will update with lotsa pics soon!


Starfish Mom said...

You're sooo lucky girl!

lilo said...

cepat cepat la update story..huhu

renaye said...

good on u!

michelleho said...

Yay! Yay! Kenot wait for me pressie! Haha! Seeya next week!

Ms. Reny said...

renaye: Tot i saw my name at first..Haha. Thanks!

Michelle: OOOO its a pressie is it? tot suruh belikan aja! HHAHAHHHAAH kidding got it !

renaye said...

haha. yes our name is very alike at first glance!

michelleho said...

Can... can... how much?
Means I got another souvenier la isit? Hahaha!