Monday, January 12


I seriously doubt on how lazy am I now, and getting lazier by days. Such a serious bummer that just couldn’t get her lazy ass up anywhere. Oh god! Nothing seems to excite me as much now! *Yawn*

Shopping – the taught of packed malls make me tired
(But I still managed to shop pieces and pieces of blouses that are still unpack in the big paper bag ..HAHAH Zara’s sales especially is just too good to resist!)
Food – I don’t fancy them as much now
(The smell of certain food can make me puke..not cool!)
Blogging/FB/Online - The taught of switching on the lappie and logging in to few pages..arghhh too much hassle!
Traveling – the taught of airport transit and long waiting (Blearghh don’t think I can stand that for long. BUT I have another business trip to Damscus soon that I’m responsible to go. Erghhh I need to toughen up and stop being a manja Mummy by then!)

BUT, One thing that make me happy, the one and only thing is…..Taadaaaa
Lying and getting cozy on the bed while watching The Hills..HAHAHHA! Heaven :D

I am finishing the season 3 now and hope to move on to season 4 soon. Takling about hills, i have started to miss Adik already (& FIL jugak) :

p/s: Few occasions to update but am just plain lazy now. Anyway back to Hills , I kinda love Heidi (weird huh?) and Audrina, LC (too drama queen, I don’t like)


Anonymous said...

Ni harus ade maid when you stay on your own. haha

Anonymous said...

I love bad boy Brody. Sexayy!

Sofia Kasbi said...

Reny, hopefully your second trimester will be much easier for you. It usually does for most. That's when you will begin to enjoy your pregnancy :) just hang in there and always put u and the little one a priority, k. Take excellent care of yourself.

Ms. Reny said...

Anonymous: Yes i love Brody too, very the charming but a lil bit of womanizer

Anonymous: Maid? Yessssss that would be part of the package but again, i am thrilled to do ething on my own.

Ms. Reny said...

Iza: Thanks. Now i realize i should love my mom more. Infact, everyone should!!

Parvin Hariah Natchiar said...

Wow lookin' good!!